1. SIJ - Day 14

    SIJ - Day 14

    Line up.
  2. SIJ Day 15 - Trolley Dashed

    SIJ Day 15 - Trolley Dashed

    Another shot taken on the way home from work. The light was a bit poor this morning but I guess that is why the colours are stronger. There must have been at least 5 shopping trolleys in this stream yet the nearest supermarket is quite a distance away.
  3. SIJ - Day 15

    SIJ - Day 15

    Feeling a little under the weather today and the weather was pretty darn low too. We never exited the cloud this morning so it's been drizzle, overcast and windy from dot. I didn't wander far and tried use the elements to my advantage.
  4. SIJ Day 14

    SIJ Day 14

    Shoved my camera in my work bag last night and took this shot on the way home. Could have done with more DOF I feel. The original colour was okay but I knew from looking at the image on the LCD that b&w was the way to go..
  5. SIJ - Day 14

    SIJ - Day 14

    Were those the days? Awful day outside today, cloudy with rain and then absolute humidity. But a great day inside! I ended up getting to finally look through slides that I found a week or so ago. I stumbled on an interesting little case while tossing out my recycling at a roadside station...
  6. SIJ - Day 13

    SIJ - Day 13

    The chances of anything coming from Mars. More info on this building: the former offices of Nederlandse Spoorwegen - De Inktpot - is the largest brick building in the Netherlands. The "UFO" (an art object created by Marc Ruygrok, formally called "Zover") featured on its...
  7. SIJ - Day 13

    SIJ - Day 13

    Who watches over the watch dog OK I could have been a little more creative today, but I hit a lull. When I started becoming restless, my partner asked what was the matter and I reminded her that I had to take my photo for the day. She said "why not take a photo of Peggy". "I...
  8. SIJ Day 12

    SIJ Day 12

    Sat down and pre-focused on an area in my town centre. Stopped the lens down to about F8 and waited for some subjects to walk into the zones of acceptable focus either side of me. Shot looking down into the LCD which was set to b&w mode with focus peaking turned on. Worked out reasonably...
  9. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    All good things come to an end.
  10. SIJ - Day 11

    SIJ - Day 11

    Let's get medieval.
  11. SIJ - Day 10

    SIJ - Day 10

    Even more light in the darkness.
  12. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    Lights are amber Our house pump decided it was going on strike without notice first thing this morning. No pump = no water! So after exhausting all known expletives in at least fourteen foreign languages, just before lunch I thought I'd duck into town for anything to effect an interim fix for...
  13. SIJ Day 11

    SIJ Day 11

    Taken in nearby woods with the light just beginning to fade. Had about 10 shots and it was tough choosing between them, none particularly wowed me. Hopefully I'll get a longer shoot tomorrow.
  14. SIJ - Day 11

    SIJ - Day 11

    Captive Light Not much chance for photography today - and not the weather to take on the Grass either...thank goodness!! Found this image this morning, in the corner of my old garage. Well it was once the garage and is now the dog kennel - OK it's a big 'kennel' but we do have a lot of dogs...
  15. SIJ Day 10

    SIJ Day 10

    Another shot taken in haste. Used the flash and was finding getting the exposure right was pure trial and error - the camera metering was way out. Possibly a result of the main light was from a TV which was varying in brightness from second to second.I also guess that metering for flash would be...
  16. SIJ - Day 10

    SIJ - Day 10

    Dawn range Apologies folks but I've had to rely on my safety from first thing this morning. After Round 6 today of Mark vs Grass - I'm just dog tired and so sooooore! I'd preferred not to upload a dawn landscape, as I've got the other half of this challenge happening when I'm back at work...
  17. SIJ Day 9

    SIJ Day 9

    A self portrait handheld using the 5n's "hand held twilight mode". It takes multiple shots and trys to make a sharp photo from them. Kinda works and would come in handy in an emergency if you forgot the flash. Also put through SEP2. Only had the camera on for about 10 mins today -...
  18. SIJ - Day 09

    SIJ - Day 09

    The One Series. The first Olympus E-series camera, hiding behind the first Olympus PEN. Like an elephant hiding behind a twig. I took this image to show the difference in size, which was the main reason to quit using DSLRs. Both cameras have been used a lot (and have their battle scars)...
  19. SIJ - Day 9

    SIJ - Day 9

    A long hard thirst Bit of a hypocrite today didn't take my own advice and neglected my safety this morning. Well it ended up quite a big day - being Round 5 of Mark vs Grass. Only just got in at 7pm and all I felt like was a big cold beer. But I made a pact with myself..."you can have...
  20. SIJ - Day 08

    SIJ - Day 08

    Some more light in the dark.
  21. SIJ - Day 8

    SIJ - Day 8

    Lawn dozers Thought I'd get today's entry in early. Here's a fraction of my lawn mowing herd. You'd look at the fore- and mid- ground and think they're doing a great job...well I find it curious that I work hard for a few days to mow about 5 acres of our property and that's where they...
  22. SIJ - Day 07

    SIJ - Day 07

    Let's play ball!
  23. SIJ - Day 7

    SIJ - Day 7

    At the mercy: small and significant This was the very last shot on my stroll this morning to secure safeties. There's a lot that can be improved about this image - esp. from a composition and processing perspective - but I thought as it stood it sort of still says exactly what I was thinking...
  24. SIJ - Day 06

    SIJ - Day 06

    A little light in the dark.
  25. SIJ - Day 05

    SIJ - Day 05

    After the storm.
  26. SIJ - Day 6

    SIJ - Day 6

    Portrait of two constant companions Not much opportunity in the way of photo making today. Was overcast and a little cool so we hit the paddocks for some "hard yakka". Half they day hitting weeds (that will be the subject of another SiJ image) and the other half mowing, and mowing...
  27. SIJ - Day 5

    SIJ - Day 5

    Bit of a struggle for my day five. I'd taken my safeties in the morning, and thought they'd do the trick. Busy, then, for the rest of the day with driving to town and then the city to get supplies for humans and horses. With dying light I thought I'd process the day's images and found the...
  28. SIJ Day 5

    SIJ Day 5

    This was taken just a few hundred yards from my back garden. I was in a mad rush to get some pics taken and ended up in the middle of a field scanning the area for potential pics. Gotta say it was not easy but I had no time to move elsewhere. Need to get back to bed before my next 12 hr...
  29. SIJ - Day 04

    SIJ - Day 04

    Let's celebrate waiting on the bus.
  30. SIJ - Day 4

    SIJ - Day 4

    Stormy today so any photo strolls were short lived without straying too far from the sanctuary of cover. Like many others have mentioned in the past, I toed-and-froed on which image I wanted to upload to the SIJ gallery. I liked the sense of movement on both images but this one just seemed...
  31. SIJ - Day 03

    SIJ - Day 03

    Today was no day for photography. All work and no play and such. I sneaked in a few moments to capture Mr Weezy, the abandoned toy, since that seemed to be fitting. Especially since he just misses the spotlight.
  32. SIJ - Day 3

    SIJ - Day 3

    Had the farrier over today doing the horses hooves. He was a little perplexed as to why I'd want to take some photos of him at work, but he was compliant enough....for a time. You have to understand it was hot today - about 34 degrees celsius (about 93F for those still using the old money). So I...
  33. SIJ - Day 02

    SIJ - Day 02

    These are windows in the side of a building. I've been photographing them for quite some time, but find it hard to catch the mental image I have. Today, it went pretty well.
  34. SIJ - Day 2

    SIJ - Day 2

    Well I'd certainly not intended another safe garden shot, but I didn't take my own advice and neglected the early morning safety. So by photography time the clouds came over and it bucketed down with rain. Still pelting down on my iron roof. Love that sound :smile: So focused here on the...
  35. SIJ - Day 01

    SIJ - Day 01

    Of cats and a dog.
  36. SIJ - Day 1

    SIJ - Day 1

    OK it's not the most inspiring image...it was actually one of my safeties from the morning. But what I do like - and no it's not about showing off the PL25's sharpness or bokeh ;) - is the play of the sidelight on and in the budding rose. Desaturated the colour a little as I'm not a fan of...
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