1. AndyMcD

    Software Capture One 22 now includes HDR merging

    It doesn't have any anti-ghosting so only works on static pictures but this one came out okay...
  2. phigmov

    Micro 4/3 HDMI out for older m43 (-> USB capture card)

    I'm looking to experiment with using one of my older m43 cameras as a webcam replacement now we're stuck WFH in NZ for a few more weeks. I have a generic USB3 capture card which takes HDMI-in and is plug 'n play - Windows 10 picks it up and recognises it immediately as a video source. If I...
  3. P

    SOLVED: current problem with Capture 1 v20 and Bitdefender on Win

    Is anyone else who's running Capture 1 v20 on Windows (and Bitdefender) currently experiencing the situation that Bitdefender flagged a C1 dll as infected (&put it into quarantine) and now C1 isn't running anymore? ("Fatal Error ImgCoreDll.dll can't start the crash handler. Try restarting... " )
  4. Bobby Tingle

    Capture One 21 released today

    The latest greatest thing from C1 is now available.
  5. William Lewis

    Nikon Capture One Express, now for Nikon

    So this is there is now a new version of the Capture One photo editing and organizing software. It's intended as a Lightroom replacement but I am curious if it can replace Photoshop CS2 and Silver Efex for me. So after forgetting constantly, I finally downloaded and installed the free Express...
  6. iSilentP

    Great Capture One offer - LIMITED TIME

    Great Capture One offer. 25% off new licenses (code SPRING25) and 30% off (code UPGRADE30) on upgrades. Capture One
  7. ericdraven

    Capture Dances

    Capture Dances New York City by David Wong, on Flickr
  8. GR captures the landscape

    GR captures the landscape