1. TraamisVOS

    Critique Wanted Which lens?

    Humour me - what do you think are the specs of the lens I used to take this photo:
  2. mike3996

    Critique Wanted This or that?

    As often happens, I took two substandard compositions. Some crop usually helps but now I have trouble choosing which one has better potential.
  3. D

    Critique Wanted Agua

    A little background: The blue barrels labeled "Agua" are placed along roadways in south Texas to aid the migrants crossing the border. Each year many die from dehydration after becoming lost and often their bodies are not found for years. Groups place the barrels filled with gallon jugs of water...
  4. William Lewis

    Critique Wanted Local Late Winter

    Still getting used to the new to me Nikon D3200. I was originally looking for images to convert to black and white but today was so beautiful and sunny that the colors just are too good to give away. Thoughts on them are appreciated.
  5. Walter Palmer

    Critique Wanted Help with cropping

    Which crop should I start from? 1. Or 2:
  6. mike3996

    Critique Wanted My filmroll (am I doing it correctly?)

    I find I take maybe twice the amount of shots with my UWA 21mm than with longer lenses. Here's my haul for today. 122 pics and some trials with using 21mm in blind zone focusing. Then I switched back to wider apertures and more careful aiming. Does this sort of a behavior look good to you...
  7. mike3996

    Critique Wanted Your image for Critique!

    A casual thread for whatever pictures you post, we give critique. I think this whole subforum is a little underused and let's hope this doesn't turn into mess? Took this today. Kind of like it but can't quite explain why, other than the zigzaggy lines all throughout the image. So I ask you...