1. Brownie

    Feedback Is there a way to change the view of the buy and sell forum?

    Can the user change the layout of the buy/sell forum to a more traditional listing style? I've looked around, can't find anything.
  2. mike3996

    Feedback Give us "GAS" as a thread prefix?

    Would be cool. Please? It can apply globally under any forum. And give it an irritating bright color 😎
  3. Walter Palmer

    Feedback Rated feedback suggestion

    Here's an idea. Instead of just "Like" or "Winner", the forum should have something akin to Lightroom's Star Rating System. This would give the shooter actual feedback on the image or set.
  4. Bobby Tingle

    Feedback IOS 15 and the new Safari

    Because I like to live on the edge. Of course I updated my phone’s OS while in a hotel on vacation. Reporting to say I’ve been running IOS15 with the redone Safari browser. And it’s working very well on the forum.
  5. Matero

    Feedback Proposals for thread re-organisation

    Hi, just a proposal: should One color: yellow to be moved from Other genres to Colour?
  6. Kevin

    Feedback Spam Cleanup - 2021 July 21

    Looks like a spammer made their way through the registration process and created several accounts that were used for spamming members 'private conversation' inboxes. It's been some time since we got hit. Thanks to everybody who reported the spam in the inboxes. We, of course, don't monitor...