1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    My first DiY bird feeder

    We got 2 big old trees cut down at the workplace and it got me thinking of a few ideas. This is one of them: to use a large-ish log as a bird feeder in my garden. I picked a reasonably portable log that won't start rolling in the wind. I am thinking of drilling some holes for the bird food on...
  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    My Workspace reshuffle and DiY.

    After holding on as long as I could I eventually "gave up" on editing images on my Asus ZenBook Pro Duo because of severe performance issues with 32 MP Sony a7 Mark IV RAW files (the system works fine with 20 MP Micro Four Thirds RAW files). It's one year shorter then the 5 years I was hoping to...
  3. KnurledNut

    DIY Light Box/Tent Thing

    Trying to be frugal and somewhat handy at the same time, I made a light box/tent. 3/16" foam board LED under cabinet light pods 18" cube I need to work on a background and clear acrylic stand. p.s. this first shot was my cellphone. :LOL:
  4. radi(c)al_cam

    Leica Are There Skilled Hobby Repair Persons Here?

    I'm not sure whether this is probably to an extent a «WTB» question, nevertheless I guess I'm not the only one having that problem: There are too many half-defective photographic items at home — say 1. some were inherited but have been poorly stored over decades, say 2. some were bought in good...