1. TraamisVOS

    Met a photographer the other day.

    I met a retired photojournalist / press photographer, he regaled me for 2.5hrs with fantastic stories of his time as a working photographer during film photography's heyday. He also told me he doesn't understand Lightroom. He joined a local photography club and attended some of their...
  2. Brownie

    It's hump day!

    We're there! My favorite day of the year! We made it to the day with the least daylight, unscathed, and unharmed! It's only up from here...on toward spring! On toward summer! Muahahahaha! Sorry you folks in the SH, your days are numbered. Better make the best of them while you can!
  3. Jock Elliott

    Autumn, yo! (including one for Veteran's Day)

    Cheers, Jock
  4. Cameraderie Bot

    TIH World Photography Day 📷

    August 19th is celebrated as World Photography Day! 📷 The day aims to inspire photographers across the globe to share photos of their world with the whole world. 😎 The date of August 19th is in honor of the day the Daguerreotype process, developed by Louis...
  5. TraamisVOS

    What went .. normal like every other day.

    I woke up, boiled some water and made a pot of tea, like I do on most other days. I didn't spill it or knock the cup over. I also thought about not putting pants on for a change, but felt it would be unusually adventurous of me. So I put some pants on. It would have felt too breezy down...
  6. gryphon1911

    If you were to shoot film on Mother’s Day, which stock?

    we are planning on having “social distancing correct” Mother’s Day gathering today. There will be 8 of us total, meeting at my sister in laws garage. 6 foot and masks will be adhered to. Beyond that, let’s get to the photography question!! If you were shooting film, which stock would you use...
  7. Ranger Rick

    VE Day 75th Anniversary Historic Aircraft Flyover in Arizona

    Today marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, and the Arizona Commemorative Air Force, based at historic Falcon Field, staged a flyover consisting of a B-17 "Flying Fortress", a B-25 Mitchell and a C-47 Skytrain. The flight took off from Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ, where the aircraft museum is...
  8. Bobby Tingle

    Star Wars Day

  9. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 30

    I know it's early, but since it's the last day, no harm in setting things up properly ... All in all, I think we've already made this one a win, so I'll give you a very recognisable symbol of that: btw. In true nerd fashion, I didn't arrange the dice *until* I head thrown the five sixes - it...
  10. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 29

    Second to last, and thus, a real one-off: 3^3-3^0=2^2+3^2+4^2 - a prime, even a twin prime, though this month without its twin ... singular, so to speak. Sorry, maths trivia and word play again, I'll save the last treat for tomorrow ;) M. P.S. The "nickel" thing was in fact "28" - the number...
  11. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 28

    Four weeks in - and frankly, not much else to say. Anyhow, I think someone will eventually spot the reference to "28" in this song: Must sleep ... M. EDIT: Had to replace the video - as much as I like "The Blues Brothers", the verse I was referring to is missing from the film.
  12. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 27

    3 cubed, and 3 more days to go. Time for a couple of nines (three, to be exact) ... See if you can spot all of them ... :) On a side note: The new 12-45mm is quite a good close-up lens; and taking a shot at 1/8s at f/8 was no problem with the E-M5 III. M.
  13. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 26

    When researching the date (I've not had any creative ideas beyond 2x13 - a new low), I came across the fact that it's the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Well, what to make of that? All things considered, humanity got away with some pretty major slipups - apparently, we're...
  14. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 25

    Somewhat random, but I really quite like the song (and the guy's music in general); surprisingly authentic and well done. M.
  15. merlin

    Earth Day Lichens

    XT-2, 16-80mm
  16. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 24

    24 04 20 20 04 24 Well, well, well. Quite the date for an .8 point of any challenge, don't you think 8-) M.
  17. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 23

    Long story short: M.
  18. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 22

    Fun trivia: In German, we call any number consisting of the same digits a "Schnapszahl" - a "liquor number", meaning that on encountering one, you have to raise your glass and drink to everyone's health.* What better time to do that! And since we missed 11, better make that two rounds ... M...
  19. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 20

    I give you - 20 ... Enjoy :cool: M.
  20. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 19

    (Apologies, this time I'm *really* late ...) As promised, I reuse Ad's wonderful image from day 17; especially since I found out that my own, incredably crappy 135mm f/3.5 Xenar (a bellows lens for my Pentacon Six TL that someone loved so much they "cleaned" off good part of the coating; it's...
  21. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 18

    60% done - and for most of us on this side of the pond, coming of age when taken in years ;) M.
  22. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 17

    Enjoy :) M.
  23. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 16

    Silly number story: The 16th day is the two-gather day: The highest power of two in any given month ... And: Pun obviously intended. Let's tackle this. (Sorry, made that one up, but liked it too much to let it pass :-p) M.
  24. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 15

    This is the half-way point - it's been a very rewarding journey so far, let's keep up that spirit! M.
  25. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 14

    We've reached two full weeks - only one day left to our half-way point :) M.
  26. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 13

    Don't give bad luck a chance ;) M.
  27. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 12

    Happy Easter, everyone! M.
  28. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 11

    Once is eleven ... M. (Pun intended - sorry for the silliness ...)
  29. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 10

    Here comes the first milestone - a third of the way; we're cruising, let's enjoy this :) M.
  30. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 8

    Tomorrow is today (The Gorillaz) M.
  31. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 7

    Must-not-get-distracted-and-fumble-it-again ... (hissed through gritted teeth) Just joking - looking forward to your images while Easter draws nearer :) M.
  32. kyteflyer

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 6

    With apologies to Matt for starting the thread.... I did my shot hours ago and have been waiting for a thread starter...
  33. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 5

    First Sunday coming up - I hope you all find some way to relax. And if the season offers you opportunities, don't miss them. M.
  34. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 4

    Okay, this is the latest I'll do this (and I'll think of a new type of commentary, too ...) ;) M.
  35. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 3

    After yesterday's early posting, I feel like being late on this one ;) M.
  36. MoonMind

    The April 2020 Challenge - day 2

    For our friends downunder: The thread is ready for your just-past-midnight shots ;) M.
  37. Mike G

    10,000 Steps a day.

    This lady was attempting to take 10,000 paces, this bit was 20 laps of the deck! Measured with a Fitbit watch. Lumix G9 + PLeica 12-60mm @ 1/3200 f4 ISO200
  38. grebeman

    2019 Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day

    This is the 12th year of the rally that replicates the old bus routes that used to serve many of the outlying villages in the South Hams centred on Kingsbridge. This is a small selection of the many photographs taken on the day. This AEC Regent was new to Devon General in 1957. I only...
  39. drd1135

    Cute in the Cold Light of Day

    Strongly backlit so I played around a bit. The "Fragile" warning made it perfect.
  40. kyteflyer

    Sports Surfers on a cold August Day

    Quite a few surfers at Newcastle Beach today. It was bitterly cold, but they didnt seem to care. I guess the water was warm :)
  41. phigmov

    Film Polaroid a day for 18yrs

    Thought this was impressive - Jamie Livingstone took 6,697 polaroid photos between 1979-1997 - Links to a site of all scanned photos, more info on his pics & an exhibition put on by his friends in the article.
  42. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 31

    Hi folks, here we have the final one for SiJy 2019, it's been an amazing experience for me. Let's see your photos. Here's mine, I realised after I came home to process the photo when I took a look at the details, that this street rehearsal was probably for their Army Day (1st Aug.) performance...
  43. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 30

    Hi folks, tomorrow we will have the final SiJy 2019 thread, hope you're saving the best for the last. Here's my picked one today.
  44. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 29

    Hi folks, Day 29. Many of us now, me included, are living in such a weather that's not helpful for anything, I thought I'd not be able to shoot anything outdoor today but decided I could at least do "minimal shooting, maximum post processing". So here it is, clearly overdone.
  45. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 28

    Hi folks, Day 28, only three more days to go, let's see your photos. My friend's 2 years old son loves to pose while eating blueberry, he checks his photos after I took them.
  46. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 27

    Hi folks, Day 27, I'm proud to share my work today, messy and lazy, taking a photo of the photos I took along with the tools used to create them, what a nice loop, didn't even bother cleaning the desk. Anyway, it's got context, here it is, didn't even edit the raw.
  47. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 26

    Hi folks, Day 26 thread here, let's see your photos. Very hazy today and I took three shots to make a panorama, faked the sun and reflections, hope tomorrow can get a better weather.
  48. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 25

    Hi folks, post your photos to the 25th. This is mine, I spent too much time on this one and wasn't really sure how to get it right, so here it is.
  49. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 24

    Hi folks, Day 24, we are almost there. Here's mine, I find it easier to take photos NOT during the day.:D
  50. jyc860923

    SiJy 2019 Day 23

    Hi folks, your photos please!