1. mike3996

    Philosophy City vs City

    1.1 Setup After planning the move for years, some 18 months ago I moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I traded my idyllic rural cabin in the woods (Sätös, Outokumpu) and my car for a nice urban apartment which offers the absolute dream of mine: great central location; quiet on the inside...
  2. ericdraven

    Stroll New York City Vacation Photos

    New York City - Manhattan by David Wong, on Flickr Times Square - New York City by David Wong, on Flickr Chinatown - New York City by David Wong, on Flickr
  3. T

    Freckles in the city!

    I'll start sharing some photos from an impromtu photoshoot of my friends girlfriend this evening as they come off the line! Most shot with either the 56mm 1.2 APD or 50-140 2.8. For a start 'freckles in the city!' Freckles in the city by tom.ohle, on Flickr
  4. SiJ 2015 Day 20

    SiJ 2015 Day 20

    Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Towards You

    Towards You

    I know tis is a "me too" photo, but I still like the strong graphical expression
  6. Mayflower Steps, Plymouth Barbican

    Mayflower Steps, Plymouth Barbican

  7. Island House, Plymouth Barbican

    Island House, Plymouth Barbican

  8. Mayflower Steps

    Mayflower Steps

  9. The Prawn

    The Prawn

  10. Plymouth Citadel from Mount Batten

    Plymouth Citadel from Mount Batten

  11. Plymouth Hoe from Jennycliff

    Plymouth Hoe from Jennycliff

  12. Central Park

    Central Park

  13. city hall

    city hall

    city hall