1. jhawk1000

    Documentary My wife received her Master's from PPA.

    Last night was the awards ceremony for the images and also to recognize those who had attained a special status as a Pro Photographer as a member of PPA. I know that this is not a college degree as pointed out by a member of the other forum and it is more than described by the poster as a merit...
  2. BosseBe

    Documentary Las Vegas - Post your pictures.

    I visited Las Vegas for one night in 2017, so I have some pictures from there to share. I just started to go through and PP the pictures again to see if I could find a few "gems". Could not find a Las Vegas dedicated thread so I decided to create one. Post your Las Vegas pictures here! Here are...
  3. MiguelATF

    Documentary Military Ammo Bunkers in southern Oregon

    On a bird-watching hike with a number of avid southern Oregon birders, in the forested wetlands near to White City - which is the site of what was formerly Camp White, one of the largest domestic U.S. Army Military bases during WWII, I discovered something fascinating: in the terrain where we...
  4. Bobby Tingle

    Documentary A little KFC for the Colonel

    Someone left some KFC for Colonel Sanders
  5. MiguelATF

    Documentary Visiting a Museum (OMCA in Oakland, California)

    A few weeks ago I drove down from Oregon, where I live, to spend a few days visiting my older brother, who lives in Emeryville, in the 'East Bay' of the 'Bay Area' (aka the San Francisco Bay Area, as it's known in some circles). One of the highlights of my trip was a visit to a very cool...
  6. Alf

    Documentary Two years

    You know, all this waiting started to bite. then we got on the car and headed north to meet the tribe. Each one eager for a chat and the rain.
  7. agentlossing

    Documentary Urban Unquiet - Modern Dystopia

    I got this idea, well, mainly from shooting inside an Ikea today. You know that vague unease of, not the drug-addled "high tech, low life" dystopia of William Gibson and the cyberpunk crowd (though I love that aesthetic), but the sort of urban/suburban, pedestrian, everyday quiet existential...
  8. MiguelATF

    Documentary 1952 Boeing KC-97 "Flying Ambulance"

    This relatively ancient Boeing airplane, built in 1952 and dubbed 'the Flying Ambulance', was used alternately as a troop transport vehicle, a cargo carrier, and a flying hospital, for both wounded soldiers and casualties. I'm fairly ignorant about aviation history but seeing it - like an...
  9. Coksic

    Documentary SMS Bodrog/Yugoslav monitor Sava

    Austro-Hungarian - SMS ''Bodrog'', later Yugoslav river monitor - ''Sava'', ship that fired first shots of ww1 (if we don't count those in Sarajevo). In the link is a Wikipedia article about this vessel!
  10. Walter Palmer

    Documentary Roadside Memorials

    Should we have a thread of Roadside memorials? They are common in some areas and not in others. It would be informative to list where your image was made. These are from Colorado, USA.
  11. gryphon1911

    Documentary State Auto Christmas Corner

    State Auto Insurance office in Columbus Ohio puts up a Nativity story scene that they call Christmas Corner, 1:1 scale on the displays there. It is lit up at night, but has just been erected and I have not had a chance to visit at night. If I do get a chance, I'll go back capture some images...
  12. wee-pics

    Documentary Doors - mirrors of those behind them

    For quite some time I've been fascinated by the way people style the front doors of their houses. Of course you see immediately how much money there is behind these doors. But there's something more to it. Each of these doors reflects in a very special way the personality of the owners behind...
  13. Bobby Tingle

    Documentary Halloween 2021

    Two days worth of candy collection
  14. Matero

    Documentary Estonian painter Konrad Mägi 1878-1925

    I'm sensitive to music, especially classical music, choir and opera. However this time an Estonian painter opened my heart and raised moist to my eyes in an exhibition at EMMA museum in Espoo. Estonia is our Southern neighbor and our fates with them has been twisted in many occasions during...
  15. olli

    Documentary Washington DC B&W

    Since I've been taking a lot more pictures than I imagined and don't want to clutter up other threads I thought I would start a separate one for those who are interested, or who happen to have more pictures to add. Here are a few more of some murals I came aross.
  16. olli

    Documentary National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial

    Last week was National Police Week in Washington DC and families and colleagues of police officers visited the National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial to leave pictures, flowers and other mementoes of their loved ones and colleagues. Here are a few pictures I took at the Memorial this morning.
  17. gryphon1911

    Stroll Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery

    In Etna, Ohio - just a short 10 minute drive east of my house. Testing out the PL 12-60/2.8-4 on the EM1.2 Still debating whether or not I should get the O12-40/2.8 or the O12-100/4 to replace it. While I like the field of view I get from the PL 12-60, there is just something about the...
  18. gryphon1911

    Documentary Evergreen Burial Cemetery (image heavy)

    A Columbus, Ohio cemetery - my first time there. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  19. gryphon1911

    Documentary Hocking Valley Scenic Railway Trip

    There are not many passenger trains that run in these parts anymore. My wife absolutely loves trains, whenever we get a chance to ride, we do. There are 2 that we have been on here in Ohio. The Cuyahoga Valley National park train that runs 26 miles through the national park and...
  20. gryphon1911

    Documentary Chalk The Block 2021 (image heavy)

    Local artists come out and create works of art on board and on the street with chalk, pastels and charcoal. Easton Town Center Columbus, Ohio USA Full set can be found here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  21. christilou

    Documentary Goodwood Revival ......

    A bit of this and that!
  22. gryphon1911

    Documentary Ohio Renaissance Festival 2021 (image heavy)

    After taking a COVID hiatus last year, the Renaissance festival is back. Being all out door and the fact that it is very easy to social distance there, my wife and I decided to go and check it out. Sharing some images with you all. Today was a Fuji day, mostly with the 70-300 and XT3! 1 2...
  23. theoldsmithy

    Documentary Hornsea Biker Event 2021 (image heavy)

    As a companion piece to my evening at the seaside, here are a few shots from the titular event, restarting after last year's enforced absence. I'm not really a bike fan but I do like to see fine machinery and interesting people. My weapon of choice was the E-M1.1 with the Olympus 14-150 II.
  24. gryphon1911

    Documentary Native American Village Education Village (image heavy)

    George Rogers Clark Park, Springfield, OH Kodak Panatomic X 32 film simulation used SOOC JPGs. Enjoy! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  25. gryphon1911

    Documentary Hartman Rock Garden (image heavy)

    Springfield, OH Ben Hartman started building this "rock garden" in 1932 after being laid off of his job. He stopped building in 1944. The Location is owned by a non-profit organization called Friends of the Hartman Rock Garden. Shot the Fuji XPRO-2 with the Fuji 10-24/4 and my Panatomic X 32...
  26. M. Valdemar

    Documentary Changing Chinatown, Manhattan, NY

    In 2017, my daughter was attending school in Chinatown, NY. I used to take her to school, and then walk home. One day I photographed numerous storefronts. Fast forward to 2021, and most of these places are gone. The old is displacing the new at a very rapid pace.
  27. gryphon1911

    Documentary My Image Being Used In Time Capsule

    I did some freelance work for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center East Hospital back in June of 2020. They had me cover the "kneel in" they did for the George Floyd protests at the hospital. They have used this image in many places through out their organization. I found out today...
  28. rayvonn

    Documentary Lockdown

    Flew back from Sydney to my mother country the United Kingdom last Thursday. Australia is considered a 'Green' country for quarantine purposes, however as the plane went through Doha, a 'Red' country, I've been sent to quarantine in a hotel down the road from Heathrow airport. I really...
  29. gryphon1911

    Documentary Felony Assault Reportage - Short North Columbus

    My photojournalism site gets a story! I was out this morning walking my dog at around 9am and came across this scene. I copied he story text below and included the pictures. A felonious assault report was files by the Columbus Division of Police on 7/18/2021 @ 3:49 am. Visual Ohio staff...
  30. ericdraven

    Documentary Michelle Lacombe — Le Cercle

    Michelle Lacombe — Le Cercle by David Wong, on Flickr Michelle Lacombe — Le Cercle by David Wong, on Flickr Michelle Lacombe — Le Cercle by David Wong, on Flickr
  31. MiguelATF

    Documentary Memorial for a fallen bicyclist

    In the semi-rural area of Southern Oregon where I live, riding - whether a bicycle or a motorcycle or motor scooter - along the rural lanes and roads that criss-cross the region, can be a hazardous affair. Often there is limited 'shoulder space' alongside the road, and no dedicated bike lanes...
  32. grebeman

    Documentary Clearing a fallen tree

    A couple of days ago I found out that Graham, my landlord, was about to tackle the fallen bough of an Ash tree that had rotted out where it joined the main tree and fallen across the farm track. So with tools, chainsaw and tractor he set to work. You'll have to turn a blind eye to the flouting...
  33. davect01

    Documentary 4th of July Fun

    We got to have some fun this 4th of July (I have no idea why some of these come up sideways and there is no way to rotate them) And enjoyed a few fireworks. I forgot the tripod, (seriously it was sitting on the counter at home), so don't be too judgy as they are all handheld and it was not a...
  34. davect01

    Documentary Summer Pool Time

    Come on already Finally
  35. ericdraven

    Documentary Honour Indigenous Children. Denounce Genocide. Demand Justice.

    Honour Indigenous Children. Denounce Genocide. Demand Justice. by David Wong, on Flickr
  36. Matero

    Documentary blackpearl

    I bit the bullet, and negotiated with the missus to get a new toy. I call her blackpearl 1997 Jaguar XK8 4.0 V8 motor
  37. Iron

    Documentary Van Gogh Alive: the experience - Sensory 4

    I attended this event on 14 April 2021. I think the whole experience is shareworthy, especially for members who are in hard lockdown. Cameras are allowed as long as flashes are turned off. Many had used their smartphones but there were around 6 others who used system cameras. I saw an Olympus...
  38. Matero

    Documentary Eastern Bonfire

    In Eastern, on Saturday after Good Friday we have habit in some parts of the country to light up bonfire to save us from trolls and witches. When God's protecting power has been at lowest Him sleeping in the cave. The more sparks and smoke the better. Witches can't get trough spark-rain. My...
  39. ericdraven

    Documentary Vigile pour les victimes de la tuerie à Atlanta - Vigil for the victims of the Atlanta mass murder

    Vigile pour les victimes de la tuerie à Atlanta - Vigil for the victims of the Atlanta mass murder by David Wong, on Flickr
  40. ericdraven

    Documentary Marche contre le racisme anti-asiatique / March against anti-asian racism

    Marche contre le racisme anti-asiatique / March against anti-asian racism by David Wong, on Flickr
  41. gryphon1911

    Documentary Mansfield Reformatory 2021 - Monochrome (image heavy)

    I shot this series yesterday and I debated weather to take the Fuji XT-3 and 16-80/4 WR OIS or the XPro-2 and the 16/27/35/50 primes. I ended up taking the first setup because after contemplation, I decided that given the light conditions and subject matter, I'd probably be shooting at f/4 or...
  42. gryphon1911

    Documentary Mansfield Reformatory 2021 - Color Edition (image heavy)

    I shot this series yesterday and I debated weather to take the Fuji XT-3 and 16-80/4 WR OIS or the XPro-2 and the 16/27/35/50 primes. I ended up taking the first setup because after contemplation, I decided that given the light conditions and subject matter, I'd probably be shooting at f/4 or...
  43. ericdraven

    Documentary Incendie à Rosemont

    Incendie à Rosemont by David Wong, on Flickr Incendie à Rosemont by David Wong, on Flickr Incendie à Rosemont by David Wong, on Flickr
  44. Brian

    Documentary Christmas Past - share your memory making photos

    Inspired by Christmas 2020- This has been a tough year, and I've been going through pictures of Christmas Past. This one is from 1972- my Sister and Nephew. I took this shot with my Minolta HiMatic 9, same camera that I did the CLA on this past year. Christmas, 1972 by fiftyonepointsix, on...
  45. emerson

    Documentary 2020 favourites: your own images

    It's the time of year when we look forward to a new year and also take stock of the preceding twelve months. Setting aside technical perfection, the number of 'likes', or anything other than your own subjective feelings, what are the 3-4 images you captured in 2020 that resonate with you? I'll...
  46. Thai-Mike

    Documentary Thailand Stroll

    Worship scene
  47. rayvonn

    Documentary Post your Police pics here

    It's all the same around the world, so the images will all be largely the same won't they? Well maybe not, let's find out. Are those policemen in Amsterdam really that chill? Do policemen in certain parts of America really consume doughnuts and drink coffee all day? Do the policemen in London...
  48. agentlossing

    Documentary Yard Sale In the Backwoods

    Last Saturday, I had a FB message from a friend who knows I am into cameras, letting me know there was a large assortment of them at a yard sale. Being as it was my day off, and the siren call of old cameras is hard to resist, I hopped into the Jeep and went to see what was on offer. It was a...
  49. MiguelATF

    Documentary My home town: Talent, Oregon, after the apocalyptic wildfire

    The small Oregon town where I have lived for two-odd decades, Talent, Oregon, was overrun by a wildfire two weeks ago, on September 8. The fire was fueled by unseasonably hot and longer-than-normal weather conditions - and a ferocious (nearly 50 mph) wind. It's been extensively documented in...
  50. Matero

    Documentary Helsinki National Stadium - Renovation of national symbol

    Helsinki Olympic Stadium has been re-opened after several years of renovation. We were lucky to visit among first visitors.