1. Brownie

    Dogs Happy National Dog Day

    From Luna!
  2. R

    Sports Dog Surfing

    Went to a dog surfing competition in Del Mar, CA for the first time since the pandemic started. Probably one of the most fun sporting events you can attend in person. (In what other sports are the competitors happy to hand together and sniff each other?). The combined human / dog teams are also...
  3. christilou

    Dog & Girl ......

    Ro wanted some of her and the dog ..... too pink? Never ending battle of the white balance!
  4. gryphon1911

    After the Dog Park

    It was hot and humid, but I could tell that this little girl wanted to go to the dog park today. Not many other dogs, but she had fun...but then immediately came home and.... DxO Ilford Delta 3200 Film Simulation
  5. gryphon1911

    Nova at Goodale Park

    Just a Random Shot. My wife did some shopping so the dog and I walked through the park until she was done. Monochrome conversion in DxO Filmpack 5 - Rollie Retro 100 Tonal film simulation.
  6. Gubrz

    Sony Introducing Roscoe!

    My god dog ;D sony a99
  7. My Fuzzy Friend

    My Fuzzy Friend

    My best friend looking distinguished looking out the window.
  8. My neighbor's dog

    My neighbor's dog

    My son's were "dog sitting" for our neighbor. Naturally, I got to help :o). Taken with Ricoh GRD and converted to BW with LR5. Caught her actually sitting still for a moment.
  9. My Newfoundland

    My Newfoundland

    This is out 2.5 year old Newfoundland, Hikari.
  10. The yellow coat

    The yellow coat

    Came across this man sharing some of his chips with his dog on a cols wet day - kept the colour in the dog's coat to add some impact!
  11. absence and presence

    absence and presence

  12. SIJ - Day 29

    SIJ - Day 29

    My son :-) walking the dog.
  13. SIJ Day 7

    SIJ Day 7

    The weather is changing and of course took advantage of our daily walk for this one.
  14. SIJ Day 5

    SIJ Day 5

    This is Butch and we're about to take our daily walk down to the lake and back.
  15. SIJ 01 - Let me in

    SIJ 01 - Let me in

    My parents' dog wandered over to our house and sat by this door for a while. This is one of my first ever shots using a flash.
  16. Cos


  17. Cos


  18. Cos


  19. July 04 - Not happy Jan

    July 04 - Not happy Jan

    The weather has been atrocious here and Sid wasn't happy. The woodbox doesn't look very uncomfortable but at least it was dry.