1. LesterW

    Hi all

    Hi all. Been kicking around on POTN for years and thought I would look into new homes.
  2. Robbo

    Feedback G & N

    Why no G&N or studio/porfolio area ?
  3. Kevin

    POTN is Closing - Welcome POTN'ers curious about Cameraderie

    Cameraderie Members: Some of our Cameraderie members are also members at POTN [], a photography community that has been around for over 20 years. Pekka, the owner / admin / coder, of POTN has announced that their intentions are to close the site within the next several...
  4. B

    Goodbye - for now

    Nothing dramatic, just lacking time at this point in my life :unsure: I just didn't want to stay away without a goodbye. I really enjoyed all the contributions, be it images, insights, or bits of information and the encouragements here. I hope to reconnect by the end of 2024 when I hit the...