1. Kevin

    Facebook finds - "Cannon camera with case and added lens"

    Something seems wrong here, I just can't put my finger on it.... 🤔 🤣
  2. Luke

    Facebook 3D photos

    So, I'm not "active" on Facebook. I only signed up so that I could manage the store's Facebook page. But one day I saw a 3D photo on there....and then found a way to "3-Dize" my own 2D photos and I'm kinda hooked. But it seems like when I download them, they are suddenly just a static 2D...
  3. Kevin

    New enemy of photographers? "Flat Earthers"

    Well, here's a weird story that crosses my sci-fi geek side with my Cameraderie geek side... a photographer has encountered a new foe to deal with, so-called Flat Earthers. 🌏 The "Cliff Notes" is that photographer completed a project working with NASA of photographing artifacts from NASA's...