1. William Lewis

    Leica Family Portrait

    Got the Nikkor HC 5cm/2 in today so I thought it would make a good excuse for a family portrait. Voigtlander Ultron Aspherical 35/1.7 Chiyoko (now Minolta) Super Rokkor 50/2 Jupiter 12 35/2.8 Voigtlander Nokton Aspherical 50/1.5 Industar 61 L/D 53/2.8 Leica Elmar 90/4 Voightlander...
  2. drd1135

    Old Family Portrait

    This photo dates back to about 1924. The father is John F. Pimentel. He immigrated to America from the Azores through Ellis Island in the first decade of 20th century. His family moved to Fall River, Massachusetts, because the city had a large community of Portuguese immigrants. This photo...
  3. merlin

    Late Afternoon Bobcat Family

    X-T2, 90mm
  4. TraamisVOS

    Stroll Went to the zoo yesterday.

    Didn't take any photos of the animals. But I took this one of my wife and daughter being aeroplanes, and it's the only photo that matters.
  5. KillRamsey

    New (motorized) Family Member

    In 2004, just before I got married, a beloved coworker who had heard me rambling about missing the dirt bikes of my youth got me a 1980-something Suzuki GS300L, a road bike, albeit small and weak. I knew nothing about maintenance, so it gave me maybe a year of service, then died. I moved on to a...
  6. Walking haystacks

    Walking haystacks

    A husband, wife and unseen between them, daughter, all carrying hay. Dropping down into the Kulu Valley, Himachel Pradesh, India, October 1979. Scanned in from an FP4 negative, Leica M3
  7. Gabriella


    gf1 with 14-140