1. Kevin

    AI Are there EXIF or any metadata tags for "AI" applications?

    A conversation about Photoshop's "Generative" fill features got me going down the proverbial rabbit hole and I ended up playing around with it to have some fun experiment. I was surprised by how easily I could start with a literal blank canvas in PS and then use the generative tools to generate...
  2. doobs

    EXIF "management"

    So, I've got a storied past when it comes to exif data in conjunction with DAM software. Many, many moons ago I bought a copy of iMatch. Used it (or attempted to) feverishly until the rot set in. In the early days a goodly amount of the functionality of iMatch was add-ins which were poorly...
  3. CatsAreGods

    Feedback Thank you to whoever for fixing...

    ...the full EXIF description for Fujifilm lenses!
  4. Kevin

    Guide EXIF Viewer for forum attachments

    A new feature is now available for our supporters, an inline EXIF viewer for attachments in the forums. Currently at the bottom of images that have EXIF data a quick list of values is shown. Sometimes though being able to take a quick look at the rest of the EXIF data is useful. You could...
  5. Kevin

    Announcement Updates under way with how the EXIF is done in the forums

    This is a quick 'FYI' announcement for now that some updates are being done on how the EXIF data for forum attachments is displayed. Once the updates are done I'll circle back around to give more detailed information but in the interim there may be some disruption to the data being displayed...
  6. Kevin

    Is it normal for EXIF values to be in an array? 🤔

    Came across something tonight I didn't realize could happen, an ISO value in an image EXIF was an array instead of being numeric. The image seems to have been created with a Sony A7 and I was using it to test some changes to the EXIF add-on used here at Cameraderie to display the EXIF data in...
  7. William Lewis

    Feedback Just me or where is the exif data hiding?

    I just realized that the exif data is not showing up for me below the photographs posted here. I've checked my preferences (yes, still on) and multiple browsers. Is anyone else having this problem or is it something on my end?
  8. theoldsmithy

    Feedback EXIF and signatures missing.

    @Kevin has this been turned off somewhere again? I recall it happening before once or twice.
  9. J

    Fuji Copyright info setting

    I am fairly new to the Fuji "X" world so please be gentle. Upon purchasing I tried to find the copyright settings in the menu to no avail until I realized it did not exist. I am coming from the DSLR realm of Canon 5DM3, so it was one of the first settings I looked for on my new and now used...