canon showcase

  1. MountainMan79

    Canon Showcase Canon RF 50mm f/1.2

    Let’s get another one going for this statement piece of a lens. Just arrived today, so much more to come! I had to remove the filter, as something I’ve never experienced occurred while testing out sunstars (which are gorgeous on this lens). I had a large rainbow circle appear in all the shots...
  2. MountainMan79

    Canon Showcase Canon RF 100-500mm Lens Showcase

    Not too many Canon showcase threads, and definitely low on the lenses. So here’s to starting one for this lens; an awesome telephoto. Great size and great optics. And in front of a sensor like the 45MP R5, can hold up to a hell of a crop and still show amazing detail. Can’t wait to get to...
  3. rrybicki

    Canon Showcase G5x Mark II

    Hi Everybody, New here and, as I understand it, this started out as a compact camera forum. So I was surprised to see no showcase threads for the G5x Mark II. Mine does not get a lot of use, but I do like it quite a bit. As a starter, here’s a Mabel Orchard Orb-weaver (a tiny thing) taken...
  4. Roboticspro

    Canon Showcase Canon 5Dsr

    Good Afternoon, Looking to share some images from the last of Canon's hi-res FF DLSRs; I'll start the discussion...:) Sunrise at Castle Hill Lighthouse...Newport, RI Regards, Edd
  5. Matero

    Canon Showcase EOS 5D Mark IV

    I usually don't shoot video but this I had to test with my new Mark IV. Not bad with settings from the box, what say you?
  6. Matero

    Canon Showcase EOS 5D Mark III

    Sorry if my search capabilities let me down but I didn’t find 5D showcase. Simple things for simple people, I really liked this video installation in a modern art museum and decided to give 5DMark3 a go…
  7. wt21

    Canon Showcase The Canon RP Thread

    A pair from Westfield State Hospital (now closed, aka Westfield Sanitarium)