1. MSPhotography

    Micro 4/3 XPAN Style Wih My OM-1 and 65x24 crop

    I transformed my OM SYSEM OM-1 Mk1 into a cinematic XPAN panoramic camera. this in my home test shoot to see how my pretty camera can handel the 65x24 crop factor to compite with the legendary XPAN. the final photo has size of 10 Mpx and i love the result, DO you? I put the grid to 24 and shot...
  2. Brownie

    What do you mean when you say X% crop?

    There are so many descriptions out there from the technical to the simple and not many seem to agree. There's even an old thread in this forum that didn't really come to any resolution, other than accepting different explanations. Me? I'm simple. I think If I remove 25% of MP, that's a 25%...
  3. Alf

    Fuji Cropping on my way out

    So we are out there for a walk, it's good for your health ugly weather or not, and it's also true. Then she says Look over there! And all I got was my 16mm to play with. actually, it was this one processed and cropped with Lr on my phone, then enhanced on Lr CC and resaved on the Mac to...
  4. mike3996

    Pictures within pictures: show (extreme) crops!

    One nice day of early summer in 2018, I took my PEN-F and the Laowa 7.5mm to Kuopio, Finland. The ultra-wide manual focus lens posed questions as to what to shoot with it exactly. The Laowa was new to me, I had acquired it recently. The vast angle of view not yet mastered. I knew it can be...
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year