1. Matero

    Documentary Iconic Finnish Designer Kaija Aarikka

    We tend to visit regularly one picturesque museum in Helsinki, Taidehalli or Kunsthalle, with changing exhibitions. It's special for us, because architect designed that building has designed our Villa we are living in. This time there was retrospective of Finnish iconic designer: Kaija Aarikka...
  2. Matero

    Documentary Interior architect and designer Olof Ottelin

    In Finland we have this privilege to have tradition of artists and designers. It must be related to the fact that our nation is fairly young, or at least our sovereignty is. One can always learn a new name and wonder their career and thinking. And they are highly respected, especially nowadays...
  3. Kevin

    Anybody hire a professional logo designer before?

    For a new side project I just initiated hiring a design company for a new logo*. Besides making sure I get copies of the designs in vector format, any other advice to be on the lookout for? * Yes, in hindsight as I type this I realize I should have posted here first to see if anybody in our...