1. Amin Sabet

    SC App to be Discontinued

    Our dedicated mobile app will be discontinued soon. It has proven too expensive and time consuming to maintain. I will continue to develop the mobile version of the site. For the time being, we will also continue to support the free Tapatalk app.
  2. P

    Feedback Problem with way attachments display

    I can't tell if this is a forum problem with the attachments are displaying or whether it's to do with the attachments this forum member is attaching ... see as a result I see the screen stretched - two...
  3. R

    Feedback Dropdown menu to mark threads read is gone

    You used to be ably to choose from, IIRC, the Forum Tools or something like that drop down, an option to mark the forum threads read, so you'd then see "0 unread posts". That menu is gone from here (and from mu43 as well), so apparently no way to use this feature. Or am I missing something?
  4. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Feedback wanted: Utility of right column "Recent Discussions"

    I've been tweaking the tabs, Navbar links, etc, mostly with a goal towards eventually producing a mobile-friendly version of the site. If you visit or from your phone/iPod/tablet, you'll see examples of what I'd like to do with this site. If I can make the...
  5. kyteflyer

    Feedback Links to Amin's other sites

    All gone. What gives, Amin?
  6. Biro

    Feedback Links to Amin's Other Sites Gone?

    I'm using the site on my iPad right now (the full site not the mobile app version) and I notice that the direct links to Amin's other photo sites - the ones at the upper right hand of the page - are gone. It's the same thing when I go to the other sites. Perhaps this is just an iOS thing? The...
  7. G

    Feedback New member.

    I just joined after lurking for a few months to evaluate the quality of this site. My name is Geoff and I'm in SoCal. As a hobbyist I use Sony DSLR gear, and a LX7 for the street. I'm looking forward to interacting with you.
  8. Herman

    Feedback Chromebook help & advice

    Hi, I'm in need for help/advice from a Chromebook "ptofessional". In order to discuss by email and/or pm a couple of topis/issues. I shall be looking forward to your replies, thanks in advance. Best regards from The Netherlands, Herman
  9. KillRamsey

    Feedback Variable ND Filter Trouble

    This is probably something simple, but it's my first variable ND filter experience, and it ain't going so hot so far. I stopped this morning on the way in to work, set up a tripod, put the 14 on the XT, and took this. I noticed it on the rear LCD, and thought "uh oh. Maybe it's just on the LCD...
  10. BruPri

    Feedback SC mobile app crashing...

    Anyone else experiencing this as of late? When I go to open a thread to view, the app seems to time out then close abruptly. I've also noticed ads are now appearing and wondering if the latest build is buggy. Bruce iPhone 5s
  11. Jip

    Feedback How to set a avatar?

    I want to set a avater, I've set a profile picture but also want to set a avatar, I see others using a avatar but when I go to the avatar setting page I only see the following: Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  12. TraamisVOS

    Feedback How to move "Latest Discussions" column back to the right hand side like how it used to be?

    Somehow the "Latest Discussions" column is on the left hand side which is a bit disorientating. Is it possible to move it back to the right hand side of the screen?
  13. Amin Sabet

    Banner Ads Now Showing in Forum Threads

    Members have never had to see banner ads on the discussion pages (thread view) here at SC, but between 1) a recent close to 50% increase in server costs, 2) a large reduction in affiliate payments from one of our main affiliate partners (Ebay), and 3) attempts to speed site performance by...
  14. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Who Quoted Me?

    I added a modification that notifies members when they have been quoted in the forum. Unfortunately this mod doesn't let each member decide whether they want quote notifications or not, so either everyone gets them or no one does. Let me know whether you like it, and after getting some...
  15. stillshunter

    Feedback Having one of my old man moments with embedding YouTube

    This is insane, no way I wrangle the letters seems to work. Has something gone wrong with embedding YouTube videos? I tried the push button way: > Hit "Insert Video" button from toolbar > Paste URL from YouTube "Share link" …that creates gobbledygook on the message. i.e.: I paste full URL...
  16. Amin Sabet

    Feedback How is site performance now?

    All five of my forums are on the same server and always have been, but for some reason S.C. seems to have the most performance issues. I've never been able to figure out the problem since all the sites run the same software. I'm hoping that the latest server upgrade will make the...
  17. M

    Feedback Flickr access with Google

    I'm having issues logging into Flick with my Google account - keeps saying there was error and that I should try again. Anyone else seeing/seen this? Thanks.
  18. P

    Feedback Post content disappears when logged in

    here's a strange one, and what's more it occurs in two browsers as well as the android app. And yes I've cleared cache and cookies and rebooted and whatnot and I can consistently reproduce it. screen shots make it clear I hope! 1. Logged in to SC: 2. NOT logged in to SC:
  19. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Another Useful Way to Post Images from the New Flickr in the Forums

    There's another way to post images from Flickr that lets other Flickr users favorite your images or view them full size without leaving the forum to go to Flickr. This image shows how to get the code: The result looks like this (hover over the image, and if you're a logged in Flickr user...
  20. Herman

    Feedback Youtube

    Hi there, is it possible to upload a video to Youtube, edit it online with a Youtube tool and set to publish then using my chromebook computer? Is a instruction manual available for download? Or is Vimeo a much better choice? Best regards, Herman
  21. E

    Feedback For Sale items outside of SC Forum

    Where can I post links for items For Sale items outside of SC Forum? Is this permitted anywhere? If so where is the best allowable place? thanks
  22. Herman

    Feedback Chromebook plugin(s) / app(s)

    Hi there, which Plugin(s) and/or App(s) you recommend for image editing on a CHROMEBOOK computer? I do look forward hearing from you, thanks! Best regards, Herman
  23. kyteflyer

    Feedback How do I....

    delete attachments, and gallery photos, in bulk. I can delete one at a time in the gallery... but I cant find how to delete attachments. I am nearly at my limit for both, and I want to get rid of older attachments and gallery shots.
  24. Amin Sabet

    Nominate for feature!

    I added a button in the upper right corner of each post* to give members the opportunity to nominate that post to be featured on the front page of the site. We like to feature all kinds of posts - posts containing great photography, posts that review a piece of gear, interesting insights, etc...
  25. D

    Feedback Advertisements on Left too wide

    For some reason the advertisements on the left side are too wide. They are pushing the entire screen to the right. This is only on the front page. I see both problems on firefox and on IE. Anyone else having this issue?
  26. R

    Feedback Flickr / sharing / bb code

    For some unknown reason I can no longer access the bb code on my images. It tells me to make the image public . It is ! I have made it private then public again . still no go. Anyone else seeing this happen ? Thanks.
  27. Jock Elliott

    Feedback Can anyone tell me how to get my profile picture to appear?

    I have uploaded the picture; it appears in my profile, but does not appear with my posts . . . Cheers, Jock
  28. P

    Feedback weird cacheing problem - new posts not showing [resolved]

    I'm seeing a weird cacheing problem on SC today. New posts are not appearing in threads in the browser on my lappy, although I can see them updating correctly on my Android 'phone in the SC app. a good example is the "$1000" thread, where my 'phone shows drd's latest post, but the browser...
  29. Lawrence A.

    Feedback Security Certificate warning

    Hi Is anyone else getting warnings from their browser saying the security certificate for the site is not valid? I'm trying to determine if it is the site or my browser (Opera 12.16 for windows 7)
  30. Herman

    Feedback Does Flickr respect copyright of uploaded images?

    Hi everyone, asked before at this website and just before ( ac ouple days before) at dpreview. Does or does NOT Flickr respect copyrighted images? Keep smiling, Herman
  31. IVN

    Feedback YouTube Videos

    Hello my friends! How can I embed YT-Videos into my postings? I've seen others do it, but can't seem to figure it out how. Help is much appreciated. Regards, Ivan
  32. Luke

    Affiliate codes for Holiday shopping

    I think Amin mentioned once that any time we click a link from SC to an e-commerce website that our affiliate code is attached. But considering how many purchases will be made by our members in the coming days, I thought it prudent to re-post this so the fraction of a percent goes into our "tip...
  33. S Noel

    Feedback Tablet for online video streeming

    This may be in the wrong location for this post. Situation and a Question. We have cable, high speed TV, phone and internet. We like to stream movies and past TV shows. I am thinking of getting a modestly priced tablet, such as the Amazon Fire 8.5", or other..., to be able to watch...
  34. P

    Feedback Unread posts notice is back! Huzzah!

    I see the "you have x unread posts" notification is back. Excellent! thanks Amin :smile:
  35. kyteflyer

    Feedback Error on reply

    Got this, this morning, when making a reply, and it did not take me back to the thread after the reply was posted... so I thought it had not worked and tried again, to get the 30 second message. So, clearly, one can reply, but the system is broken somewhere... Here's the message Warning...
  36. BBW

    Feedback private message notifications via email - not working?

    For some reason, I'm no longer receiving email notifications of private messages, though I do get a nice handy pop up when I come on to the site. Just wanted to let you know.
  37. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Gallery not working

    We are updating the gallery and ran into a snag. For the time being it is down. Hope to get it up asap. Sorry for the downtime!
  38. IVN

    Feedback No more notifications?

    Hi guys! When I set-up my account on this forum, I immediately noticed a very cool feature. Every time I was thanked to or quoted I received a notification to the right of my user name. Now, this feature doesn't seem to be working and I really miss it. Was this feature deactivated for some...
  39. TraamisVOS

    Feedback SC android app - problem with viewing images.

    Great app, user friendly, works as it should. But images are tiny when viewing threads. When I click on the image to view, the image expands but is difficult to navigate because the image(s) switch to ultra-tiny thumbnails or ultra large when I touch the screen. Is it a setting on my phone...
  40. AZK9lover

    Feedback CAUTION- hacked threads???

    To SC members, I just sent a PM to Amin and Luke to notify them of new threads from today with Japanese only characters. They are very suspicious for hacked threads. I first only noticed one, opened it up to find all foreign script and an embedded link. I didn't click anything and left the...
  41. marlof

    Feedback Site inresonpsive for me since hack

    Even since the site has been hacked, I have to repeat every action (open a thread, do a search etc) before having it result in a fresh page. I did clean the cookies etc, but so far without any result. Is that me and my connection, or do others suffer from the same? Edit: sorry for the typos...
  42. Amin Sabet

    Feedback Serious Compacts Hacked

    The forum security was today breached by a hacker who was able to gain access to the forum software administrator control panel. As far as we can tell, the hacker's purpose was simply to prove their own capability in hacking as there was no stated grievance. I am not...
  43. Luke

    Feedback site slowness (your responses desired)

    Hi All, I just got a message from a forum regular that he was having trouble getting the site to open on his Mac. He has cleared everything out and all other sites open quickly. My 2 windows machines are operating normally. Anyone else having issues or is this an isolated case? Thanks for...
  44. T

    Feedback Help with edit "My Profile"!

    I can't figure out how to edit my profile. I'm sorry I can't find this in the forums if it has already been posted. I'm not savvy about searching. If it's already covered and you know how to search for this topic, you can answer me that instead!
  45. Herman

    Feedback This website

    seems to be slow in responding or is it just me? Replies are welcome, thanks in advance. Herman
  46. P

    Feedback unable to change forum skin

    since logging out of SC, and clearing cache & cookies as part of a maintenance cleanup on my PC, I find I can no longer change the forum skin - there are no longer any options in the drop-down. so i'm now stuck with the default eye-searing orange :eek:
  47. pniev

    Feedback question about visibility of email address

    I am bombarded with spam lately on my email account. So I am checking my settings on various sites. When I checked my privacy settings here, I noticed that "everyone" (so including visitors) could view my contact information. My question is: does that include email address? Just to be...
  48. P

    Feedback forum database error - now "old style" interface

    Couldn't get onto SC earlier - it was throwing up a faults page saying "database error". Now it's back, the interface seems to be a pretty standard vBulletin one (no "thanks received" or "new posts" & whatnot)
  49. P

    Feedback Forum speed / timeouts June-July 2013

    The past ten days or so I've been experiencing frequent slowdowns in the forum response, sometimes to the point that page requests time out altogether. Other times it's incredibly laggy. Initially, I thought this was just a problem with the Android app, but it's certainly showing up more and...
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