1. melanie.ylang

    My Road Trip Diary 2024: Upper Murray River and Gippsland, Victoria Australia

    Every year we aim to spend two-to-three weeks on the road, camping and sight-seeing. This year we headed to Echuca on the Murray River ahead of a statewide, autumn heatwave, then headed over the mountains into Gippsland. Instead of using a combination of small compact camera and my larger...
  2. melanie.ylang

    My Visual Diary: turning my photos into art

    As a kid, I drew regularly with graphite pencils - wild animals, mostly, from photos in books and magazines. Over the years, the urge to draw remained, but the motivation to start has mostly eluded me. From time to time I'd get bad GAS, and buy some more pencils, and draw a few things - gum...
  3. melanie.ylang

    Street My Photo Diary: Street Cars of Desire

    The South West Street Rodder's celebrated their 50th Anniversary with a cruise along the main street in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia. I did something extraordinary and attended by myself, as my husband - who shares my car passion - had to be elsewhere. And I had a blast! For years, I've...
  4. mike3996

    GAS Dear Giary!

    I have these manic-depressive ups and downs regarding gear and in the upswing phases it is easy to produce tons of mindless drivel that not many wants to read, I fully appreciate. I decided I'll open up a personal diary type thread here where I will be probably publishing my streams of...
  5. MoonMind

    Travelling through Scotland 2018 (mostly images)

    Well, I know this that I'm probably not the only one travelling throughout Scotland this summer, but I'll use this thread to show some images - miscellaneous subjects, ordered by date (roughly). The first couple of days were nice enough, if a bit too warm for my liking, but who am I to complain...