1. gryphon1911

    Documentary Mystics Fair with the Z8

    My daughter wanted to a Mystics and Oddities Fair today and who am i to turn down a chance to get some shutter time in! Nikon Z8 and the Z 28-75/2.8 and 70-180/2.8 AF-C with 3D auto focus human eye detect was used. ISO was fluxuating between 640 and 14400, depending on where they were and what...
  2. P

    Documentary International Arms Fair - Protest

    The International arms Fair (DSEI) will be exhibiting at the Excel Centre, London Docklands 12th-15th September this year. It is fun and can produce drama as very committed anti-arms protestors try (and often do) outwit police to attach themselves to wagons with glue, or lay in the road to...
  3. Taneli

    Stroll Gothenburg Model and Hobby Fair 2023 at Aeroseum

    A while ago I was at this model and hobby fair for the first time. It is held in an Aero museum which is located in old military bunkers used for aeroplanes before. Have heard of it but have never been there before, so this year it was time. It was awesome, they had radio-controlled models of...
  4. phigmov

    Film The 43rd World Used Camera Fair in Tokyo

    Some interesting stuff here filmed by JCH of the 43rd World Used Camera Fair in Tokyo
  5. davect01

    Halloween Night and Traveling Fair

    Out for the night to our town's local Halloween Event. The main drag gets decked out and a traveling fair comes in. http://www.halloweeninthehills.com/ A6000 and 50mm SEL Any guesses on her Character My wife loves being silly And a couple of the rides Parts of our crew