1. Bobby Tingle

    Great lighting deals at Adorama

    Adorama has some really good prices on their house brand Flashpoint. Which is rebranded Godox lights and fully compatible. Flashpoint 200, 200 pro, 300 pro, 400 pro, and 600 models. They have a 600 high speed sync for $339. Which is a steal for an incredible light.
  2. theoldsmithy

    Camerajungle deals

    Camerajungle (UK online dealer) have some excellent deals on at the moment. Examples: X100T for £433, E-M5 mk 2 for £222, RX100 mk VI for £464. Limited stock on those.
  3. Kevin

    Luminar 3 for just $49 during pre-order using our community coupon code!

    The Luminar 3 pre-order is still taking place until Dec. 18th. Anybody who orders now gets immediate access to Luminar 2018 and then on the 18th they'll get a license for Luminar 3 in their account automatically. During the pre-order the $69 normal price is reduced to $59 but if you use our...