1. jhawk1000

    My daughter is in England and all I got were her two sheltie dogs.

    My oldest daughter is savoring her first fish and chips at Pimlico in London. She goes every year about this time to attend Wimbledon if possible and to definitely attend Glastonbury Festival. She is roughing it with a rented tent with all the amenities of a small hotel room and will spend...
  2. P

    Documentary Mik Critchlow Photographer North East of England

    Mik Critchlow has passed away aged 68 (frightening.....same age as me!). He documented the hard lives of the working class folk; especially miners, in the north east of the country. He has left a legacy of wonderful material for future historians to look back on and comment "Did people really...
  3. pdk42

    Scenic A few shots from the Pennines in Northern England (and an ode to the Olympus 12-100)

    The Pennines is an area of uplands in the North of England. I spent a few hours there recently and bagged a few shots of the rolling hills in decent light. I thought I'd share them! All images are with the Olympus EM1.3, and all but one are with the 12-100 f4. I think this combo is a superb...
  4. theoldsmithy

    Stroll A walk around Wells

    A walk around Wells, England's smallest city with one of its most impressive cathedrals. NB city in England historically meant a town with a cathedral although this has been relaxed a bit in recent years as more towns have been awarded city status. Anyway I digress... the front of the cathedral...
  5. drd1135

    Fireworks in an Old New England Mill Town

    As advertised, I was in my home town of Fall River, Massachusetts, last week. It's an old mill town best known for it's unusual demographics (a large Portuguese population) and the famous Lizzie Borden murder case in the last 19th century. Half the town sits on a hillside that goes down to a...
  6. Another English Summer

    Another English Summer

    Can't get much more quintessential than a Morris Minor convertible...
  7. Grotto


    One from the D-Lux 4 - Painshill Park in Winter