1. Matero

    Documentary Iconic Finnish Designer Kaija Aarikka

    We tend to visit regularly one picturesque museum in Helsinki, Taidehalli or Kunsthalle, with changing exhibitions. It's special for us, because architect designed that building has designed our Villa we are living in. This time there was retrospective of Finnish iconic designer: Kaija Aarikka...
  2. drd1135

    Documentary Where there's smoke, there's fire.

    This smoke just rolled in over the last hour. Apparently, we are surrounded by three separate fires. If you look closely, you can just see the trees across the street in the second image.
  3. P

    Documentary Marching for Palestine

    March for Palestine" London 11th November 2023. Packing my Sony A7iv paired with Sony 35mm f/1.8. My usual caveat....I just photograph what I see, I don't take sides or show favours
  4. gryphon1911

    Documentary Holiday 2023 - Show Your December Holiday Images - Any Kind - No Restrictions

    So what do I mean? Show nativity, Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, or any other holiday stuff you want, religious, secular - no restrictions! Just share some great images! We had such a good response to the Halloween 2023. You may be asking yourself, why so early? Well, I'm already have seen...
  5. J

    Documentary Dia De Los Muertos Festival, Sugar Land, Texas 2023

    The festival was technically early but it was a fun time. I had both the Leica M10-R w/ 50 Summicron and the CL with the 11-23 Vario with me.
  6. gryphon1911

    Documentary Urban Scrawl 2023 (image heavy)

    Annual artist event in Franklinton - Columbus, Ohio. I had posted on this from way back in 2015 once before, decided to bring this back. These were all 'works in progress'. Please enjoy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  7. gryphon1911

    Documentary Halloween 2023 - SHARE!

    Its that time again to start documenting those awesome halloween displays! Share them here. 1 2 3
  8. wee-pics

    Documentary Not so well-known but one of the great artists of the 20th century: André Evard

    André Evard, a Suiss artist with an impressive variety of styles and techniques, is unjustly so little known. This exhibition in a small, private museum shows that he was one of the great painters of the 20th century. The famous architect Le Corbusier was among his friends during his studies...
  9. gryphon1911

    Documentary Mystics Fair with the Z8

    My daughter wanted to a Mystics and Oddities Fair today and who am i to turn down a chance to get some shutter time in! Nikon Z8 and the Z 28-75/2.8 and 70-180/2.8 AF-C with 3D auto focus human eye detect was used. ISO was fluxuating between 640 and 14400, depending on where they were and what...
  10. MiguelATF

    Documentary Museo Tamayo / Tamayo Museum (Mexico City)

    Rufino del Carmen Arellanes Tamayo - better known as Rufino Tamayo - is and was one of Mexico's most admired and prolific 20th Century artists. His work spans a variety of media and styles, including paintings, sculpture, prints and... the list goes on and on. The Tamayo Museum (el Museo Tamayo)...
  11. christilou

    Documentary Ferrari

    A few from Sunday's Polo match including some vintage Ferraris
  12. Panolyman

    Documentary Fishguard Agricultural Show.

    I've been attending this show for the last few years and had lots of fun wandering around taking photos. I thought you might like to join me on a retro-tour. I'll split the photos into categories and will start with Cattle, Pigs and Sheep. This young lady hadn't travelled far and was an...
  13. P

    Documentary International Arms Fair - Protest

    The International arms Fair (DSEI) will be exhibiting at the Excel Centre, London Docklands 12th-15th September this year. It is fun and can produce drama as very committed anti-arms protestors try (and often do) outwit police to attach themselves to wagons with glue, or lay in the road to...
  14. MiguelATF

    Documentary small-town 4th of July (in Ashland, Oregon)

    The neighboring small (Oregon) town of Ashland boasts an annual 4th of July parade, in honor of "Independence Day", celebrated across the United States. (For those who don't know, the 'Declaration of Independence' was signed by the Americans revolting against the English monarchy on July 4th...
  15. hippi

    Stroll my rides Katy Trail

    from north to south on the trail these are all cell phone pics, Clover Dell Lake (s), Beaman MO. (n)
  16. hippi

    Documentary Dogwood Canyon

    we went down to Branson Mo. for my wife's and her friends bday, and I took my bike got 10.5 miles that is like 1 1/2 times through the sixth pic is of Golden Rainbow Trout Dogwood Canyon Nature Park — A 10,000-Acre Ozark Paradise
  17. C

    Wild Water

    I am in the process of doing a documentary of Oregon's Wild Waters (Rivers and Streams and the Columbia at the mouth). Some B&W, some color. But let's see the world's Wild Water in this thread....
  18. hippi

    Stroll around Sedalia

    but here is a few pics in my 212 miles so this year on my bicycle
  19. gryphon1911

    Documentary America's Packard Museum (Image Heavy)

    Dayton Ohio has an automobile museum - containing a large collection of Packard's as well as cars related to the company. First, the outside of the museum - it once was a Packard dealership. 1 2 The museum is structured in what they called a pre-war and post war sectioning (WWII). This is...
  20. CatsAreGods

    Documentary Dr. Solar's Medicine Show: a Tiny Home on Wheels aka Hippie Gypsy Caravan

    I found this interesting fellow and his traveling...thing at a Tiny Home exhibition in Placerville, California.
  21. hippi

    Documentary old control boxes

    this box is no longer there, it was plane then someone tagged it! this was along The Katy Trail
  22. hippi

    Documentary city and state parks

    here are two from Sedalia Mo. Katy Park(this is 3 miles from my house) is n my regular route along with Katy Depot and Katy Trail State Park this one is 1 mile from my house we have two other parks here in Sedalia
  23. mnhoj

    Stroll Washed Ashore - Art to Save the Sea

    I went to the Washed Ashore exhibit at the South Coast Botanical Garden this morning. Pretty amazing. A little excerpt from the site: Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea Opens at the Garden On April 1 Trash is making a splash in the Garden this spring. Come see beautiful sculptures made of...
  24. T

    Documentary University days

    Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) and Xaviera Hollander (the Happy Hooker) On a speaking tour at my University of Calgary. Pictures for the student paper.
  25. H

    Documentary Show: Same Scene Decades Apart

    I thought this would make a interesting show case thread, though it'll probably be a hard one to keep active. Inspired from a little project I did revisiting some spots where I had photos taken as a kid, with my own child. Post Office Square in Brisbane Lions in front of Brisbane City Hall
  26. Matero

    Documentary Reitz home museum

    Reitz home museum This story is about culture, and although its photographical merits are very few, if any, I hope you find it entertaining. Today we spent few hours in a museum which is extraordinary in Finland. As a young sovereign country, our country developed quickly in the 1920s and...
  27. Alf

    Documentary With the ladies, making faces

    Little Fiona having a birthday party, and we are invited. Of course. The Gift After a little while spent eating and drinking we spend the rest of the night debating. More or less. And that’s what fifteen years always in front of a camera does to you - it becomes just...
  28. Brownie

    Documentary Granddaughter Riding/Archery class

    My granddaughter takes lessons at a nearby horse ranch. They like to think outside of the box occasionally, so these past few weeks they've been teaching horseback archery. The end goal is to shoot at and hit three targets while at a canter. I guess if the Mongols every invade they'll be ready...
  29. gryphon1911

    Documentary Columbus Zoo Pics 2023

    Since Ohio has decided to grace us with third winter, decided to walk about the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium today. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  30. Matero

    Documentary Interior architect and designer Olof Ottelin

    In Finland we have this privilege to have tradition of artists and designers. It must be related to the fact that our nation is fairly young, or at least our sovereignty is. One can always learn a new name and wonder their career and thinking. And they are highly respected, especially nowadays...
  31. P

    Documentary Mik Critchlow Photographer North East of England

    Mik Critchlow has passed away aged 68 (frightening.....same age as me!). He documented the hard lives of the working class folk; especially miners, in the north east of the country. He has left a legacy of wonderful material for future historians to look back on and comment "Did people really...
  32. R

    Documentary Ormond Road sights post Gabrielle

    Since Gabrielle lots of places where we walk our dogs are closed, or inaccessible, and likely to be for months. I drove down Ormond Road, thinking I'd be able to access the limestone pathway there. I had forgotten this area was badly affected during the cyclone, and the road was closed, and...
  33. gordo

    Documentary Declutter Project

    This is a continuation of a project I started with the Single in February challenge. I'm not going repost all the verbiage and photos, but will update off and on as I continue to make progress. You can read the setup here: Single In - Single in February (SiF) 2023: Here we go again ... The...
  34. P

    Documentary Night Clubbing - Dark Scene London!

    +++++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL+++CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL Towards the end of last year I became aware of a London night club which styled itself “The worlds longest running dark scene night...
  35. P

    Documentary Protest

    Protest & Vigil: The war in Ukraine. I attended the vigil and subsequent march on the Russian Embassy here in London on Friday 24th February (1yr anniversary). I thought I might get some reasonable shots. These are a few of the most animated, young chap with a serious case of burning anger.
  36. DeeJayK

    Documentary Show "Ghost signs"

    I know there's already an existing signs thread, but perhaps there's room for a thread dedicated to ghost signs? I love these old remnants of bygone days and I'd love to see any examples others would care to share. I've decided to be bold and create such a thread here. Admins/ moderators, if...
  37. P

    Weird Flickr - Searching

    How bizarre. Looking for some of my old protest shots on flickr and it fails to find any photo from anyone where "Protest" is in the title. I just get the "Bad Panda" screen. If I search for any other subject matter, dog, people, cars, landscapes etc it is ok and finds volumes of stuff.
  38. john m flores

    Documentary SHOW Flight

    The theme is flight. I can be birds, it can be planes, as long as it embodies "flight"
  39. P

    Performing Arts Send in the clowns!

    They say, all good things must end no forever in love and the sadness eats away my smile not what you thought I am but a lost soul, my smile a masque bound always, you said But...I am still here the rictus grin, I am still here....... a clown until I am dust. The Grimaldi memorial day at...
  40. Iron

    Documentary 27 January 2023 Auckland Flooding

    Hey everyone! You may have heard about the flooding we had here yesterday. It's similar to what happened in Europe before. It's a one-in-250 year event and our infrastructure, like most in the modern West are designed to withstand 1-in-100 year events, depending on climate, of course. Here is a...
  41. jhawk1000

    Performing Arts Sometimes on Sunday---a band

    One of our friends is a photographer for our local McClatchy newspaper. He has won many awards for his photos and videos including a Grammy for his video of Father Emil Kapaun's journey from a Priest dying in captivity in the Korean war to his status close to sainthood. It covered his return...
  42. guzziknight

    Documentary Cloud Museum, Bard, CA.

    We went to the Cloud Museum, which is in the tiny town of Bard, CA. It is reported to have one of the largest collections of Ford Model Ts in the world. Most of the vehicles and farm equipment there are in unrestored condition, but there are quite a few vehicles that appear to be in excellent...
  43. CatsAreGods

    Documentary Tibetan Monk Mandala

    Every year, the Placerville Friends of Tibet sponsor a small group of Tibetan Monks from Gaden Shartse Monastery (backstory here) to come to this Northern California area to painstakingly make a beautiful sand mandala over a two-week period, which is then destroyed (to illustrate the cycle of...
  44. agentlossing

    Documentary Seattle Visual Journal

    I recently moved from a very small town to a suburb near Seattle (Mercer Island). I'm working in downtown Seattle. So you know what that means. Lots of photos! I intend to put general images which aren't better suited to specific genres into this thread so you can follow along with my...
  45. Bollie

    Documentary Small motorcycle museum

    In Raerd (Friesland) is a small motorcycle museum. It is only open during the Christmas holidays between Christmas and New Year's Day. I was there on New Year's Eve. Bad conditions, a dark day with a lot of rain, while the light in the room where the motorcycles are parked is only illuminated by...
  46. gryphon1911

    Documentary National Museum Of The United States Air Force December 2022 Edition (Image Heavy)

    Went on a "double date" with some friends to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. The weather is utter trash at the moment and not at all fun to be this made a lot of sense for us as a destination. Fun fact - I told my wife before we left that she got to pick my...
  47. jhawk1000

    Documentary Christmas Party

    Every year for at least the last 15 years, my wife and I have been lucky to have been asked to help the Young Lawyers of our Bar Association with their annual chosen charity, the homeless residents of the Salvation Army. Every year, I take my camera and accessories to the residence hall for...
  48. gryphon1911

    Documentary VFW Post 3761 Navy VP-7 (image heavy)

    Found this while heading east to a new park. Stopped and documented. Tried to work with the lighting I had, processed in Nik Analog Efex Pro 3. Enjoy! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  49. gryphon1911

    Documentary Catholic Museum of Art and History (Image Heavy)

    Purported to be the largest collection of Catholic related art in the United States. Located in Columbus, Ohio in the Catholic Foundation Building as of 2020. The collection is so large at this point, they are looking for a larger facility. Lots of images to share, so will do as I have done in...
  50. gryphon1911

    Documentary American Motorcycle Association Museum - Redux (image heavy)

    I visited this same museum in the past but at that time, I used the Fuji X100. It did admirably. Weather being sub-optimal for a good walk about today - I decided to revisit the AMA museum again - but this time really put the Ricoh GR III to the test. I took quite a few images, so will...