1. rayvonn

    Sharpness isn't Everything (Open Thread)

    I like sharp images just as much but probably not more than the next person but don’t think it’s the be all and end all of photography so thought I’d start an open thread (and basically this forum’s version of the “Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept" thread on RFF) for those so inclined. That may...
  2. C

    Paint Your Wagon

  3. MountainMan79

    Color One colour: Purple

    Apparently no thread for this color. Let’s start one.
  4. CatsAreGods

    Color One colour: Brown

    I may be all-American, but I'm not going to spoil a good thing (ref: headline spelling) 😺
  5. Punkie

    Railway Crossing

    Some oldies (2010) processed in Photoshop Elements 7 and using the free plugin Virtual Photographer of OpticVerve Labs. Today I can't find the plugins on Internet and they are only 32 bit
  6. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1170

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  7. William Lewis

    Color Late Night at the Park

    Driving home last night and took a detour through Phoenix park at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. There are two foot bridges there, one newly built across the Eau Claire river and a converted rail road trestle across the Chippewa. Both are lit like Christmas trees ;) Note...
  8. Brian

    Manual Lens Highly Color Corrected Lenses: Apo-Chromatic, Ultra-Achromatic, and Beyond

    I have a couple of APO lenses (Corrected for 3 wavelength crossings) and one Ultra-Achromat, corrected for 4 wavelength crossings. The optical designers of these lenses put a great amount of work into the formulation of exotic glass, careful design, and precision construction. First up- The...
  9. M

    Micro 4/3 Color "Science"

    Interesting read ... personally used C1 for my Sony RAW and now OM-1 RAW processing.
  10. JensM

    Color Available Artificial Light

    I have been working on a little winter project over the last few years, called "Available Artificial Light" IOW night time shots, lighted by whatever is around of light sources, but none brought with. Got a little trip out this evening to drop off one of the cars at the garage for a large...
  11. R

    First shot of 2023

    This is a thread for your first shot of 2023. Here's mine.
  12. theoldsmithy

    Nik Color Efex Pro gallery

    Well, since Silver Efex has its own thread, I thought it only fair that Color Efex should have a bit of the limelight. I'll kick it off.
  13. William Lewis

    Monitors and color

    I posted a couple of frames from the first roll of color through my Rolleicord III yesterday. On one computer my favorite image from the roll: Looks underexposed. On my laptop, it looks perfect. On my phone it looks a bit overexposed. Not sure which is correct and there's not a whole lot that...
  14. CatsAreGods

    Color Show Fireworks!

    I couldn't find a current thread for this, so I figured this would be a good time (especially for those of us in the US). Last night, we visited our local open-air mall, hoping to catch their fireworks display. Unfortunately, there was a huge crowd (personal fireworks are banned in my county...
  15. William Lewis

    B&W? or Color?

    Had a shot today that I posted in B&W and I do think it's a very good composition. The question I'm having is between the B&W version vs the same image in color. Thoughts? At this time of year, there isn't all that much color out there; it can make what there is stand out. And yet, the...
  16. DeeJayK

    Color One colour: Orange

    - K
  17. fotoppi

    Show: "color diet" or "color is key"

    Moin and Hello, I don't want to interfere with existing threads, but I wonder if we could add one. How about pictures with intentionally reduced color, partially reduced colors, or partially intense colors? A bit like colorkey, but not as strict. And multi-color key allowed. Pointing out a...
  18. kyteflyer

    Color Painting with Light: Brilliant work

    This is the most amazing light work I have ever seen!
  19. agentlossing

    Film Petri Color 35

    A thread for photos from the rare little scale-focus Petri Color 35, which came out in the late '60s and is very similar in size and shape to the Rollei 35. A heavy and mostly squared chunk of metal, with focus scale not on the lens, but inside the viewfinder, and a 40mm f2.8 lens. The problem...
  20. jyc860923

    Color I promise this isn't ugly

    So it's been some time since I last printed on my cloggy Epson, you all know how this goes, but I was happily surprised when I saw the results, now if you'd excuse me I'm going to "power flush" it. As a start, have you seen ants as clear as this one? Think bokeh's overrated? Try more context...
  21. gryphon1911

    Documentary Mansfield Reformatory 2021 - Color Edition (image heavy)

    I shot this series yesterday and I debated weather to take the Fuji XT-3 and 16-80/4 WR OIS or the XPro-2 and the 16/27/35/50 primes. I ended up taking the first setup because after contemplation, I decided that given the light conditions and subject matter, I'd probably be shooting at f/4 or...
  22. drd1135

    Daily Challenge Nice article on the science of color vision.
  23. drd1135

    Color (Sort of) or B&W?

    I was conflicted about he processing of my post in Day-to-Day today, so I thought I would solicit opinions. While walking around this morning, I saw this sole red flower at the feet of the Statue of St. Francis, so I used the selective color filter to isolate it: I refer to this as St Francis...
  24. Bobby T

    Fall Color Long Exposure

  25. buttermaker

    Color Cars I can't afford

  26. mike3996

    Color Show: Urban Color

  27. P1010023rse.jpg


    Lady Pink Rose
  28. William Lewis

    Nikon Showcase Color or B&W? Learning Capture One

    So got done at work last evening and there was still a bit of light. Now I’ve spent a little time playing with the files in Capture One. Which of these variations do you prefer? Or perhaps the better question is why? The B&W seems boring somehow and I'm not sure how come. The color and light...
  29. Mike G

    Color Redder than you!

    Hey you two I’m much redder than you are! Today’s colourful car picture!
  30. R

    Birds Color or BW?

    NEX-5 with 70-300mm. What do you say, color or BW? bigger version bigger version