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  1. Bozzie

    Orford, a couple using the phone cam.

    Orford Quay, Suffolk, Samsung A71, which I no longer have, edited using Snapseed.
  2. Bozzie


    Camomile field, Suffolk. Came across this by chance whilst out for a drive, so used my phone. I think this was taken using my Samsung A71a while back, as I now have another phone.
  3. M

    Smartphone TRASH ART... (EdiTeD smARTphonE sHots) Keep ´em coming, good people! ;-D

    Battery battery.
  4. gryphon1911

    Smartphone My SnapGrip cell phone accessory review/impressions

    You all get an aadvanced look into what I will be eventually posting on my blog! I didn't post any images I took with the cell phone because the grip does not do anything to enhance the image quality. Background SnapGrip is an accessory for cell phones that allows you to either use the...
  5. William Lewis

    Scenic Old Black Walnut

    This one was planted by a squirrel in the chicken yard from nuts from the original trees planted by my great grandpa. It was supposed to be too far north here but on a southern exposure, they did well.
  6. gryphon1911

    Android Xiaomi 12S Ultra - Smartphone with 1 Inch Sony Quad Bayer Sensor 1 Inch Sony 50 megapixel sensor with a 13mm f/1.9 lens in front of it. From the article:
  7. drd1135

    Apple iPhone on an Adventure

    In the end, I took my iPhone 12 as my only camera on the Grand Canyon rafting trip. The results are here: It was a very camera-unfriendly environment. especially with the water, sand, and limited charging opportunities. I...
  8. Richard

    Apple Resolution reduction - iPhone 13 mini to iCloud

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this one. I've just started using the camera on my iPhone 13 mini and noticed that the files arriving on the iCloud are about half their resolution on the phone itself. The native resolution of the iPhone is 4032 x 3024 which equates to a jpg file size of...
  9. drd1135

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Res Modes Goes Through 4-6 GB per Minute These things are always tricky because many folks do not really consider storage needs. OTOH, if you really want to use your phone to make a movie I guess you should know better and invest in the 1 TB...
  10. theoldsmithy

    Apps Kultcamera on Pixel 3A XL

    I took a stroll around the village to stretch my legs, in a gap between the showers (first rain for 17 days!) this evening, and revisited the Kultcamera app on my phone. I had a blast! I can't remember which combination of camera, film and lens each photo used, though.
  11. Coksic

    Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

  12. Walter Palmer

    Apps Help with Instagram please

    Hey Cool Kids, how do I respond/clear the Instagram icon that has the little bubble with the '2' in it? I gather that means I have 2 "somethings" to respond to, but I don't see what they are or how to respond. Or are they just meant to be annoying and frustrating?
  13. The Quiet Photographer

    Apple iPhone xr

  14. gryphon1911

    Smartphone FIMO PAN-X/Tri-X 400 Images From My Walk Today - Pano

    A new film simulation dropped a little bit ago for the FIMO camera app in the App Store. It pay homage to a PAN-X camera loaded with Tri-X 400 film. I kinda like it, and played with it a bit today during my 3.5 mile walk through the woods at lunch today. Thought I would share: 1 2 3 4 5
  15. gryphon1911

    Smartphone Showcase iPhone App - Darkr

    There is a lot of debate about the viability of a cell phone camera as a “main driver”. Everyone has their opinions and I’ll share mine. Just know that this more applies to me and what I do, more so than me trying to tell someone how and what they should do. In this series, we are going to look...
  16. Bantopa

    Apple Back yard

    June 1, Netherlands
  17. kyteflyer

    Apple iPhone SE 2020

    Ohhh but it doesn't have Night Mode, they cried. And my question, therefore, is this... Does it matter? Of course its not an excellent photo, but it was taken in the early hours, and the only available light was from one bar of the radiator and a bit of light from 29% of a LIFX in the...
  18. Amin

    Android Samsung S20 Ultra 10X Zoom Samples

    Here are some sample images from my S20 Ultra. In each pair of images, I took a photo using the wide angle camera on my Samsung S20 Ultra and then repeated the same photo at 10X zoom (combination of 4X optical zoom and additional binning and cropping). These are straight out of the camera with...
  19. Amin

    Smartphone Showcase A couple Samsung S20 Ultra snaps converted from raw

    My daughter is 6 now and obliged me to test out the new phone camera.
  20. wt21

    Apple iPhone 11 IQ articles

    Some good tests on iPhone 11 image quality, with some tips embedded The site has a part 2 available, also
  21. gryphon1911

    Apple iOS 13.1.1 and bricking iPhones - discussion

    I'm on the fence. I've been a long time Android user, but with Google showing their true face here recently(I'll not get into the politics of it, just suffice it to say that it is enough to get me to seriously think of divesting of all the Google products I have) and the early reviews of the...
  22. wt21

    Smartphone Showcase Harrisburg PA with iPhone 11 Pro (big pics)

    Walking a bit around Harrisburg with my new iPhone 11 pro (I need to learn how to edit on my phone -- most of these need at least cropping and a few other edits, including downsizing).
  23. melanie.ylang

    Smartphone Smartphone Photos in Black and White

    As I couldn't find a dedicated thread for this subject, I created this one. Since getting a Huawei P9 phone, which has a separate monochrome sensor, I've really enjoyed using it for spur of the moment shots, like this: Please share your shots.
  24. davect01

    Android Samsung Note 8 First "Real" Shot

    I just got this phone and this is the first shot in manual mode. Pretty respectable
  25. john m flores

    Smartphone Nokia 9 PureView will have five rear cameras It will be interesting to see what those five cameras are - different focal lengths? B&W? - and what computational photography will come from it...
  26. P

    Android Huawei P20 Pro Cell Phone Night Mode

    Took this shot this evening of the Shard in London. Hand held, night mode on the P20 Pro. Pretty impressive piece of kit I'd say. The Shard - Huawei P20 Pro by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr
  27. Covey22

    Google Pixel 3 Motion Photos Saved My Carpal and Rotator

    All I can say is that it's ridiculously easy to sort through Holiday photos taken with Pixel 3 and Motion Photos. It's almost scary how the AI was able to show me the recommended photos in a 10 to 20 photo burst, and one of those was indeed the one I would have picked. It took me about 30...
  28. Luke

    Google Google Pixel 3 (I think I'm done with "traditional" cameras)

    My brain nearly exploded SEVERAL times during this video. Obviously even if you dislike the haptics of cel phone photography (VERY much like I do), you must admit that computational photography is making leaps and bounds. This new Pixel 3 is clearly a game changer (and I already felt that my...
  29. B

    Smartphone Aim the lens, not the screen (on your phone)

    For a long time I was not comfortable composing on my phone in landscape mode. When I moved the phone, the scene on the screen changed in a way that was not used to seeing or dealing with. Here’s how I solved the problem. Place my thumb and index finger on the phone at points directly under and...
  30. theoldsmithy

    Android Huawei P20 Pro

    This will take some getting to grips with. You can have the AI feature on or off (I think I will favour off but we'll give it a chance!). 40mp or 10mp resolution. JPEG or DNG. Colour or mono (which is 20mp). Anyway, here are a couple of early shots. Standard 10mp mode, AI on Weobley wall by...
  31. Amin

    Smartphone Phone cam bokeh

    I've been too lazy to carry a separate camera, using my iPhone 7 plus cam most of the time. The simulated bokeh still kind of blows me away. A few family snaps from today and yesterday, the first two in relatively low light. Happy 4th to friends in US!
  32. Luke

    Smartphone Photos from phone to computer

    I think I'm at the precipice of giving up "real" cameras for my cel phone camera (for most uses), but the one big thing holding me back is transfer of photos. Maybe I'm just not thinking of something very simple. If I take a simple photo of the dogs and want to share it with my wife, I...
  33. Amin

    Smartphone Thoughts About a Phone Camera Photo

    My wife just showed me this shot taken early this morning of our younger son Philip holding his 2 month old baby sister Isabella: Phone Camera Photo by Amin Sabet, on Flickr In relatively low light, her iPhone 5S chose f/2.2, ISO 320, and 1/15s for this photo. I imagine that a typical...
  34. L

    Smartphone Cell phones sharper than serious compacts now?

    I was reading a review of the new Sony cell phone. The review site had a very camera oriented comparison section for the camera on the phone. Looking at the picture of the ISO chart for it, I was impressed. The picture is sharper than many cameras I've seen. It's better than my XZ-1. Photo...