1. gryphon1911

    Pentax a $35 experiment - Pentax-F 70-210mm f/4-5.6 - first few shots

    I'm still in the experimentation phase as I just got this lens in the mail 2 days ago. plan on doing a full review of it eventually and posting on my site. Some snaps to test initial function. Right off the bat, I will say that it appears to need a bit more aggressive post processing in the...
  2. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony I think I need to try an experiment

    I'm fortunate in that I have more cameras than I rightfully should have or need.(Yes, there's that word 'need' again, @Brownie) I usually have at least two sitting out on my desk/cabinet ready to take pictures at the whim. I usually grab one based on the lens attached. To get my 'creative'...