capture one

  1. doobs

    Capture One Lays Off Staff

    Who didn't see this coming?
  2. doobs

    Capture One deprecating their Express packages

    Well, I guess this shouldn't come as a huge surprise based on the recent licensing changes: Capture One Express Deprecation FAQ My exposure to C1 came about through the Fuji version years ago. It's becoming clear that corporate has abandoned amateur user market. Unfortunate. I'll use my...
  3. Bobby T

    Hot Deals! Capture One 50% off

    Capture One is running 50% off for Black Friday.
  4. doobs

    Capture One "Suspended User"

    So, I've not been able to access the user forum at Capture One for a bit, couple of weeks. I've sent them notice about it to no response. Today I logged into my account, no problem, and then migrated to the user forum. As has been the case recently, I get the "Please sign in to leave a...
  5. Simonix

    Capture One Pro 50% off until 31st July 2022

    Just got an email stating there is a FLASH sale on for Capture One. Enter "JULYFLASH50" into the checkout.
  6. William Lewis

    Darktable vs Capture One

    I don't generally do a whole lot of postprocessing. Depending on the circumstance, I can be very happy with the JPG SOOC from my M 240. I have been feeling the financial bite of my Capture One 22 subscription and am pondering whether to buy a standalone license for it and update down the road if...
  7. Carbonman

    Software Capture One 22 Update Problem

    I just downloaded the most recent C1 update Win15.3.0 and there's a database problem that prevents it from opening. I suggest waiting a week or so to download the update so they can fix it.
  8. Ghostbuggy

    Hot Deals! Capture One - Spring deal 40% off

    Not advertised anywhere on Capture One's website, but it still works: You can get 40% off, both on subscriptions as well as the full licence, when purchasing Capture One Pro 22. Just order the desired product of your choice, upon checkout you can activate a coupon code, use code Spring40 in...
  9. AndyMcD

    Software Capture One 22 now includes HDR merging

    It doesn't have any anti-ghosting so only works on static pictures but this one came out okay...
  10. Ranger Rick

    Capture One will not update C1 20 for Mac M1 computers

    After corresponding with C1 about if/when they will provide an update for C1 20 to allow use on my new MacBook Pro, I received a reply that they will not be doing that and that I should update to C1 21 if I want to continue using C1. It does not work on the M1 computers, freezing at the closing...