1. Toddster

    Hot Deals! Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1TB (1-Year Subscription) $89

    Newegg has 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan w/ 1TB Cloud Storage (Digital) on sale for $119.99 - $30 with promo code BFCY2Z793 = $89.99. Amazon has it for $119. Be warned...
  2. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Adorama Fomapan 200 Creative 100' Roll, $57

    A good price for this interesting film! That's almost pre-supply-constraint pricing.
  3. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony I think I need to try an experiment

    I'm fortunate in that I have more cameras than I rightfully should have or need.(Yes, there's that word 'need' again, @Brownie) I usually have at least two sitting out on my desk/cabinet ready to take pictures at the whim. I usually grab one based on the lens attached. To get my 'creative'...
  4. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1164

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  5. H

    Should I suck it up a pay for Lightroom Creative Cloud?

    I've been using stand alone classic LR 6 on a very old macbook air for quite some time. Using older cameras that were supported in the older LR6, I've managed to get by even though its a little slow rendering 1:1 full size previews. Space was limited on the older macbook air, so I'd often have...
  6. Aushiker

    News PSA: Adobe exposed nearly 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts to the public

    Just a heads-up. No passwords or credit card details exposed thankfully. Source: Mashable Australia
  7. Mike G

    Creative Cloud app update.

    For the users of Adobe products via the Creative Cloud, there is an update around. I had lost the Mac taskbar icon for CC so contacted Adobe help via an electronic link to get the Icon reinstalled, Mr Singh facilitated a reload of the CC app and believe me it is a radically different look so if...
  8. kyteflyer

    Apple MacOS: Macphun Creative Kit

    Doesn't seem to be possible to buy from the website anymore but some components are still available on the App Store under Macphun. I was using Intensify, Noiseless and Tonality before Luminar was created and I have gone back to them. Intensify, Noiseless and Snapheal are still available...
  9. P

    PMQ - an icon of Hong Kong creative industries

    PMQ - an icon of Hong Kong creative industries
  10. Kevin

    What's your creative type? Adobe launches quiz to analyze you.

    Adobe launched a new web site that through a series of questions will try to analyze what is your creative type. There's about 15 questions, some require deeper thought than others, but the analysis at the end is pretty interesting and can be reflective of your photography philosophy...