1. comment23

    Market place - are links to eBay ok?

    Hi there, I wanted to post some links to a few eBay items I’m selling. I’ve done this before on mu43.com but am no longer a subscribing member there and wanted post the links here instead. I can see that there have been ‘link to eBay’ posts here in the past but not recently - is this still...
  2. sh0wtime

    On eBay. Leica Digilux2

    Quite rare to see these being sold nowadays & this looks pretty nice & at a great price. Generally they still go for upwards of £500!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEICA-DIGILUX-2-Digital-Camera-With-Accessories/274346744645?hash=item3fe0571b45:g:E7wAAOSwjOVeo0HH They look Great, they are a joy...