1. JensM

    Nikon Enlighten me in regards of the Nikon DX system, from D300 and up. :-)

    After having picked up a couple of Nikon 1s, a V1 and a J4, I am quite a bit fascinated by the output of those tiny rascals, but I dont find the files very mallable, quite the opposite, they break easily but even broken gives some pleasure in the results, so there is that. I have also heard...
  2. The Quiet Photographer

    Nikon Experimenting with film sims on D300

    I‘ve been looking at the film sims I stored on my D300 a while back and been playing around with the settings in Kodak Portra 160 NC. I’m getting to like it’s cooler look and will consider using it more often on those subjects I think will benefit. It doesn’t suit all subjects so I’ll need to...
  3. The Quiet Photographer

    Nikon His and Hers French Press (D300 @ iso6400)

    This is the first image I’ve ever shot at iso 6400 using my D300, preferring to use it as close to base iso if possible. Though newer sensors produce next to no noise/grain I am impressed with this result and think that with careful choice of subject the results are acceptable. This is...
  4. Provincetown,MA


    A local street in Ptown
  5. Provincetown, Ma

    Provincetown, Ma

    Race point....