1. SteveBrickNJ

    Easter Weekend at Seaside Heights NJ

    We were impatient for summer to arrive so we went to Seaside Heights NJ and walked around....went on the Ferris Wheel, etc. etc.
  2. Irene McC

    Happy Easter !

    Nikon D500 + Sigma 50-100
  3. wt21

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone. May your day be blessed and peace be upon you.
  4. Bobby T

    Some Easter Pics

    The big kiddos jumped in so the little guy would have people to Easter egg hunt with
  5. davect01

    Easter Portraits with the kid

    Portraits with the kid and her cousin A6400 and 50mm and 18-135mm
  6. Brian

    Happy Easter, Everyone

    Happy Easter, everyone. I've already pulled chicken from the freezer- "not our usual custom", but these are unusual times. Stay safe, know you are not alone.
  7. Bobby T

    Easter Bunny on break

    I shot a pets with the Easter Bunny thing that was a charity for a local dog rescue. But the BTS stuff and the bunny on break turned out to be even more fun to shoot than the portraits. 1 2 3 4 5
  8. Antonio Correia


  9. davect01

    Easter Pageant

    The yearly Easter Pageant in Mesa, AZ Mesa Easter Pageant Trusty A6000 the 55-210mm and 50mm (people shots were with the 55-210, flower and pageant shots with the 50mm) The People My wife Random others We know her, she was one of the performers Photographers at work...
  10. davect01

    Easter Weekend activities

    We spent a busy few days over the Easter Weekend. A6000 and 28-70mm was in tow the entire time. Easter Egg hunt with friends and their puppy Then we went to an Easter Pageant Saturday evening and sat on the lawn, having a picnic. Finally wrapped up Sunday with a...