1. Covey22

    Chrome OS Post-Processing on Chromebook - Mostly Snapseed

    Disclaimer; I've been on a JPG only workflow since moving to Fuji XF several years ago. I do take RAW back-ups for critical shots, but oftentimes they're just insurance, I've yet to really use them. I can upload my photos using a USB-C reader and they can be copied to the local file system and...
  2. MoonMind

    Chrome OS Chromebook woes ...

    I only post this thread to let you all know about something rather annoying and potentially catastrophic: My Acer Chromebook CB3-431, a 14" model with a really nice case and screen, started acting up a while ago. Twice before, it had ended up with a damaged OS already, and recovery took...
  3. Herman

    Chrome OS Chromebook experience on your PC

    Link: CloudReady by Neverware Source: google news
  4. Herman

    Chrome OS Chromebook

    Who got one, are you happy with it? Not many manufacturers produce them, only Asus and Acer do, right. Is offline operating supported, how about multicore processing. Working in the cloud is a bit slow?