1. rpracing

    Cpl LeBeau, RIP @ 96

    Robert Clary, Cpl LeBeau on the TV show Hogans Heros died today @96:cry:
  2. thatnormguy

    Micro 4/3 CPL for 12-32

    Hi Folks - Does anyone use a CPL on their 12-32? If so, do you use step up rings + filter or just filter straightaway on the end of the lens? Thanks in advance!
  3. lucien

    Infrared Gear CPL headache

    Hi, it's my first time out with a cpl. And nothing turned out right. Am I supposed to focus first then turn the ring for the desired effect or turn the ring then focus? It's not the lens, It's me or the cpl. Are cpl's created equally? I have some samples straight out of the camera, only...
  4. L

    A mountain and it's valley in the morning fog

    2 shots from this morning. Sony RX10 mkii and a CPL filter in Kent, WA. 1) 2)