1. Kevin

    Announcement Change to criteria for creating a Classifieds listing

    The criteria for being able to create a Classifieds listing in our 'Buy, Sell, and Trade' area has been updated to require at least 5 posts to have been made in the other parts of the community first. There have been some recent scenarios where a person has joined the community and immediately...
  2. Kevin

    Announcement Business Owners, you are free to post your classifieds of any type during the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

    Right now a lot of business owners, in particular small business owners and those self-employed, are hurting due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. At the moment all indications are that large swaths of the world will be in some type of 'lock down' mode till at least the end of the Summer...
  3. Cameraderie

    Guide How to mark your Classifieds post as "Completed"

    Cameraderie community members are able to post for free classifieds threads for items that they are selling, buying, or looking to trade. When your transactions is completed it is up to the member who created the classifieds post to mark the transaction as complete. Marking the item as...