1. iSilentP

    Classifieds For Sale: Fuji X-Series lenses | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Fuji X-Series equipment My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Please have a look at the list of items and prices and if interested, message me here or contact me at my cell in the linked document. After investing in Fuji...
  2. Glevum Owl

    Registering Equipment Details

    After the LastPass security fiasco last year, I'm swapping password managers. The process has got me thinking about recording details of all my valuables especially photographic gear. The Olympus kit is registered on the official site but I'm aware that OMS could change things and that only...
  3. buttermaker

    Fuji Not an equipment junkie :)

    The first think they taught us in Photography School in NY, late 70's, was not to be an equipment junkie. It's the Photographer not the equipment. I had a Mamiya Sekor 500DTL back then for gods sake :) It was all I could afford. Every setting was manual. That's why I love my Fuji X-T1. ( still...
  4. depscribe

    Fuji Two pieces of equipment Fuji should make

    There are two things that Fuji could easily make (or, for that matter, a third party, with Fuji in mind) which would make life easier for us. The first is an X-E battery pack/grip. The camera is just too small for grownups to hold. I have grips for both of my X-E2s and for my X-Pro1, and...
  5. theoldsmithy

    Film Shoe-mounted light meter options?

    Hi all it would be quite nice to get a light meter that fits in the accessory shoe on my Zorki. The only ones I have seen on eBay are pretty expensive. Does anyone know of a cheaper option (say under £50)? Edit...turns out there are loads of cheap options. I just had to phrase the search correctly!
  6. theoldsmithy

    Film Dynax 5

    Not bad for £12.52!
  7. the business end of the pole camera

    the business end of the pole camera

  8. tripod


  9. tripod ballhead

    tripod ballhead