1. Glevum Owl

    DxO Colour Shift Under Mac Ventura

    I had a little piece of good news today. When updating DxO PL6 I saw the following in the 'What's New' details: Known limitations Important: the Apple Neural Engine, under macOS Ventura, currently produces color shifts. We temporarily recommend using the GPU to avoid such issue. DxO is working...
  2. BosseBe

    Software DxO PhotoLab 6

    DxO PhotoLab 6 has been released today. I got a message about the upgrade at €99 for the Elite version. I have not read any reviews but here is a link to one: DxO PhotoLab 6 brings DeepPRIME XD and a new ReTouch tool A couple of hours ago there was no reviews available but now they seem to turn up.
  3. R

    Software DxO PL 5 - thank you to those who helped me choose

    hi Some weeks ago I posted because I had bought the Olympus M5 Mk 3, and it isn't supported in LR 6 stand alone, and I didn't want to go the subscription model. Lots of you made good suggestions, and advised, and I had a good fiddle with various programmes, but settled on DxO PL5. I am now a...
  4. R

    Software DxO PL5 scroll images while in customise mode?

    Hi I'm currently trying out DxO PL5, and for the most part enjoying it, and believe I'm starting to get to grips with it. One thing I liked in Lightroom, was the ability to cycle through the images while in develop mode. By that I mean I could apply any global changes, then while in develop...
  5. gryphon1911

    Nova at Goodale Park

    Just a Random Shot. My wife did some shopping so the dog and I walked through the park until she was done. Monochrome conversion in DxO Filmpack 5 - Rollie Retro 100 Tonal film simulation.