1. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 447

    Worthwhile! M.
  2. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 446

  3. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 445

    Because of the "thunder and lightning" line ... Great :) M.
  4. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 444

    One of those famous "liquor numbers" (Schnapszahl!) - nothing special otherwise except for a lot of questionable hype around estoreric stuff; however, I found Jay-Z's "4:44" ... I was quite surprised how multi-facetted and deep that one was (even musically ...). Not uncontroversial in terms of...
  5. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 443

    This day is the runner-up to a very nice one, so ... I'll cut back on the action. Just the images, then :) M.
  6. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 442

    Sorry, this is going to be kind of a lengthy one (because I'm kind of in the mood :p): Let's kick it off with this great find: I bet most of you did hardly recognise it - I certainly didn't know of Miriam Makeba's version! However, she's actuualy referring to ... this song: Now, I'm sure...
  7. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 441

    A blank canvas ... M.
  8. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 440

    Had forgotten about this wonderful song - even though I do own the record. M. P.S. The title is fitting - but only to an absolutely bearable degree; after the second Vaccine shot, going to bed early appeals ...
  9. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 439

    Something different for a change ... (I was looking for something completely different when I found this ... I'm lucky that YouTube clearly doesn't get me :-p) M.
  10. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 438

    Forgot to open the thread yesterday evening ... no harm done, I hope. I'd better post my image as well, then. M.
  11. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 437

    A fruit of yesterday's poking around ... (Extended version with a couple of instrumental solos in the second portion ... A street band classic if I ever heard one - note made!) M.
  12. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 436

  13. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 435

    A room for a view ;) M.
  14. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 434

    I never knew (that this was the original) ... M.
  15. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 433

    Because it fits ... And because I just remembered the song, but not the band - so I had to look it up. Shame on me ... M.
  16. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 432

    One of many similar ones, this one in Swiss German; here's an attempt at a translation: You've been here for a year, you don't want to go. We'll kick you out the door now, bye, Corona! 'Cause we're big on vaccination now (those who want) the easy life* is over now, bye, Corona! Yes, a lil' jab...
  17. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 431

    Iconic - again! Thanks for the tip, Miguel! M.
  18. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 430

    As threatened ;) M.
  19. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 429

    Sorry, I'll keep the musical theme going for a bit because I stumbled upon a couple of hilarious folkpunk videos on June 1st and went from there (I won't show everything, but a couple will most probably follow). Don't take it (or me) too seriously - just a little insolence to let of steam, I...
  20. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 428

    Here's a song by the band I should have posted another song by on day 420 ;) No offense meant to anyone, obviously ... M.
  21. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 427

    Nothing to see here ... Sorry ... M.
  22. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 426

    Iconic! M.
  23. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 425

    Almost forgot ... M. P.S. Please feel free to create a thread daily whenever I fail to provide one ...
  24. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 424

    A bit of a read for a change ... Kind of a rewarding period at the moment - a couple of worthwhile bits popping up on my daily sites and feeds ... M.
  25. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 423

    Interesting. And very well made indeed ... M.
  26. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 422

    These guys are always good for a little surprise. I have no idea what they're singing about (I hope it's bearable), but I really enjoy the fun they have - and the song's really catchy ... M.
  27. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 421

    Enjoy! M. P.S. A propos of 421: I consider this a much better way to lose your mind: Dance off!
  28. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 420

    I'll spare you my quirky ideas today ... respite! M. P.S. 420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipedia - I know ...
  29. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 419

    Yesterday, something popped up when I listened to the EMPTYKRAFT clip again ... And a short while later, I found this. This, too, is Japan. M.
  30. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 418

    I suspect I have used this before, but it's just such a terrific performance that I felt I can risk it ... I'd love to see those guys live! M.
  31. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 417

    I researched white space (also called "negative space"); here's a nice take on it ... Something to explore ... M.
  32. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 416

    Have fun ... M.
  33. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 415

    Nothing but a bare wall to hang your images ... M.
  34. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 414

    Again, just for fun: I'm going to listen to that album now ... M.
  35. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 413

    A propos of nothing very much ... I actually never thought about what this song was actually about - until I discovered Ra's version ... M.
  36. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 412

    I thought about being lazy and just leaving the thread without a kick-off ... And then I found this: Someone had no ideas, but a working idea on how to present this fact in a possibly useful manner (not that it seems to have played out, though). Still, nicely paradoxical. M.
  37. Briar

    Challenge! Challenge #48 - Photo Essay - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Start Date May 16, 2021 End Date June 13, 2021 Photo Essay: With six photographs (no more, no less) tell me a story of your choice. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle and end. You must give your photo essay a title. There is no requirement for you to include captions or text...
  38. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 411

    Something I truely didn't know ... What's behind this is almost history, if a somewhat quirky part of it, and still ongoing: the old three-digit service call numbers, like 911 in the States, 144 in Switzerland - the one that too many had to call lately - or 112 in Europe...
  39. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 410

    He's definitely right about this ... M.
  40. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 409

    For no reason at all (and certainly not to be taken literally). M.
  41. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 408

    An empty space to fill with images ... Another "drop dead" evening - I dozed off before ticking off everything on my to-do list. M.
  42. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 407

    Once more, just something I remembered ... M.
  43. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 406

    Insightful ... And not irrelevant for visually inclined people. M.
  44. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 405

    A propos of nothing very much (I had misheared the lyrics: "10:05", not "4:05", but, well ...) M.
  45. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 404

    Page Not Found! :) M.
  46. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 403

    Sorry, void again for a change - I fell asleep yesterday evening, so "forgot" to set up the thread ... M.
  47. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 402

    A slightly older of his videos - well worth a recommendation! M.
  48. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 401

    Fitting after today's turmoil - it's all good now, though (well, mostly - but it should settle soon). (N.B. It's well possible that I don't use this for the first time - but I really do like the song, so bear with me; it's what I was humming when out and about shooting "yesterday", anyway ...) M.
  49. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 400

    20x20 So I looked for "20 by 20 song" and found ... A Story (yes, one with a capital "S"). And for all of those who don't know me enough, no, I'm not being cynical here. This is one of millions...
  50. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 399

    Contrast his enthusiasm for wildlife with the human behaviour going on around it all ... It's pretty revealing, but still uplifting. M.
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