1. Herman

    Panasonic Cleaning Panasonic G1

    What can i use to clean my panasonic g1? Now the body feels prickly.
  2. Brownie

    Just got done cleaning sensors in both my cameras

    It never ceases to amaze me just how simple it is, or how much I stress about it ahead of time.
  3. fredlong

    Leica Lens Cleaning

    I need to get my old Summicron 50 CLA'd. Can anyone tell me who's doing good work in the USD now?
  4. Herman

    Body cleaning

    How to clean a Panasonic G1? (outside) Suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance. Best regards, Herman
  5. E

    sonic cleaning old shutter

    I am cleaning a TLR mamiya 80 mm lens and was wondering if it is safe to sonic clean it, using a ultra sonic cleaner that you normally use for jewellery and watches. Not just the slow gear escapement (which i cleaned wiht lighter fluid but it is simply is not clean enough). So i was thinknig in...
  6. Brian

    Minolta Himatic 9: Flood Cleaning Shutter and Cleaning Viewfinder, also applies to the 7, 7s, and 11.

    I bought this camera in 1969, my first 35mm camera, and a whole Summer of mowing Lawns. I was 11. The viewfinder had enough haze built up to make focusing difficult- last CLA was 1976. Time to clean it, I'm a lot better at fixing cameras than I was in 1976. Tools required: Flat Head...
  7. Rs6er

    Fuji What are you using to clean your sensors?

    I live in Central Oregon where volcanic dust is king. Since I hike a lot with my X-T1 and often change lenses in less than optimal situations, my sensor is filthy. What do users recommend for do-it-youself cleaning? I do not want to have to send my camera to Portland.