1. Cameraderie

    Announcement Updated Cameraderie "Terms and Rules" - Dec 17, 2021

    Please note that a revision has been made to the Cameraderie community Terms and Rules effective as of December 17, 2021. In the section titled "Cameraderie Specifics" that contains a numbered list of detailed explanations item #16 is new and was added as of today. New community members...
  2. Kevin

    Announcement New forum "The Oasis"

    The community moderators are always listening. Always. ;) When a member posts their feedback, whether it be in the feedback forum or by reaching out to us privately or even the occasional 'report' option, you can be sure that it will likely result in a conversation by the moderators. A topic...
  3. Kevin

    Announcement Maintenance - Sunday, Dec 12, 2021

    We're overdue for some server maintenance so this Sunday, Dec 12, the site will be unavailable for a bit starting at around 10PM Eastern. Shouldn't take more than an hour as long as nothing unexpected comes up (famous last words 😁). - Kevin
  4. Kevin

    Announcement New "Camera Lenses" Forum

    Visitors tonight may have noticed a slight shuffling of a couple of forums and, after some deliberation, the result was the new "Camera Lenses" forum. The new forum is meant for any kind of talk about lens gear that does not fit in elsewhere...
  5. Kevin

    Announcement Maintenance - Sunday, 2021-07-25

    A few updates and maintenance tasks are starting to get backlogged so this Sunday, July 25, I'll be working on the To Do list. 📋 At the moment I'm planning on starting around 7:00PM EST and expect to take about 6 hours. ⏳
  6. Kevin

    Announcement Check your account preferences - "View sidebar when viewing threads"

    Normally when viewing threads, such as this one, there are no sidebars shown. An option was added so that the sidebars would display or not. The 'default' if no specific choice was made was "Yes" and the sidebars were shown. The default for the option has been reverted to be "No" with no...
  7. Kevin

    Guide EXIF Viewer for forum attachments

    A new feature is now available for our supporters, an inline EXIF viewer for attachments in the forums. Currently at the bottom of images that have EXIF data a quick list of values is shown. Sometimes though being able to take a quick look at the rest of the EXIF data is useful. You could...
  8. Matero

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #32 ZigZag - Winner announced!

    This Cameraderie 32nd challenge theme is: zigzag Recipes for good photograph are many: light, color, point of view, field of depth etc. But this time the challenge is to find pattern or shape of zigzag. Challenge yourself, keep your eyes open and share with us your zigzag. And have fun and be...
  9. D

    Returning to Cameraderie

    First, I must apologize for suddenly disappearing after winning one of the challenges. A medical problem came up and some other things and photography fell by the way. I'm beginning to get out and shoot more--just in time for Covid19. Since I live in rural south Texas, I see very few people...
  10. M

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #30 - Fun!! - Winner announced

    This challenge's theme is Fun. While such a simple thought there are so many simple things right now that are simply unsimple. I thought just thinking of translating the word into a snapshot or photograph might allow us all to escape all of our new challenges for at least a few moments. Have...
  11. serhan

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #29: Long Exposure (winner announced)

    This challenge's theme is Long Exposure. The challenge starts today and ends on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images...
  12. christilou

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge number 27 Love

    The challenge starts today and ends on Friday 14th February 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images in order to enter it. 2. Only one entry...
  13. MoonMind

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #26: Overlooked

    Post an image of something - or someone, even - which, or who, respectively, is usually overlooked; relative size and actual relevance don't matter ... :) The challenge starts today and ends on January 14th, 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match...
  14. chickenherby

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #25:Mountainview

    The challenge starts today and ends on the 31 dez And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images in order to enter it. 2. Only one entry per salon, please. If you...
  15. pdurand

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #24: Childhood

    For challenge #24 the topic is ''Childhood''. Interpret the topic in any way that portrays your sense of childhood. The challenge will run until approx. December 15th. And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio...
  16. Jim McClain

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #23: HOT!

    For Challenge #23, the topic is "HOT!" You can interpret HOT! any way you choose. I'm sure you've seen the word in reference to many subjects, not the least of which have been pointed out by your mother, an American eatery, NASA and Paris Hilton. Show me your best photographic illustration of...
  17. Kevin

    Guide How to disable "Holiday" theme elements

    As certain holidays or other special days draw near you may see some decorative graphics or other themed elements that are related to the holiday. They'll be just little things meant to add a bit of whimsy. But, alas, not everybody enjoys partaking in reindeer games so you have an option to...
  18. donlaw

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 22: Neighbor - results in

    For challenge 22 the topic is Neighbor. Interpret the topic it in any way that portrays your actual neighbors, people you think as neighbors, a former neighbors, or maybe something that depicts neighbors to you. Inspired by Mr Rodgers: "Won't you be my neighbor" The challenge will run until...
  19. Lightmancer

    Cameraderie Challenge #21 - WINNER ANNOUNCED - Random acts of kindness

    Welcome to Salon #21. This time around I have chosen an abstract concept for you to illustrate; "RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS". Interpret and present it as you see fit. I'm looking for people shots predominantly, but I'm prepared to be surprised - I know how creative everyone is. You could focus...
  20. Cameraderie

    Guide How to set your Cameraderie theme/style

    Here at Cameraderie our community members & visitors have a choice of multiple themes to choose from. Also called 'styles', themes control how the site looks & feels with the biggest difference them being the color palettes. 🎨 The default theme for members & visitors who have not made a...
  21. donlaw

    Cameraderie Challenge 20: Expression - Winner announcement

    This challenge is to interpret the word Expression. It’s not just expression on faces, but things like, animals, buildings, signs, etc... The challenge will run until approximately September 9th. And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select...
  22. drd1135

    Cameraderie Challenge 19: Pareidolia: Winner Announced

    For challenge 19, the topic is Pareidolia: Faces. I’ll be looking for images where we can see a face in a scene or inanimate object. The challenge will run until August 15. And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your...
  23. Briar

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 18: Self

    For challenge 18 the topic is Self. Interpret the topic it in any way that portrays your sense of self. The challenge will run until approx. July 14th. And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the...
  24. donlaw

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 17: Contrast

    To keep this series going we are moving ahead with a new challenge. Since the winner from the last challenge has not started a new one, @Luke suggested that I move us on with a new topic. For challenge 17 the topic is Contrast. It could be technical contrast or perhaps some subject matter that...
  25. Kevin

    Announcement Forum Re-organization (minor layout changes)

    No, nothing major, just a few minor layout changes. In short, the non-image forums grouped under "Image Works" in the "Photo Galleries" category are getting moved/re-organized a bit so that all forums under the "Photo Galleries" category are actually photo/image oriented. The parent "Image...
  26. MiguelATF

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 16: f/8 and Be There - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Most of us know or have heard of the quote by Arthur Fellig - the famous and infamous crime reporter and photojournalist who was better known as 'Weegee' - who, when asked how he was able to come up with such amazing photographs, replied, simply: f/8 and be there. As photographers, our brains...
  27. Kevin

    Announcement New weekly "What's New at Cameraderie! 📷" email

    With our recent site upgrades in place there is a new weekly email digest coming for our community members. The new email is a weekly summary of new discussions here at Cameraderie and a summary of discussions with recent replies. Below you will find screen shots showing what the email will...
  28. Tim Williams

    Feedback Emoji Problem

    Can we get the appreciate emoji changed to something that doesn't look like one a love struck teenager would tag on a post. I don't have anything against love but that's just a little jacked up Lol, For all you love struck teenagers I apologize in advance.
  29. drd1135

    Feedback iOS 12.1 having problems with editor

    One problem has arisen. When I go to type a text, the keyboard on the iPhone and iPad covers the post writing area. If I try to move that are up, it flips back down as soon as I let go. Not sure what to do because i’ M typing blind.
  30. Kevin

    Announcement Welcome to Cameraderie 2.0 - Feb. 2019 Updates

    Folks, we finally did it, we upgraded from XenForo 1.5.x to the new & shiny XenForo 2.1.0 forum software. 😎 In the days ahead we'll be writing up detailed posts about some of the new site features now available. Here's a list of some of the things for you to check out and explore... New...
  31. Covey22

    Feedback Your Attachments?

    Is "Your Attachments?" still available under one's Personal Profile? Rather than taking up space by re-uploading a photo I know I already have on the forum somewhere, I usually just perused "Your Attachments" and then cross-linked to the original image's URL. I hate taking up space with...
  32. kyteflyer

    Feedback Multiple Logins

    I used to be able to be logged in on both ipads, both computers and my phone, but now, if I am logged in on one, the site seems to log me out on everything else. Its getting really annoying! Please fix. (and yes, I have keep me logged in checked)
  33. Ranger Rick

    Feedback Nice bright look at new site

    I got a start when I opened the site- bright and sunny. Looks great!
  34. Kevin

    Attn: AT&T Customers, blocked emails

    It came to my attention from a long-standing Cameraderie community member that AT&T is blocking the emails from our server. :( When the email is blocked it gets 'bounced' back indicating that the receiving server won't accept the email. If your email address is AT&T, SBC, Prodigy, or one of...
  35. Bobby Tingle

    Feedback Affiliate links?

    @Kevin did everything transfer over for you to get the revenue from the affiliate links for here?
  36. theoldsmithy

    Feedback Handy little arrows have disappeared

    The floating up/ down arrows which navigate to the top or bottom of a page seem to have gone AWOL today for me. Anyone else seen that? I’m using Chrome on iOS 12.1.
  37. drd1135

    Feedback This site gets blocked for security

    I keep getting blocked trying to get to this site. The reason given is an invalid security certificate. Is this something fixable?
  38. Kevin

    Critiques Policy

    One of the greatest things about Cameraderie is that everybody is welcome to join our community and participate. It doesn't matter what kind of gear you use, what your shooting style is, or your skill level, we all share the common joy of photography. Everybody is welcome and our community...
  39. Kevin

    Feedback Suggestion for new "Sports" forum?

    It's pretty quiet but there is one... Show Sports @West, if you prefer, I can move your post into that thread for you though the image in question would apply to either "Sport" or "Animal". :)
  40. P

    Feedback Cameraderie Banners

    Is it just me? or is anyone else getting big blue Cameraderie banners in everyones posts. If you hover your mouse over them "sad" or "wow" or "useful" etc flashes on screen
  41. Covey22

    Feedback Forced Logout?

    Had to log back in somewhere short of midnight. Troubleshooting for our server errors?
  42. Covey22

    Feedback Server Errors Cross-Posting Using BB Code of Image

    Hi Folks, I should probably wait and see if this is Maintenance related, but tonight I uploaded two photos, and when cross-posting the same photos to the Cell Phone Photos sub-thread using the BB code (to save space, sometimes I forget to do this), I would get a Server error. In one case, I...
  43. Kevin

    Server Maintenance Coming Up

    Greetings :) We're moving the site to new web servers and this will likely happen within the next few days. When it does happen you will see a notice that the site is temporarily closed during the server migration. The migration will likely take at least a few hours. When the migration is...
  44. Amin

    Attn: Subscribing members

    If you haven't already done so, please see this thread first about the change in site ownership from me to @KevinW : New Cameraderie owner, Kevin! If you are currently a subscribing member with a recurring subscription, please cancel your subscription at this time (today). To do so, visit...
  45. Kevin

    New Cameraderie owner, Kevin!

    Good morning! :) As some community members may have heard that there was a possible ownership change coming for Cameraderie and it is true. :eek: But before I start mentioning who I am please let's all take a moment to give thanks to @Amin Sabet for the amazing job he has done here at...
  46. Bobby Tingle

    Feedback New layout

    I really like the new layout with the manufacturer sub forums. Thank you, Amin.
  47. theoldsmithy

    Feedback Portrait format uploads showing sideways

    It seems that any portrait format images that are uploaded directly are then displayed in landscape, in other words rotated by 90 degrees. Flickr image links seem ok. @Amin Sabet , any thoughts?
  48. B

    Feedback Gear Talk: Phone Cameras??

    I wonder if adding a "Phone Cameras" category to the Gear Talk section would be a good idea? Currently there is a thread in Herman's Genres on cell phone photos, and several posts in Other Brands. If there was a "Phone Cameras" category, I think I'd be more likely to post a few photos at a time...
  49. M

    Feedback Site blocked - SPAM URL

    Recently, is being blocked at work - reason given as 'falls into category: SPAM URLs'. Anyone else seen this? Amin - something to look at?
  50. Amin

    Feedback Push notifications now available for subscribing members.

    Our forum previously offered push notifications using a free service, but I removed that due to uncertainty about whether it was compliant with the GDPR. Some members have been asking for an alternative option, so I've reinstalled an option to use the third party services Pushover and...