1. J

    Leica FOV Test w/ M10-R and Summicron-M 50, Voigtlander Classic 35 Nokton MC and Elmrit-M 24

    The purpose of this was to get a better understanding of the FOV for each lens. I would prefer to select a lens based on the location and then fine tune any zooming with my feet. The settings for the camera, lenses and Lightroom were the same. I wanted to try to minimize any influence on the...
  2. Toddster

    Big LR update- AI NR (Lightroom and Classic)

    Yesterday (April 18, 2023) Adobe entered the modern noise removal arena. Yesterday’s release includes real AI noise reduction in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. I have been a big fan of DxO Photo Lab for the Deep Prime noise reduction. Until now I think it has been the best there is with Topaz...
  3. Ghostbuggy

    Leica Leica revives the film camera and a classic lens

    Leica announced it will bring back the film camera or more specific the Leica M6. According to the news, which cites Leicas press release, the new M6 will mostly stay true to the original one, however some improvements were made to the viewfinder, the rangefinder mechanism, the light meter as...
  4. olli

    Lightroom Classic 12

    I just updated LR to the new version 12 which has been upgraded with all sorts of new masking tools. I've only experimented with a couple of them but so far they are superb. Examples will follow, but if you're a Lightroom user you should definitely update.
  5. lucien

    Advice Wanted exporting images in lightroom classic

    Hi I messed my export settings in lightroom classic. My NEF's are 23.9mp But when I export to jpeg I'm only getting 10.2mp. I'm losing 1/2 the size of my files. Before this incident I was getting up to 23.5mp on export. My settings are JPEG sRGB quality: 100 limit file size = unchecked...
  6. lucien

    Advice Wanted lightroom classic

    Hi I'm at the beginning stages of editing photos, I can crop, exposure, contrast, convert to black and white, use lens correction level etc. I'm at a road block now. How do I get a totally black background and then add my image after without doing something to my image. I'll look around...
  7. Matero

    Apple Lightroom Classic updated to support Silicon Macs

    I just wondered few days ago how long can it take for Adobe to start supporting Silicon M1 Macs with Lightroom Classic. Well, the update is now ongoing on the background 😎 EDIT: And the new Universal Lightroom Classic feels snappy on M1 Mac mini with just 16GB memory. (And Big Sur 11.4 MacOS)
  8. MoonMind

    M-Mount Observations on the two Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 versions

    I'm not going to reiterate everything that's already been said and written online, but suffice to say that I already somewhat liked the first version enough to want to try the "improved" second version. I've had them both for a couple of months now and feel I can sum things up to maybe allow...
  9. gryphon1911

    Fuji Showcase Classic Negative Film Simulations

    Working with a simulation with the classic negative as a base. Fuji Superia Xtra 400!! Got this one from This is for X-Trans IV and newer. All these are from the X100V. Please share your images and recipes! Film Simulation: Classic Negative Dynamic Range: DR400...
  10. Brian

    Flickr account with classic pages from Photo Magazines, Books, etc. Some very interesting photography pages, many classic ads, and camera articles scanned in: worth looking at if you use/like vintage equipment. And there is a website :
  11. Bobby T

    Fuji Classic Negative recipe

    Someone has a recipe for the new Classic Negative film simulation. I've tried it, and it looks good. Although I have no idea if it is identical to what comes with the Pro3. Go in Image Quality (I.Q.) menu. Select 400% dynamic range. Select Classic Chrome film simulation; Grain Effect at...
  12. Kevin

    Apple Apple announces Aperture sunset date, suggests migration to Adobe Lightroom Classic or Apple Photos

    If you're still using Apple's Aperture on your MacOS machines, even though Apple discontinued updating it back in 2014, you'll be facing an upgrade decision. MacOS Mojave will be the last version of the OS that will support running Aperture "for technical reasons". Apple's suggestion is to...
  13. tonyturley

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Classic Chrome Film Simulation

    Following Andrew's Acros example, I thought I'd go ahead and start a CC thread. I took the image I posted in Andrew's Acros thread, and used the in-camera raw software to convert it to CC, bumping up the shadows to +2. Maybe not the best film simulation to try on a gloomy day. What do you think?
  14. theoldsmithy

    Film Zorki 4 on its way

    After a brain-numbing amount of research, I have ordered a 1971 Zorki 4 from the Ukraine. I'm looking forward ro trying my Jupiter 8 lens on the camera it was meant for :-) Also ordered a Leningrad 4 light meter as I don't have an inbuilt meter in my head yet...