1. drd1135

    Fuji to Produce Covid19 Vaccine in US

    A blurb from Chemical &Engineering News: "The US government will pay $265 million under its Operation Warp Speed program to reserve capacity for manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies’ facility in College Station, Texas. The government has a similar agreement with...
  2. albertk

    Camaraderie's 31th Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: Stay at Home

    This Camaraderie's 31th challenge's theme is Stay at Home. Now in the Corona times most of us are subject to rulings of confinement. We have to stay at home, work from home, educate children and have them do homework, run errants, aid the needed, even follow mass or other services from home...
  3. M. Valdemar

    CAMERA/LENS PRICES and the Global Pandemic - What do you think?

    I personally have a lot of anxiety about the COVID-19 virus. It's an existential worry. Most people are concerned about survival and not camera collecting. I used to be a pretty avid eBay buyer and seller, but due to eBay's insane anti-seller policies, and now my worries about just surviving...
  4. Kevin

    Announcement Business Owners, you are free to post your classifieds of any type during the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

    Right now a lot of business owners, in particular small business owners and those self-employed, are hurting due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. At the moment all indications are that large swaths of the world will be in some type of 'lock down' mode till at least the end of the Summer...
  5. Walter Palmer

    Documentary Coronavirus: Emptiness

    How about a thread showing the emptiness created by the Coronavirus? With Governments and Health Ministries calling for lockdowns and greatly reduced gatherings of people, we have a unique opportunity to show our cities and their places without the normal bustle of human activity. South Cascade...
  6. Kevin

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧 (... and 2021, 2022)

    All I wanted was some bananas 🍌 tonight, I eat one almost daily, but, nooooooooo...... the hoarders got there first! Literally not a single banana left at the local stores. And now that the state of my county in PA is being shut down more-or-less for two weeks it created a frenzy today that...