1. P

    Documentary Night Clubbing - Dark Scene London!

    +++++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL Towards the end of last year I became aware of a London night club which styled itself “The worlds longest running dark scene night...
  2. drd1135

    Ilford Pop Up Darkroom

    I'm waiting for the inflatable Darkroom/Bounce House combo. https://www.dpreview.com/news/1766516128/ilford-announces-pop-up-darkroom-darkroom-starter-kit-and-film-gift-calendar It's actually pretty neat.
  3. gryphon1911

    Sports In The Dark Pit - Amateur MMA (Image Heavy)

    Covered some amateur mixed martial arts event at the Arnold Sports Festival 2020. This was probably some of the worst lighting I've ever shot in. Just a few can lights strung across the top of the ceiling and the house lights basically non-existent. I tried shooting at ISO3200, but I could not...
  4. drd1135

    Dirty bottles, Dark Laboratory, and the Sigma 45.

    Still testing the Sigma 45 2.8. I realize I do seem to have this obsession with testing lenses on groups of bottles in dark laboratories. So, far, I'm really liking the way this lens sees the world.
  5. Mike G

    Nikon Street in the dark

    Just a quick test at night because the street looks better at night! Nikon Z6 + 24-70mm @ 1/5 f4 ISO12800
  6. Kevin

    Announcement New Style / Theme -- "Really Dark"

    I know some of you guys like the darker styles/themes and have felt that the existing "Dark" style still wasn't dark enough. So with that in mind a new style has been added named "Really Dark". :D Click on the link below or click on the usual link in the bottom-left corner of your screen...
  7. SiJ 2015 Day 21

    SiJ 2015 Day 21

    Exeter Music, Exeter, New Hampshire
  8. SiJ 2015 Day 20

    SiJ 2015 Day 20

    Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts
  9. SiJ 2015 Day 19

    SiJ 2015 Day 19

    Puddlejumpers, Exeter, New Hampshire
  10. SiJ 2015 Day 12

    SiJ 2015 Day 12

    Best Buy, Newington, New Hampshire
  11. SiJ 2015 Day 6

    SiJ 2015 Day 6

    Going shopping, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  12. SIJ - Day 19

    SIJ - Day 19

    After the disappointment of the day before I am trying to find out how I can bend my feelings into something creative. This is me....
  13. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    A seen I have been seeing the entire week, but tonight the light was like I wanted to see it.
  14. SIJ - Day 9

    SIJ - Day 9

    Men at Work