1. Kevin

    Advice Wanted MacBook for web testing recommendations?

    I'm back to considering picking up a cheap MacBook for testing. Costco has the 13.3" MacBook Air (M1 / 8GB / 256GB) on sale for $749. I believe it's the 2020 model. Thoughts on it versus going bigger with the 15" versions? Are the keyboards on both the 13" & 15" physically the same size or...
  2. S

    Windows Anyone using a Microsoft Surface Go device?

    I just bought a refurbished Go device (first generation). And I'm trying to decide what photo management software to load on it. I don't intend to do any editing with it, (maybe minor touch-up for Granny and Uncle Joe) I want it primarily for photo management and upload to OneDrive when I...
  3. doobs

    Office Applications

    Hai der, I stumbled across OnlyOffice recently looking for something else. My newest version of MS Office is 2010 and last time I needed to install it (I've got a three seat pack), the gyrations that Satya and friends had me go through to activate were interesting at best. All the online...
  4. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Spreadsheet for AMD and Intel CPUs (with price and specs)

    Hello, as I am doing research and saving up money to buy a PC I have made a small-ish spreadsheet with the main specs and prices (as of 01. June.2022, sorry I will not update the prices so it won't be valid by next month). I thought someone might find it useful if they are in similar shoes as...
  5. wt21

    Apple Mac Mini - which arrangement to use? Processor or storage?

    I have a limited budget and am just a hobbyist, so need to keep costs pretty well contained. I have an M1 MBA, but want to move to a Mini. I've got about $1K to spend. I can get a refurb M1 mini with 1TB SDD and 16GB RAM or I can get a new M2 mini with 500GB SDD and 16GB RAM My MBA 500GB...
  6. S

    Having trouble when you print? Could be your HDMI cable!

    I watched this last week, ordered a VGA cable, and the difference is profound. After recalibration, my prints are now very much closer to what I see on the screen. They were always much darker than the screen
  7. A

    Apple New iPad

    I recently got a new iPad 9 gen as an upgrade from 5 gen. 2 main reasons: almost maxed out memory and old battery; try using pencil for PP. I’d like to add a blue tooth key board and case, and choose a suitable pencil. I love using my current bluetooth kb, it makes my tablet into a micro...
  8. Walter Palmer

    Chrome OS editing software for Chrome OS?

    What real editing software is available for the Chrome OS? I use Photoshop on my desktop and laptop, but I haven't yet found a version for Chrome that is "real". There is a Photoshop Express, but it appears to only do generic edits - like you would expect from a phone image editor. Is there...
  9. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    I want to build a new PC (first one in 8 years)

    Hello, the last PC I build myself was 8 years ago before I move to UK (with the said PC), it was ok-ish at the time but an Intel Core i7 3770K did not age very well and 4 years ago I got a laptop instead (because I move so much) which was faster (i7 9750H). But now my laptop is showing it's age...
  10. john m flores

    I bought a Framework Laptop. AMA

    Recently replaced my Dell XPS13 with a Right to Repair Framework laptop. 13" 3:2 screen, Intel i7- 1280P, 64 GB RAM, 4TB SSD. It was $1700 less than an equivalent Macbook Pro 14 and in 2-3 years I can upgrade the motherboard/CPU, RAM, SSD, battery, screen, etc. Been using it for about a...
  11. john m flores

    Anybody using a portable monitor?

    Shopping for a portable monitor to pair with my Framework laptop when on the road. Anyone using a portable monitor? Do you like it? What are the plusses and minuses. Feedback appreciated...john
  12. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Apple A kind request to Apple M1 8GB device users

    Hello. I would kindly request anyone who has an Apple product with M1 8GB RAM (iMac 2021, Mac Mini, MacBook Air 2020) and access to Adobe Lightroom to test RAM usage for editing 42 MP files. I can provide the RAW files if needed, I just need to know if the device can handle extensive editing...
  13. Zeus1

    Advice Wanted Looking for a new Apple computer

    First off, I use Apple computers, so any suggestions for a Windows box is unnecessary. At the moment I use a late 2014 iMac 27 inch with 32 gb RAM, mainly for photo processing (Photoshop, DXO Photolab, NeoFinder, ...). This machine is showing its age mainly due to evolving software that needs...
  14. John King

    GAS A new PC

    My PC is now over a decade old. Nothing is compatible with it these days. Even the RAM chips are worth a fortune, as nothing compatible is made now. Same goes for a more modern graphics card. My existing big internal HDDs will all go into the new box, which has 6x SATA3 headers, as well as...
  15. R

    Portable SSD drives

    I recently read an article that these are superior to portable hard drives. I currently back up to exterior hard disc drives ... Just wanting opinions please. Thanks
  16. Biro

    Apple Some Macs Getting Fewer Updates Than They Used To

    A piece worthy of your attention if you're a Mac user.
  17. Nighthawk

    Apple Transition to MacOS

    Choosing a new camera and the associated sensor type now raises the question for me how quickly newcomers can get to grips with the operating system if they have never had anything to do with Apple products?
  18. bdbits

    Windows Image sizes, scaling, and Windows 11

    In recent years, the pictures people post to web communities have been getting bigger. Which in my opinion is generally a good thing, as I prefer to see larger images in general. But... most of the web hosting software being used for these sites does not make any attempt to adjust size to the...
  19. BosseBe

    Essential programs for your PC - My take

    Every PC I use get these programs installed for my ease of usage: Notepad++ Universal editor, handles all file formats and gives you file format formatting. (XML files get their format, Python files get their format...) (One thing I really like is that I can create a new file and write stuff in...
  20. Biro

    Treated Myself to a New Laptop

    I have been thinking about picking up a base 14-inch MacBook Pro for several months. But then Costco had a sale on what I call the "base upgrade" model on Apple's website. That is to say, the version with the 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU (two steps up from the stock base model), 16GB of RAM and...
  21. mnhoj

    Internet access to back house

    I have an in-laws quarters(free standing house separated by a 10 foot wide walkway) that I'd like to add internet to. 1. CAT6 from where the modem is now(front house). Approx. 150 feet. 2. Wireless repeaters. Nanobeams. Etc. ? 3. Get the provider to add another separate modem. Thanks!
  22. Kevin

    Thoughts on USB-C ports only laptops?

    Figured I'd start a new thread instead of polluting the 'replace a desktop with a laptop' thread any further. :) So how does everybody feel about newer laptops that only have USB-C ports? My newest toy is a Dell XPS 9510 and my first reaction was that I liked being able to use USB-C for...
  23. Herman

    Hardware Devices

    Which hardware devices do you recommend for "creators"? Preferred manufacturers? Mobile equipment? I'm waiting for hybrid mobile processors from Intel (12th generation). It seems that AMD laptops get "hot" at heavy loads such as video editing.
  24. Kevin

    Windows Windows 11

    Well, now... I'm pretty sure Microsoft is just trying to rub it in at this point. 😒 Besides the fact that this is with a Dell XPS that still has years of life left in it (the i7-6700HQ more than meets the Win11 specs) , I already have the PC Heath Check app installed. You'd think that if...
  25. JensM

    Tabs, pads and/or alternative means of datapower in the field. (Crosspost from Mu43)

    Trying my luck with this one here as well as on the Mu43 forum, where the tread has gone unanswered. I am not very tech savy and I really dont know which questions to ask, but I do have a general idea about what I would like such a set-up to do. "Pondering stuff as I am somewhat inclined to...
  26. Carbonman

    PC Monitor Blackout

    My 6 year old Samsung S32D 850T desktop monitor has excellent color rendition, even illumination and works perfectly most of the time. This issue that happens usually once a day, occasionally a couple of times in a day. The monitor goes black for about 2 seconds, then comes back just as...
  27. Kevin

    Advice Wanted NAS recommendation in 2021 that can backup *from* S3?

    It's time to upgrade my Synology DS411slim to something a bit more... beefier. My main issue with it is that I'm trying to setup a sync job from an Amazon S3 bucket to the local SAN and the DS411 can't seem to do it. The Synology Cloud Sync app has a file limit which doesn't even come close to...
  28. davidzvi

    Replace my Desktop with a Laptop?

    Anyone go from a big, reasonably powerful desktop to just a reasonably powerful laptop? (With a docking station for times when I want my current dual screens).
  29. Ranger Rick

    Capture One will not update C1 20 for Mac M1 computers

    After corresponding with C1 about if/when they will provide an update for C1 20 to allow use on my new MacBook Pro, I received a reply that they will not be doing that and that I should update to C1 21 if I want to continue using C1. It does not work on the M1 computers, freezing at the closing...
  30. gryphon1911

    I wish I had not waited so long - upgrading to SSD was ridiculously easier than I thought!

    My photo computer is pretty well speced. 32GB RAM i7 -8700 @ 3.2Ghz NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 1TB HDD - 7200 RPM (Main drive) 2TB HDD - 7200 RPM (Image Archive drive) Internal SD Card Reader Running Windows 10 An older system, but still plenty capable. The one lagging item in the package is...
  31. Jonathan F/2

    Curved monitor for photo editing?

    Does anyone use a curve monitor for photo editing? I'm thinking of replacing my dual 27" monitor setup with a single 4K 32" curved monitor. Does anyone have issues with photo editing on a curved monitor? With a looming stay-at-home order in our city, everyone in my family will be going to school...
  32. Brian

    Macrium Reflect, stand-alone Backup, and when Windows Repair Fails- "Unscheduled System Restore" I started using Macrium Reflect several years ago after making 512GByte FAT-32 disks that could dual-boot DOS and Windows XP for working on embedded systems. Figured out how to Defy Microsoft's artificial limits on FAT-32 drives, but it was not easy and took...
  33. tonyturley

    Linux Data recovery

    I have a 1TB drive that I accidentally started to format during a Linux upgrade, then realized I had selected the wrong drive from the pick list. I immediately stopped the process, but the partition table was already gone. I can use freeware data recovery software to scan the drive, and I can...
  34. mike3996

    Nice map apps for Android/desktop?

    Wonder if you use or know any simple apps that could do the following: ("Hey I should visit that place that is an hour from my place!") ("Hmm didn't know there's this monument five minutes from my work place. Probably looks nice once the flowers are in bloom.") ("Gotta revisit this place in...
  35. mike3996

    4K TV as the computer monitor

    So here I am, decided to solve my screen estate problems with a 4K television from LG. Because this thing is 49" UHD with an IPS panel for 350 € there's surely something wrong with this. Well let's find out! The store I bought this from has a most generous return policy so I have about a month...
  36. mike3996

    Lost some of my sidecar files. Remember to backup!

    Probably due to a software bug, a random sample of my sidecar files got corrupted. Luckily not the most biggest of problems out there, but sometimes some files really needed sweat and tears to get where they need to be. My sidecar files get backed up with the raw files but this is where I made...
  37. MoonMind

    Chrome OS Chromebook woes ...

    I only post this thread to let you all know about something rather annoying and potentially catastrophic: My Acer Chromebook CB3-431, a 14" model with a really nice case and screen, started acting up a while ago. Twice before, it had ended up with a damaged OS already, and recovery took...
  38. Kevin

    MacOS: Is Safari tied to the operating system or is it independently installed & upgradeble?

    On the MacOS, is Safari part of the OS and is upgraded when the OS is updated or is it treated as any other application that can be independently installed and upgraded as needed? The end goal of my pondering is to find a balance between an old MacBook Pro where it might not necessarily be...
  39. Biro

    Configuring 2019 iMac for Photo and Video Editing

    My 2011 21.5-inch iMac with i7 chip, 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD is beginning to slow down but still works. However, it can no longer be updated to the latest Mac OS. Given its age, it's probably time to replace it. But my budget is not unlimited and cannot handle a completely maxed out 2019...
  40. merlin

    Linux SD Card Failure

    For the first time since entering the digital format in April 2009, an SD card has failed. It is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC UHS-II. When I inserted it in the card reader, none of the files were useable. The error messages indicate that the file info had been truncated. I re-formatted...