1. W

    Canon More on why I love my little EOS-M

    The M continues to amaze me. On a whim, and because prices were so low, I picked up the M+22 in August. Since then, I added the excellent 18-55 the 270 EXii flash (with bounce!) and now the Tamron 60mm 2.0 macro. I also got a Freniec grip. I can also use my full frame 6D lenses on the M, though...
  2. W

    Canon EOS-M 2 new rumor of announce date and specs Not a major spec set, but it's nice to see they'll continue it. Unless it's Japan-only release or something like that.
  3. W

    Canon Canon EF-M 22mm 2.0 Image Thread

    For those who are in love with this little lens, here is an image thread to post your 22mm lens image samples. 20131202-20131202-IMG_7121 by wt2100, on Flickr
  4. drd1135

    Canon EOS M a mistake?

    I'm not sure if this was meant to be serious. I've never seen this site before, but most of the articles seem humorous to me. Of course, I also feel that way about the US Congress.
  5. Jock Elliott

    Canon A little more G12 love

    Yesterday evening, I saw the setting sun illuminating this somewhat unusual cloud, so I dashed inside, grabbed the G12 and shot it. ISO 80, f4, 1/125th second. Shot raw and processed with DXO 9. Cheers, Jock
  6. Amin

    Canon Richard Franiec Grip for Canon EOS M

    Richard Franiec just wrote me to let me know that he is producing a limited number of Canon EOS M grips will be available in the second half of November 2013 for $34.95 plus shipping. I can attest to the very high quality of Richard's grips, and the EOS M certainly seems like a camera that...
  7. Jock Elliott

    Canon A little Canon G12 love

    Hawk rising over Troy, NY. Cheers, Jock
  8. W

    Canon Considering reach on a compact: Canon EOS-M vs. Fuji X

    I've been thinking about a Fuji system for a while. Was planning on getting a used XM1 until the whole XM1/XA1 controversy kicked up. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll just still with my little EOS-M a while. I compared the Fuji 55-200 vs. the Canon 55-250 STM (3rd gen of this lens). I think I...
  9. D

    Canon 22mm for 99$

    If anyone still checks this forum
  10. W

    Canon EOS-M AF with adapted EOS lenses (incl pics with 40 STM)

    How many people assume EOS-M AF is terrible? Some still, right? But most people would begrudgingly say it's OK for still objects, but only with the firmware mind you! Well, I wouldn't disagree. But, for still life, landscape, etc. it is fast enough. It's also fast enough for portrait, IMO...
  11. Hazy Days of Summer

    Hazy Days of Summer

    An out-of-cous walk-by shoot-from-the-hip with the G10, but still like the dreamy atmosphere it conveys.
  12. T

    Canon low light no flash - the g1x experiment

    Unedited except for a resize for online display. Shot at approx ISO 1600, f2.8, 1 1/30th sec, no flash, handheld
  13. M

    Canon G1 X slow?

    Good Morning, Is it just me or is this camera really slow? We just attended a wedding and most times I was getting photos I didn't want due to the time it took to focus and snap. Not action shots, just folks walking down the isle. I was using it in auto mode, with and without flash. Really...
  14. entropic remnants

    Canon Bravo Canon!

    The price/peformance ratio of this lens is amazing. This would be something that would make the EOS-M a much better system camera with a quite good ultrawide at a bargain price. This lens outperforms a perennial favorite of mine the Tokina 11-16mm in terms of IQ I think. DXOmark review...
  15. W

    Canon A few from around a farm

    A few from a week in Lancaster, staying on a farm. Just the EOS-M w/22mm and RX100. Simplicity is so liberating! 20130827-20130827-IMG_6096 by wt2100, on Flickr 20130827-20130827-IMG_6127 by wt2100, on Flickr 20130827-20130827-IMG_6098 by wt2100, on Flickr 20130828-20130828-IMG_6197 by...
  16. J

    Canon Canon S120 vs S110

    Hi guys, as most of you will probably know Canon announced the new S120 just a couple of days ago. Other than a new Digic 6 processor and a slighty faster lens, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two models. Since the S120 was announced I have already noticed a drop in price...
  17. N

    Canon EOS M 11-22mm lenshood

    The new lens doesn't come with a lenshood and Canon's EW60E is ridiculously priced. Has anyone identified a Chinese clone at 1/10th the price yet?
  18. S

    Canon Optical viewfinder for the Canon G1x

    Hey you camera buffs, does the Canon G1x come with an attachment for either an electronic or an optical viewfinder? I would love to explore taking shots without the screen.
  19. R

    Canon Is the G1X any good for panoramas?

    This is an 11 shot panorama in the English Lake District. I shot it last October from the back door of my climbing club's hut in the Newlands Valley not far from Keswick I usually carry Sigma DP2 & DP3 Merrills when I'm shooting panoramas but on this occasion I was travelling ultra-light so...
  20. W

    Canon FINALLY got a chance to shoot a little with the EOS-M

    Just testing around the yard. The controls are very surprisingly easy to use. The LCD touch screen with just about everything you need. The shutter sound is fabulous. The camera has a nice heft and feel. I don't mind the "soap bar" approach. I always use a wrist strap. Yes, it's a little slow...
  21. T

    Canon Newbie with New G1X

    I haven't been home much since I got the new camera on Thursday :D Have been playing for the last couple days, bit disappointed the box didn't come with the flight manual and I have to look it up onscreen... But then, I never really use them unless there's an emergency :D Have noticed a...
  22. D

    Canon No MF after firmware upgrade?

    Hi all, I am trying to use vintage lenses with my EOS M after upgrading to 2.0.2 firmware but the shutter button has no effect. I have looked through the menus for a place to turn on Manual Focus mode but if it is there I can't see it. It looks like unless the camera can autofocus it...
  23. drd1135

    Canon Showcase EOS M Images

    It says so much that there is no Images thread for this camera. I think RAW is the way to go for this camera. I'll put the rest in the flowers thread.
  24. W

    Canon Stupidly perhaps, I'm going to try the EOS-M

    Just for something new, I'm going to try the EOS-M. The kits are available again in the US Amazon page. I've seen some very nice shots coming from the lenses on the M. For $299 it's about the cheapest fast 35mm equivalent out there. It's less than the X100, less than the Olympus 17mm 1.8 lens...
  25. W

    Canon Would you get a new EOS M mkii?

    New rumors of Canon EOS M discontinuing The Next EOS M Camera(s) [CR1] « Canon Rumors Coupled with Canon's new PDAF on a chip technology: Canon EOS 70D Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review Could the EOS M POSSIBLY include this new technology? Now, I've been using Canon...
  26. Z

    Canon Canon EOS M + Canon FD 200mm f4 (macro)

    Took some shots with the Fuji XE-1 and the same lens last weekend and I wanted to see how it would go without the EVF and with the touch screen. The last 2 (one is repeated) were taken with the 22mm f2 native lens. [/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]
  27. R

    Canon Canon M question regarding the navigation wheel on the back of the camera

    It seems to turn very easily and this is annoying as it sometimes changes my settings. Any one have a work around? Thanks, Rick
  28. W

    Canon Sensor Improvement from G10 to G15

    I was just twiddling around on the comparison widgit at dpreview and tried out how my G10 compared to the latest and greatest small sensor fixed lens offerings. It was a surprise to me the amount of improvement - about 2 stops I'd estimate. I compared four cameras at 1600 ISO and the G10 was...
  29. Sensor Improvements

    Sensor Improvements

  30. Z

    Canon $399 EOS M+22mm f2 Ebay DoD

    Canon EOS M Digital Camera w EF M 22mm F 2 Lens Black Red Silver White | eBay
  31. J

    Canon Photos turn all red

    Good afternoon, I have tried several camera modes and all photos turn red. I have to correct them all in lightroom... I may have changed some settings but after searching I can't find anything in order to correct that rediness. Is a camera problem? Can you help me? Appreciated. Cumpz.
  32. W

    Canon G10, again ...

    It's been a few years since my my last dalliance with the G series - owning a G10 and then an G11 ( an insurance replacement for the G10 -didnt like the plasticky back and the swivel LCD ). So now recently had decided I wanted a compact again to take outdoors ( fly fishing) that would go in my...
  33. img0057


    Canon G10
  34. T

    Canon TCSTV Review T5i video

    Canon refuses to learn, after the EOS M Debacle, They bring out the T5i. Our thoughts below:
  35. Jock Elliott

    Canon A question for G1X owners

    Does the G1X have a continous focusing mode? I'm looking for a work-around for the reported slow focusing. The G12 has a mode that actually blacks out the LCD, forces the shooter to use the optical viewfinder, and continuously focuses until you push the shutter button. This mode consumes...
  36. A

    Canon An Ode to the Canon G7

    In the wild and wooly days of 2007, I already had a few compacts on my belt, including the Canon S45, the S70, the Fuji F30 and the Casio Z750. But the camera that was the gateway drug to bigger things was the G7. I'd been shooting with the S70 and F30 for some time, and I loved the S70's...
  37. Amin

    Canon Canon Introduces EOS Rebel SL1 - World's Smallest, Lightest APS-C DSLR

    Canon's new Rebel SL1 is close to the size and weight of an Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Panasonic G5 and introduces a new version of Canon's hybrid AF system, covering a greater portion (80%) of the frame. Should make for a very compact system with Canon's smallest lenses like the 40mm f/2.8 STM...
  38. Yeats

    Canon Well dip me in sugar and call me a jelly donut!

    Mr. Postman delivered a brand spankin' new Canon SX50 HS to me today... so of course after charging the battery for an hour I had to go take some quick snaps... It's pretty good! swans lk musconetcong 0087 by Yeatsy, on Flickr swan lk musconetcong 0085 by Yeatsy, on Flickr...
  39. Penfan2010

    Canon Meadowlands in the Mist

    NJ Meadowlands from the train to NYC; S100
  40. Penfan2010

    Canon S100 Shoots Stars, Stripes, Shadows

  41. Penfan2010

    Canon Random Set from S100

    PPd on LR 4, Silver/Color Efex Pro 2
  42. T

    Canon Strange Focusing issue with G1x

    From about 3-4 feet (not precise), my G1x will not focus when zoomed to 85 or 100 mm. Yet it will focus at 112! With macro mode on, it will focus at all focal lengths from that distance. Anybody know why this occurs. Thanks.
  43. W

    Canon If this isn't a cry for help and attention, then I don't know what is. Rent EOS M for free in Japan

    Let's Try! Rent The Canon EOS M For Free (7 Days, If You Are In Japan) | CanonWatch CanonWatch
  44. Jock Elliott

    Canon An homage to Cat Stevens? A sad commentary on the philosophy of "take a camera everywhere"

    This image has bugged me for a couple of months. Taken pre-dawn from our upstairs bathroom window. Canon G12, ISO 6400, low light mode. I call it simply "Moon Shadow." Cheers, Jock
  45. A

    Canon Canon g1X v Fuji x100

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I have a question and wonder if anybody can help. How does the image quality of the canon g1x compare to that of the fuji x100 assuming that the g1x f/length is set to 35mm ? Thank you in anticaption. Regards, Adam.
  46. W

    Canon Great Canon 135/2 shot

    I keep my eyes on the 135/2 for my full frame. Not sure if I'll get this lens or not for a lot of reasons, but this shot is just priceless Canon Digital Photography Forums - View Single Post - Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM (Thread 2) Visit the POTN thread for more of his shots. This photog is...
  47. C

    Canon G15 underwater

    snapped some quick shots with my new G15...the af speed is a bit faster than the G12. the camera handles nicely even though it's noticeably more svelte than it's predecessor.
  48. W

    Canon New Canon Powershot N -- square, touch screen, almost no buttons

    I have to say, I find this very interesting. If it's below $300, I might consider it ($100-150 is almost a definite yes). Canon Powershot N first impressions: Digital Photography Review.
  49. D

    Canon G9 lens faults

    Hi there, this is my first post here and I'm afraid it's a question. I had a G9 some years ago when it was new. I loved it but sold it to fund a DSR. However, I'd love to get another as it's build and images were fantastic. It's only shortfall that I would need to address is its lack of a...
  50. Jock Elliott

    Canon G12 is faster than I thought

    For some time, I've been interested in how fast cameras can autofocus and execute a shot. I've read various test reports and measurements, and then I got curious: how is it, precisely, that various test organizations measure autofocus times? I was poking around the Internet when I saw a post...
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