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  1. donlaw

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 17: Contrast

    To keep this series going we are moving ahead with a new challenge. Since the winner from the last challenge has not started a new one, @Luke suggested that I move us on with a new topic. For challenge 17 the topic is Contrast. It could be technical contrast or perhaps some subject matter that...
  2. MiguelATF

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 16: f/8 and Be There - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Most of us know or have heard of the quote by Arthur Fellig - the famous and infamous crime reporter and photojournalist who was better known as 'Weegee' - who, when asked how he was able to come up with such amazing photographs, replied, simply: f/8 and be there. As photographers, our brains...
  3. theoldsmithy

    Cameraderie photo challenge 13: “Gold” winner announced!

    This time, let’s see your interpretations of “Gold”. The challenge ends on Friday 11th of January 2019, so there is plenty of time for Christmas festivities as well. The rules as usual: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the...
  4. bilzmale

    47th Challenge - Panorama.

    I would like to set this final challenge for 2017 as "Panorama". Panoramic photography has been an interest of mine for many years and I've spent $$$$$ on hardware and software over that time. Today the ability to stitch images into a panorama is quite ubiquitous and is built into software...
  5. theoldsmithy

    43rd SC challenge - Splash! Winner announced!

    After a week strolling on the beaches of North Cornwall, I returned home to find that the cold water tank in the attic had leaked and brought down part of the bathroom ceiling... so I figured a watery theme was apposite. Let’s see either literal or figurative interpretations. The rules: The...
  6. MoonMind

    What is it Wednesday week 34

    I quote the rules as per Luke's last challenge: I couldn't put it any better (including the last sentence :cool:), so here goes: M.
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  8. Fire, in the Sky

    Fire, in the Sky


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