1. phigmov

    Nikon Nikon Coolpix A Image Appreciation Thread

    Stuck it in my jacket pocket this morning to catch some shots going to work in the morning and back home again. DSC_3674 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3678 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3684 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3687 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr DSC_3692 by Walter Kernow, on...
  2. agentlossing

    Nikon Coolpix A APS-C

    This might not be that hot of a deal, but I've noticed the Coolpix A, a competitor to the original APS-C Ricoh GR, is available new from several sellers on eBay for a lot less than the GR/GR II is going for, even used. Granted the Coolpix A doesn't have Ricoh's awesome snap focus or its JPEG...
  3. kyteflyer

    Nikon Nikon Coolpix P950

    A P900 upgrade. Apparently shoots RAW too. I suspect that, finances allowing, I will be all over it.
  4. Kevin

    Nikon What are your thoughts on what to do with a NIB Nikon Coolpix L320?

    Due to circumstances I'll describe another day I've recently become the owner of a NIB Nikon Coolpix L320 compact. What are the general thoughts on it? I haven't had any Nikon products to play with in our household before...
  5. Up the garden path

    Up the garden path

    Nikon e8700
  6. Orchid & bud.

    Orchid & bud.

    Natural light, south facing window.
  7. Rose


    Sometimes it comes out just right.