1. Irene McC

    Feedback Not an image 'as expected'

    Is anybody else experiencing this error? I can't drag and drop nor use the attach tab - I get the same error message today
  2. TNcasual

    Feedback Too Many tags error

    When I try to post a thread I get an error that says I am trying to use too many tags. But I am not trying to use any tags. ETA: This post worked. Maybe it has to do with inserting images?
  3. MoonMind

    Help "Parsing response failed" error on upload - and duplicate threads on edit?!

    I've been getting these most of the time in the last couple of days; images upload okay but aren't displayed in the post after upload. I have to save and then edit the post concerned to place the images. Very vexing! I'd really like to know if this is caused on my end (VPN or such?) or is a...