1. P

    Nightclubbing Hi Contrast B/W Street Style

    I get the right royal hump at photo club competitions where the winning entry is almost always a portrait of a woman, pouty trout lips, push up boobs, suggestive pose and a created background thingy (can't remember what it is called). This is the reason I started going to "weird night clubs"...
  2. donlaw

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 17: Contrast

    To keep this series going we are moving ahead with a new challenge. Since the winner from the last challenge has not started a new one, @Luke suggested that I move us on with a new topic. For challenge 17 the topic is Contrast. It could be technical contrast or perhaps some subject matter that...
  3. Toraneko

    Micro 4/3 LX-100 Video - How to Change Settings?

    Hi, I am still getting the hang of this wonderful camera, and I hope that some people can help me. Late in 2018 I'd like to take a trip, and part of that I'd like to shoot some night video with the LX-100. Some instructional videos suggest the best settings would be to turn the contrast and...
  4. Show me the way

    Show me the way