1. gryphon1911

    Compact Let's discuss the Pentax MX-1 and the Ricoh GRD IV

    I currently have the Pentax MX-1 and absolutely love it. I find, even for its age, it provides a fun experience. The AF is quick enough, I love the quality you can pull from the RAW files and that you can process the RAW in camera to a jpg profile - reversal film and B&W being my favorites -...
  2. TNcasual

    Compact camera with B&W in mind

    If you were to look for a compact camera with the idea that you mainly want to shoot in B&W, what camera would you look into? That is basically where I am right now. I am on the very, very front end of searching for a new-to-me camera. I want something that would be easy to have as an everyday...
  3. TraamisVOS

    Best selling compact cameras at Yodobashi, December 2023.

    These are the Top 10 best selling compact cameras at the well known Yodobashi camera store in Tokyo, December 2023. I own the Panasonic LX10. I've...
  4. gryphon1911

    Compact The Konica Minolta DiMage A2 Has Entered The Building

    So, got my Konica Minolta DiMage A2 today. My first thoughts and this is with just running through the menus, setting it up and taking a few shots around the house. Love that it uses the same batteries as the Maxxum/Dynax 7D smaller than it gives you the impression online, but big enough to...
  5. melanie.ylang

    Compact My Exilim Adventure: trying out a 10-year-old premium compact

    (Seeing that I wrote a similar title this time last year, about a 10 year old bridge camera which I quickly abandoned using, I'm not sure how big this adventure will be. Only time will tell!) At heart, I am a compact camera shooter: I like absolute comfort, convenience, and portability. When I...
  6. john m flores

    Compact Compact 1" 5-10x zooms

    Anyone have experience with the 1" compacts with ~5-10x zoom? Cameras like the Lumix ZS/TZ 100 and 200, Sony RX100 VII, Canon G7X III, Canon G5X, any others? Looking for a small camera with a good zoom for bicycle trips. Good daylight performance at 5x+ desired. Thanks!
  7. melanie.ylang

    Compact camera suggestions for macro and general

    Thinking about adding a small compact for daily carry that can take a nice macro wildflower photo. My current EDC is a Fujifilm X30 (2/3" sensor), but my preferred wildflower kit is a Panasonic micro four thirds with macro lens. The Fuji is borderline okay for small wildflowers, but I'd really...
  8. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Flash Tall flash Vs compact flash for macro

    Heuou. I got my diffuser and I got (the wrong) Raynox DCR-150 to get better closeups from my Tamy zooms (for now) buy I need a flash. I was initially thinking of Meike MK320 for a light and portable setup with the Laowa 85mm f 5.6 APO Macro and Tamron 24/35mm f 2.8 Di III OSD Mqcro. It's cheap...
  9. Herman

    Compact 1" cameras

    Hi, how do you rate 1 inch cameras? I'm looking for a small camera, such camera may do the job. For example the Sony RX100, Panasonic TZ100 & TZ200. Looking forward to your replies, thanks in advance. Best regards, Herman
  10. Jock Elliott

    Advice Wanted Suggestions for compact everyday carry camera?

    To replace my G12. Priority will be given to candidates who have some level of weather protection (more is better). Some sort of view finder is a necessity. Cheers, Jock
  11. Jonathan F/2

    Advice Wanted Looking for the most compact IBIS equipped ILC camera?

    If anyone has checked out the "bicycle" thread, cycling has pretty much been my main focus within the past year! Normally I bring my Nikon 1 J5 + 10mm f/2.8 camera setup with me in a small fanny pack and it's perfect for daytime conditions where the BSI 20.8mp sensor really shines with it's...
  12. TraamisVOS

    Film Compact camera from the film days.

    This is not my area of expertise but was there ever a compact film camera with a lens that has an f/stop larger than f/2.8? They mostly seem to be f/5.6 or even smaller. I know the Ricoh GR compacts were f/2.8 and they were a premium compact back then. Is that as large as it gets?
  13. mike3996

    Leica A small & compact 20-60 mm lens from Panasonic

    Lightweight and compact lens, only where are the lightweight and compact bodies? Sigma fp is the only one! :confused-95: The focal range is great and 6-inch minimum focus distance sure sounds fun. If they designed it "right" this lens could be the "12-32 mm" of full frame L mount lenses. I...
  14. mike3996

    Two APS-C makers that get it?

    (Clickable image) An assortment of modern cameras and lenses with 11-35 mm-eqv zoom lenses or thereabouts. Interestingly, Canon M and Leica TL are the ones that get what you can achieve with the smaller image circle of the smaller crop factor. Truly impressive.
  15. MoonMind

    Another holiday thread: The south-eastern corner of Switzerland (Val Müstair) 2019

    This is not going to be as long and intense as last years thread, but some might find it interesting - because this time, I did the opposite: Instead of packing my most highly rated gear, I went with two compacts, the Panasonic FZ1000 and, again, the Canon G1X III, plus my father's Olympus XA...
  16. Kevin

    Nikon What are your thoughts on what to do with a NIB Nikon Coolpix L320?

    Due to circumstances I'll describe another day I've recently become the owner of a NIB Nikon Coolpix L320 compact. What are the general thoughts on it? I haven't had any Nikon products to play with in our household before...
  17. melanie.ylang

    Samsung A camera to compare with (and better) Samsung S8 phone

    Hello all, With friends around me snapping away with their S8 (and even as far back as S4) phone cameras, I am often left with that Gah! taste in my mouth when I see how well their shots turn out. I don't really want a fabulous smartphone camera, as it would be too easy to stop carrying my...
  18. serious modular compact camera

    serious modular compact camera

    serious modular compact camera