1. Matero

    Documentary Schjerfbeck & Fashion

    Because it was a rainy day, we visited another museum after EGS on the very same island of Kuusisaari. This exhibition was researching the fashion and habits to dress through art from 1880 to 1950. Early years of photography provided us a bit, well understandably, black & white picture of how...
  2. T

    Fashion has changed

    Calgary Ladies did not look the same as they do now! In many ways I prefer this old style. One of the above ladies became a Miss Canada contestant, popular model, a highly skilled criminal lawyer, and a teacher of law. She married a well respected musician in the classical and jazz world.
  3. Alf

    Challenge! Cameraderie Challenge #61 : Street but make it fashion

    Start date 19/8/22 End date 15/9/22 Let me begin thanking @Irene McC for choosing my picture in her challenge. I'd like to see street imagest, pushed towards fashion environmental portraits - the goal is engagement with the viewer (and not merely ogling the beautiful people). Here a few...
  4. Covey22

    Stroll The Gene London Traveling Hollywood Fashion Show

    You never know what you'll run into around town. Turns out the Gene London Traveling Hollywood Fashion Show had set up at Providence Place. It's an amazing collection of original costumes from various Hollywood and Pop Culture Eras: Heath Ledger's uniform from The Patriot, Clark Gable's suits...
  5. Dutch Fashion

    Dutch Fashion

    Dutch Fashion