1. P

    Feedback menu bar- "recent discussions" appears x2

    that's it, nothing more to add unless a screenshot is required :)
  2. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Guide to Using Our New Forum Software (XenForo)

    I've put together a brief PDF document explaining some of the ins and outs of our new forum software. Here it is: Hope some find it helpful! I'll link to it from my sig as well.
  3. teddoman

    Feedback tapatalk via data connection

    I intermittently have a problem connection via data. Today I was getting updates and alerts through tapatalk but couldn't actually access any of the posts when I was on a cell data connection. As soon as I got home and had a wifi connection, I was able to see everything. Anyone else?
  4. teddoman

    Feedback Tapatalk login

    I was wondering what happened to SeriousCompacts and it appears it has been subsumed into this PL forum. My SC login was still valid for logging into Photographers lounge on the web and also through Tapatalk. But in Tapatalk, it treats the Ricoh forum as a separate forum. When I try to login...
  5. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Do folks want to see Buy & Sell threads in Active Discussions and New Posts?

    Would like to get some member input on this. Please vote and comment.
  6. bilzmale

    Feedback How do I ...

    ... quote a previous post without copy/paste and BB tags? I can't locate a Quote button in the new format. Btw I'm liking the new software more and more as I use it but quoting still has me stumped. :boohoo:
  7. P

    Feedback Something wrong with "new posts" count

    see attached. Something wrong here ...
  8. MoonMind

    Profile Posts - visibile or not?

    Amin, I just noticed profile posts as a tab in the "New Posts" section - and when I clicked, I saw a couple of rather private conversations. Not that they're "private" in any real sense, being on a public bulletin board, but I don't think this tab - "New Profile Posts" - is necessary; I don't...
  9. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Anyone check out the new Gallery yet?

    They old Gallery software was a serious pain in the neck for me to maintain/update/make new "categories" (eg, Single in January), etc. Trying to get it working with the new forum software was the final straw. Once I saw that Xenforo had a Gallery option that could import all our Gallery...
  10. Amin Sabet

    Guide How to Post Images in Forum Threads

    The easiest method, which works from any device: 1) Either drag the image(s) to your message or use the "Upload a Photo" button to select your image(s). 2) Use the appropriate "Click Here to Insert Image into Post" depending on whether you want to insert all images or one image into your...
  11. Amin Sabet

    Dark Site Skin Now Available

    As requested, we now have a user-selectable dark skin for the site. You can select it by clicking the "Default Style" link in the bottom left corner of any page and then clicking on "Default Style Dark".
  12. P

    Feedback New forum s/w: members/notables/points

    I can't help wondering what the point of the "Members" menu is, with its plethora of rankings and points for individual members. I do realise it can be seen as just a bit of fun, but it does tend to indicate a "hierarchy" of membership in which some of us are "notable" and others not. One of...
  13. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Site software change

    It's been a long time coming, and I've changed us over from vBulletin to Xenforo. What we gain: -Better mobile site -Faster performance -More secure -Cleaner design (IMO) -More stable software What is broken: -HTML support in forum posts - high priority -Subscriptions -Other stuff (tell me)...
  14. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Right Column Not Appearing in Thread View

    Hi all, I want to try life without the right column to see how we like it. It leaves more room for images on smaller screens. Please give it a chance. If the consensus is that we want it back, I'll put it back. All best, Amin
  15. tdekany

    Feedback Anyone reads Japanese by any chance?

    I would need to translate a label from Japanese to English. Thanks.
  16. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Intermittent Site Sluggishness?

    Anyone else experiencing this issue late yesterday or today? Through the weekend there were some site issues, but I thought I got them fixed yesterday.
  17. MoonMind

    Feedback Gallery unreachable

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_regcode() in /home/asabet/public_html/ on line 3929 This is what I see when I try to access the gallery. Good luck with the mending, Amin. M.
  18. Amin Sabet

    Feedback So... I'm thinking about someday moving these forums from vBulletin to Xenforo

    At some point, and it definitely won't be any time soon, I'm thinking about changing these forums over from vBulletin to Xenforo. It's going to be a very difficult undertaking, but I think it will pay off in site speed, security, stability, etc. In order to further investigate the ins and outs...
  19. MrDoug

    Feedback Amin.. I keep using "THANKS" responding to posts I LIKE., is that still OK? bad habit I guess..

    Darn it, I have been using "Thanks" for posts I like, instead of "Like" I hope that is OK with Amin and the group.. The GOLDEN word of "THANKS" may get my hands slapped here.. using Thanks is probably just a bad habit.. LOL. I don't get the change.. Sorry if I use "THANKS" Thanks, Doug
  20. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Re: Server Change. Post Bugs Here.

    We recently had some major server problems, and I had to move the site to a new server today. As always seems to be the case when we change servers, some stuff is broken. Pleas post bugs here, and I'll get to them as soon as I can.
  21. P

    Feedback availability of menu

    in the view given using there is no "menu" line; so if I watn to mark all read or go directly to image therads or whatever else, I first have to come back to one of the other views. Doesn't appear if you go to "images" either btw bit...
  22. Biro

    Feedback No Links to Amin's Other Sites

    At first, I thought it might be an issue with iOS, as I normally view this site on my iPad. But even on my old-school PC at work, there are no links to Amin's other photo sites in the upper right corner of the front page. Just an FYI.
  23. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Site downtime

    Sorry for the site downtime tonight, all. Our hosting company had a major problem with the "cloud" SSD service, affecting all sites which use that technology. As our luck would have it, we "upgraded" to that product just a couple days ago. They are assuring us that this won't happen again...
  24. Y

    Feedback Site problem: Unable to mark forums read

    I clicked on the 'Mark Forums Read' button under the Miscellaneous menu, but got the following error: Would like some help please!
  25. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Likes instead of Thanks

    Some of you may have noticed that I replaced "Thanks" with "Likes" A few thoughts about the change: 1) We can always go back to Thanks if folks don't like the change after giving it a try for a couple weeks. 2) Most of the time, the Thanks button used to show that someone likes a post...
  26. BBW

    Feedback How to unsubscribe from Gallery notifications?

    When the gallery wasn't working consistently, I chose to subscribe to be notified whenver someone uploaded. Well, now I'd like to unsubcribe.:redface: but can't seem to find the option anywhere? Can you point me in the right direction? I don't seem to see it listed under "subscriptions". Thanks!
  27. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Site problems, Gallery not available

    Sorry for all the downtime and Gallery not being available. I've spent all day fighting with server problems. and the server is kicking my butt. I have the site back up but not yet the Gallery.
  28. kyteflyer

    Feedback Missing photographs

    Basically, anything I had uploaded to challenges, or members gallery, has been deleted. In posts, anything prior to February 2014 has been deleted except the photo for Bill's pub, posted in 2011 (which ought to have gone too, if it were just a glitch in the system). I'd like to know why and...
  29. stillshunter

    Feedback Mod please help with post

    Not sure what I did with this post - but obviously the scripting doesn't like the brackets I have used or something else in the content. The post draws short halfway and is not displaying the remaining text below...or any other content. Can you please alter the text in some way so the entire...
  30. Jock Elliott

    Feedback How do I approve a tag?

    I got an email that said someone had tagged on of my photos and that "You will need to view your photo and approve the tag(s) for them to display" I clicked on the link provided but can't find where I "approve a tag." Help! Cheers, Jock
  31. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Feedback wanted from members on text links to affiliates

    Hi all, I am experimenting with a plugin that converts camera names to links to B&H. For example, I have it enabled now for the Canon G7X, so anytime someone writes "G7X" it will automatically link that to the B&H page for that camera. My question is, will this be too annoying? I'll be...
  32. bartjeej

    Feedback images being cut off at the right

    I seem to be unable to view full images on PL; about 20% is consistently being cut off on the right hand side. This is true for both images hosted on flickr and images hosted on the PL gallery, and both when using my laptop and when using my tablet. It's only true for horizontally shots, not for...
  33. Jock Elliott

    Feedback Still can't post photos

    They upload fine using the PL on-site uploader, are visible in my gallery, and when I click them into a post, only a blank appears in the post preview. Photos that I uploaded previously (before the changeover to PL) that are in my gallery do not appear either. Cheers, Jock
  34. P

    Feedback "Invalid Page Specified"

    Click on menu: "Image Threads" ( get "vBulletin Message" box: "Invalid Page Specified"
  35. Jock Elliott

    Feedback Having trouble with image uploads

    Using the on-site image uploader, I tried the same image three times. Says it was successfully uploaded (it's the right size) but it doesn't appear in my photos. I tried it with two different browsers and two different computers and tried different photos, all with the same result -- the...
  36. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Right column recent discussions temporarily removed from forum thread view

    I had to temporarily remove the right column recent discussions from the forum thread view in order to make the site functional (overcome the white screen issue) When time permits, I will get back to work on finding a way to overcome this bug and restore the right column to the thread view...
  37. Amin Sabet

    Feedback White screens and site nonfunctional from tablet or phone

    Several members have reported to me that the site is nonfunctional, rendering white screens instead of thread content, when visiting on a tablet (including iPad and Android) or phone. I think it is related to DNS caching. A couple members solved this by switching to a different browser (eg...
  38. P

    Feedback Hurrah! - Thanks Amin for changing your mind

    The Photographers' Lounge (TPL I suppose?) - so much better than that other thing! Thanks Amin So ... do all our post counts get reset now :smile: ?
  39. bartjeej

    Feedback Front page missing?

    Am I the only one who suddenly doesn't get the front page anymore? Also, the "post new thread" button seems to have relocated to all the way on the bottom of each (sub)forum, instead of on top. Is something going wrong on my computer or is this the same for everyone?
  40. Amin Sabet is now

    When I started SeriousCompacts in early 2007, smaller digital compacts weren't being taken seriously. To the industry and in the public eye, pro and enthusiast photography meant big DSLRs. A group of us understood that smaller cameras could produce seriously good images, and the site was born...
  41. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Brainstorming a new name for the site

    Following up on this: I already made the changes to the forum directory: Of course there are some systems that don't have a forum yet, eg Leica S, Pentax medium format, etc, but the main...
  42. Herman

    Feedback How to edit MOV video files on a CHROMEBOOK?

    I wanna shoot hi speed (400 fps / 1200 fps) videos with my Nikon 1 V1 camera and upload these videos to Youtube. Which (free) editor do you recommend? I do look forward hearing from you, thanks in advance. Kind regards, Herman
  43. kyteflyer

    Feedback Shutting down threads in the *watering hole*???

    Seriously unimpressed, guys. There was no holy war, just people expressing opinions.
  44. Herman

    Feedback How to online badge resize pictures...

    before uploading them to After that they will be available at SC! Kind regards, Herman
  45. E

    Feedback Photography related Podcasts?- Need more!

    I listen to photography Podcasts in my car while driving to/from work and whenever I can. I've listened to all of the - SC Podcasts Inspired-Eye Podcasts Thoughts on Photography - Paul Giguare Lenswork Podcasts Can you suggest or recommend some more material like the ones above. I...
  46. P

    Feedback Booted again

    I hope it wasn't something I said. In fact I am sure it wasn't but once again I got booted off while looking through a website that I linked to from seriouscompacts. In this case it was Dewi Sant's great travel blog. I know I bathed and brushed my teeth but I really want to know what I have...
  47. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Slow Forum Performance?

    Recently I found that pages would just hang or load incompletely when visiting this site from my main home desktop PC. Was driving me crazy. Many other sites seemed to be loading okay, and this forum was loading okay from my phone. Turned out to be my DNS settings. First I changed them to...
  48. P

    Feedback Style options for small screens seem to have disappeared?

    On my main machine the style just reverted to default and while resetting I note that the options for small displays have all disappeared.
  49. Amin Sabet

    Feedback New Site Style for Phones, iPod Touch, etc

    I've created a mobile version of this site to make using the forum easier for those on a phone without having to use an app like Tapatalk. For those of you who visit the site from a phone, please check it out (should be the new default forum style for those visiting from a phone) and give me...
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