1. rayvonn

    Canon Canon D10

    Yeah that's right the 'cheapo' waterproof compact point & shoot which would have come out 5-6 years ago with a tiny sensor compared to anything released these days. There was no option to shoot raw with this baby. I was just going through the wife's photos in Vietnam in 2013 - it's not that...
  2. D

    Canon Showcase Latest images with Canon SX-720 superzoom.

    Today's new images with this marvelous little superzoom (960 mm eq.) camera are: 1) A closer take of a redwing blackbird calling for a mate. 2) A blue and red jet, where the blue skin is fading into a similarly blue sky in places. 3) Church steeples, customs house, and shipping facilities across...
  3. D

    Canon Showcase First still images with Canon SX720 (at 960 mm view)

    First/test images with the Canon SX720 small pocket camera. The first was at a 1/4 mile distance, from one end of the pier to the other. I have to reduce the images from 20 mp to 8 mp on average (best case daylight BTW) to get a fairly smooth-looking final image. This first image is also...
  4. D

    Canon Showcase Sample 20-second zoom videos with Canon SX720 (960 mm eq. FL)

    Here are two quick zoom samples with the very slim Canon SX720, with the 960 mm 135-effective focal length. You can see on #2, the water tower, that the image quality at full zoom is pretty good, when you pause and step through the frames. These are straight OOC. The atmospheric distortion in...
  5. K

    Canon What is auto drive?

    Default drive mode on G7X, and apparently on many other Canon models, but is not mentioned in print or pdf mauals. Works like single shot. What's the difference?
  6. rayvonn

    Canon Canon Forums

    Can anyone recommend a useful Canon forum for a beginner? There are so many Canon forums, it's hard to know where to start. I'm looking for a forum that helpfully covers the basic stuff along the lines of 6D cameras, plastic fantastic lenses, that sort of thing, and where Canon v Nikon wars...
  7. dougpayne

    Canon Showcase Test shot with new Canon G9x and Fuji XQ1

    These cameras are about the same physical size (Canon is a bit smaller, but has a 1" sensor compared to the Fuji's 2/3" sensor). Canon: fall_redbud by D Payne, on Flickr Fuji: fall_redbud_XQ1 by D Payne, on Flickr
  8. demiro

    Canon New Canon Serious Compact Apparently Coming

    from canonwatch (was on Canon's web site; now removed): Powershot G5 X specs: Lens: 8.8-36.8mm F1.8-2.8 (equivalent 24-100mm F1.8-2.8) Size: 112mm x 76mm x 44mm Weight: 337g LCD Monitor: 3 inches. 1.04 million dot
  9. B

    Canon Dynamic range of G1X

    This camera seems to have a very narrow dynamic range. When the subject is of slightly higher contrast than average, the highlights are blown. It is especially obvious with white clouds. Bracketing helps but not always as I limit it to +/- 1 step. Is there anything in the setting that I have...
  10. dougpayne

    Canon Flirting

    Some mannequins in our downtown. Flirting by D Payne, on Flickr
  11. Judderman62

    Canon Cannot change battery with camera mounted on tripod - any solutions ?

    Hi all As the title says. When my Eos-m is mounted on my tripod I cannot access the battery / card door - it opens a little but not enough. Does anyone know if there are any (cheap non DIY) solutions out there ? Some sort off tripod socket offset plate or similar ? I know there are hand grips...
  12. G

    Canon Need advice for new G7X

    Just got new G7X this morning from B&H. Only concern I have is front wifi sticker and hanging tag were not affixed to camera, as I have seen in several unboxing videos. Other than that camera appears ok. After looking at images on my card, it looks like maybe 60 images were previously taken...
  13. BruPri

    Canon 5D Mark II touch up

    I recently acquired a well loved Mark II that had some brassing on the corners of the mirror box on top (not shown as I first primed them). I decided to see if I might try to refinish those spots. I looked into matte black paint pens and such. What I decided on was automotive flat black enamel...
  14. DigitalD

    Canon Unveiled: Canon's New 50.6MP 5DS & 5DS R DSLRs and 11-24mm L-Series Lens

    EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R DSLR Cameras With a 50.6-megapixel CMOS sensor, the 5DS and 5DS R have just become the highest-resolution full-frame DSLR cameras on the market. Designed with the still photographer in mind, these cameras will deliver the absolute best in image quality with a variety of...
  15. drd1135

    Canon New EOS M3 looks nice 24 MP and optional EVF. If they fix the darned AF it could be a great camera.
  16. S

    Canon Showcase San Francisco with the G7X

    Took a long weekend to visit our son and his wife in San Francisco (and defrost from the New York winter) and decided to just take my G7X along. Overall, very happy with the results. Still have to get used to some quirks (read "design decisions by Canon") that I got used to with my Olympus...
  17. E

    Canon Lens for Canon Eos M

    Hi fellow Canon Eos M users, I have a question for you. I just bought a Canon Eos M. I'm willing to fit other lenses - I'm thinking about a zoom. My question is which lens do you recommend that can AF at a reasonable speed? even adapted ones. I was thinking about the 18-135 is usm but then...
  18. S

    Canon Question about G7X - Auto ISO - Flash settings.

    I attended a 3rd birthday party for my nephew yesterday and decided to bring along the G7X to get some pics of the family (as opposed to my Olympus EM10). Overall was very impressed with the responsiveness of the camera. Setup a Custom Mode that automatically set the camera to Av mode...
  19. S

    Canon Followup thought to G7X RAW vs JPEG files

    In my earlier thread - Local Park (first time playing with G7X RAWs) - I mentioned that I had just started playing with some RAW files as Apple updated Aperture for the G7X but was not sure if for my usage if they were significantly better than the great results I was getting from the OOC JPEGs...
  20. S

    Canon Showcase Local Park (first time playing with G7X RAW files).

    These shots were taken a while back - when I first got the G7X - but never really played with them as they were shot RAW and Apple only recently updated OS X to see the G7X files, so I imported some into Aperture and looked at some of the shots again. Still have not decided if - for my usage...
  21. E

    Canon Advice needed on Canon M vs Sony RX100

    Hi all. I have just recieved an offer from a major electronic shop here in Italy: Canon M + 22mm + flash ex90 + Ef adapter for 199 euros. I'm really tempted but have to ask a few questions. It will not be my main system because I use Nikon D7100 and Olympus E-P5 as main cameras, it should...
  22. dougpayne

    Canon Some shots with my smallest p&s.

    Taken yesterday at my wife's stepmother's house with a Canon Elph 110 HS. [/url]kay1 by yourpaleddie, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]kay2 by yourpaleddie, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]kay3 by yourpaleddie, on Flickr[/IMG] Doug
  23. S

    Canon Canon Face AIAF problem/issue - suggestions/help wanted.

    Last night we had some family and friends over to celebrate Hanukkah. Anyway, when my son-in-law, daughter and grandson decided it was time to light the menorah, I thought this would be a nice time to grab my G7X (as opposed to my EM10) and get some shots of them. I have the camera set - when...
  24. ajramirez

    Canon Fell off the wagon...

    As of last week, it had been two years and seven months since I bought my last digital camera (the Leica M9P). It is with some regret (well, not really) that I confess to having fallen off that wagon, as I have not only bought a new camera, but a DSLR at that. I am now the proud owner of a shiny...
  25. L

    Canon My first real serious compact ... memories of a 2006 visit to Barcelona

    While going through my archives I've unearthed some shots taken with my first real serious compact, a Canon Powershot S60 I paid a lot of money for then, during a visit to Barcelona several years ago. Even after all these years I'm still impressed with the image quality, considering I only shot...
  26. W

    Canon Really surprised Canon hasn't done anything with the M

    More than a year later, and I just can't believe Canon never did anything with the M system. If they just put better AF in that little body -- wouldn't have to really change anything else -- and so many people would be using it. People like me who don't own a DSLR anymore, and people with Canon...
  27. D

    Canon G7x DPReview Review is up
  28. S

    Canon Second Afternoon Walk with G7X

    Second afternoon out with the G7X. All shots are OOC JPEGs - playing with various settings and filter effects. Getting to like the little guy more and more. Have decided that under certain circumstances (like the bright afternoon light today) I do miss the EVF from the Stylus 1, but not...
  29. S

    Canon VERY Initial impressions of the G7X

    OK, let me start off by saying that I have not used a Canon camera (P&S or otherwise) aside from occasionally on vacation (my wife's 5 year old SD960 and that was very infrequently) for quite a while. Had several P&S and more advanced cameras years ago (never a DSLR) but ended up switching to...
  30. S

    Canon Anyone have/seen any higher ISO samples from the G7X?

    Aside from my wife's 5 year old Canon Powershot SD960, I have not regularly used a Canon camera in many years (moved to Olympus and never really looked back), but I really like what I am seeing as far as specs and people's overall impressions of the G7X. My current "small" camera is the...
  31. Jock Elliott

    Canon Batten down the hatches -- storm's a-comin'!

    G12. Cheers, Jock
  32. P

    Canon G7x ooc jpeg

    Seems most of the images I have seen so far with the G7X are in RAW and processed. For most people including myself shooting in JPEG and go with OOC as time permits is more the norm. Curious how the G7X OOC JPEG compares with the RX100 III OOC JPEG.
  33. Ray Sachs

    Canon Showcase Canon G7X Image Thread

    OK, as an early adopter, I may as well start this one off. Here's a bunch of stuff from Philly yesterday. A mix of river scenes (the City just opened a "boardwalk" over a stretch of the Schuylkill Riverfront last week, so I spent some time there), streetscapes, architecture, and a bit of my...
  34. MiguelATF

    Canon Harvest Festival Parade

    The small town where I live, Talent, Oregon, celebrates its farming roots every October with a Harvest Festival, complete with an old fashioned parade down Main Street. They've been doing this for almost half a century now, and it brings geezers, tractors, and toddlers out of the woodwork. It...
  35. Ray Sachs

    Canon Canon G7X shooters impressions

    With all of the rumors that have been floating over the past months of the “serious compacts” that were anticipated at Photokina, and with all of the excitement over the “LX8” (which became the LX100), the camera I absolutely didn’t see coming AT ALL and wouldn’t have expected to be of any...
  36. J

    Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS STM

    im interesting with Canon EOS 700D SLR-Digitalkamera on, i've read many reviews, but im still not satisfied with it. anyone can give me more reviews ? i saw it here and also need an advise, interesting to use it for my job. thanks
  37. demiro

    Canon So how bad is the G1XMKII?

    In the relatively short time I've spent as a "photography enthusiast" three cameras have seemed like game-changers to me: Fuji X100; Olympus E-M5; and Sony RX100. Lots of other great cameras, but these three seemed to re-establish the bar. I bring that up because the LX100, prematurely, I...
  38. Chris2500dk

    Canon Canon G7X This one really could tick a lot of boxes for me, providing that it lives up to the potential of course. Same sensor as the RX100 series. Lens that combines the best aspects of the RX100 series, fast like the m3, wide like the m3, but...
  39. Jock Elliott

    Canon One of our local weathermen used this on the air last week

    Shot with the G12 from the overlook at Prospect Park in Troy, NY. That's the state capitol, Albany, NY, in the distance. In the extreme distance, the Catskill Mountains. Cheers, Jock
  40. Chris2500dk

    Canon New 24mm f2.8 EF-S pancake

    Looks to be about the same size as the 40mm f2.8 but a more useful focal range for APS-C I think. Still not a small camera but I don't think it'd be much worse than walking around with a A6000 with say a Sigma 30mm...
  41. P

    Canon Canon 85mm f/1.2

    I have had this cracking lens for a few months now. It spends a lot of time on my 6d full frame. Just a few of my own fave shots with this lens. The f/1.2 can be a noose around the neck.....trying to get perfection with this non IS lens and Parkinsons tremor when hand held. Brick Lane...
  42. G

    Canon Non-Canon Lens Adapters

    Being new to Canon, so not having any Canon lenses, I'd like to use my Sony Alpha lenses with my M. The only compatible 3rd party adapter I've found is by Rayqual ($100) It's touted by the EBay seller to be quality Japanese-made. It doesn't have any connection points, so I'm limited to MF and...
  43. G

    Canon New EOS-M owner

    My compacts are the LX5&7, and I enjoy shooting both of them. However, I've lusted for a small APS-C for stealth street photography. I couldn't pass up the $311 22mm deal from B&H, it's my first Canon product, and it should be here tomorrow. I'm aware of the model's problems, but with my style...
  44. Jock Elliott

    Canon The greatest show off earth . . .

    Canon G12. Cheers, Jock
  45. Jock Elliott

    Canon That grandeur of the skies thing again . . .

    Shot today with the G12: Cheers, Jock
  46. J

    Canon New EOS M ! Bargain price heads up for UK members

    Well I'm not usually an early adopter & having mulled over it a while I decided to go an buy an EOS M whilst they're still available. I had been looking for used ones on ebay but found out last night that Argos (in the UK) are selling the body/zoom/flash kit for £199. They're selling out fast...
  47. Jock Elliott

    Canon Caught this today during our early AM stroll

    G12 SOOC Jpg Cheers, Jock
  48. Jock Elliott

    Canon More cloud experimentation, this time with the G12

    As shot A little bit of messing about in post processing Heavy handed (but I like it!) My wife says it turns an ordinary day into a stormy day. . . Special thanks to Luke, who on another post inferred that adjusting the mid-tones might be useful. Cheers, Jock
  49. D

    Canon EOS-M a mistake?

    So, we all know that canon USA has dropped the little M. Luckily, I live in Canada, so I still have access to the M, including the excellent 11-22 lens. It seems such a shame, as the M is a great camera, with a great sensor and, with firmware update, a great auto-focus system. Shortcoming...
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