1. MountainMan79

    Feedback Notifications glitch?

    Not sure if a forum update occurred, or if it’s my latest iOS on my phone which was recently updated, but notifications are behaving oddly. I have a red 5 by the notification bell, I click on it and it says I have received 5 likes or something to that extent under a single thread/post. There is...
  2. Stiga

    Feedback Details, details, details!

    About a week ago, Kevin challenged me to explain in detail, detail, detail why, after being at Cameraderie member for 18 months, I still had problems with navigation. (Link to Kevin’s request) After exploring Cameraderie extensively over the past week, it dawned on me that the main reason for...
  3. G

    Feedback A suggestion

    I think it would be nice if images of places, panoramas, cathedrals, churches, castles, etc. were identified by the poster where appropriate, but I don't know how to suggest this other than as I'm doing now. Apologies if this is out of place.
  4. gordo

    Help Site upsizing images?

    I just noticed in the thread Pentax - Pentax image thread that my uploaded images were blurry. Then noticed they are larger than my hosted images, 720x960, portrait orientation. Is the site enlarging images now?
  5. Panolyman

    Advice Wanted Shooting with Eczema

    Hi folks, I've been afflicted with eczema for a number of years now and have it mostly under control. However, following my fifth Covid vaccine it has seriously flared up, though I'm getting on top of it now, though still having to apply moisturising cream a few times of day, especially to my...
  6. Bill in Texas

    Feedback Two questions, possible suggestions

    Two questions. Is there a setting for eliminating an alert once it is clicked on? Is there a setting for viewing the first new post since a member's last visit on a thread? If the answer in no, is it a possibility? I am enjoying Cameraderie but those two items would make for smoother navigating...
  7. Darmok N Jalad

    Feedback Search bug?

    Noticed a very peculiar search issue, where I was just making sure what I was posting wasn't already shared. See if you can reproduce the results. Search words: Result: GAS jokes aside, note that it changed what I typed for search words.
  8. Beemrider

    Feedback Intro … New Member

    Good day, Thanks for adding me to your community. I’m looking forward to engaging and learning with other photographers. A little about myself: I’ve been taking/making photographs since I purchased my first camera 1971, a Minolta SRT102 (wish I still had it for nostalgia reasons). I currently...
  9. PacNWMike

    Feedback Bytespider

    Not a welcome visitor here. Can it be blocked?
  10. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Help Firefox update broke Cameraderie (05.Aug.2023)

    Well this was a suprise: After an update to Firefox went I opened the browser today the forum is completely broken and unusable. I checked on Microsoft Edge and it works fine there. Also the mobile app Firefox works fine so it's only the desktop version that is the problem. I have restarted the...
  11. TNcasual

    Feedback Testing the tag issue

    Here is my test of the issue of auto generated tags.
  12. CatsAreGods

    Feedback Thank you to whoever for fixing...

    ...the full EXIF description for Fujifilm lenses!
  13. Kevin

    Announcement Change to the "Contact Us" behavior

    A quick FYI (For-Your-Information) that a slight change is being made to what happens when the "Contact Us" link in the footer is used. Currently messages sent via the Contact Us link generate an email sent only to the admin and can be easily missed. To help make sure that no communications...
  14. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Feedback No support for .PNG :(

    I've been wanting to write this for a while, I can't remember when I first noticed but the forum no longer accepts .PNG files for uploading. The most frustrating situation I'm finding myself in is if I need to "Copy" an image and quickly paste it on the forums, I am constantly reminded the...
  15. MountainMan79

    Feedback Are we back?

    I’m assuming the site was down for everyone for most of the day today? Are we back? I wonder what happened?
  16. T

    Feedback Cancel button

    Any "do an update" button (like the "post thread" button in this screen) should have an adjacent "cancel" button to ignore anything typed by the poster and exit to the previous screen. For example, I might prepare a long reply, change my mind and wish to cancel any update.
  17. gordo

    Feedback Push Notification pop-up

    The pop-up asking to allow push notifications has become appearing more frequently for me, sometimes several times a week. Upon review of preferences I also noticed push notifications automatically checked. I thought I had already unchecked all those boxes, I unchecked them. Any way that...
  18. Avondale87

    Feedback Hieroglyphics only

    Curious why when I logged in and view recent posts everything is hieroglyphics. Japanese, Chinese?? Ah that dreaded SI y
  19. Kevin

    Feedback Possible editor issues with Samsung Browser and/or Samsung Keyboard

    There has been an increase in reports of some of our members having issues with the editor where the cursor seems to 'jump' around. The common denominator so far has been the usage of either Samsung Browser and/or the Samsung Keyboard app' on mobile devices. The short answer is to ask our...
  20. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Feedback Typing Messages and picture alignment.

    Hello, I've been noticing some very frustrating bugs for the last 6 months (but in the last 3 it has been more often). When I use an Android devices the images I post will upload but when I start typing I can't write after/below the image, my text either uappeara above the image and it pushes...
  21. gryphon1911

    Feedback Uploads are extremely slow for me - anyone else

    I mean they seem glacial today. The images I have are usually between 500k and 1mb at the most. Today I was trying to upload 5 images to a thread and it took about 3 minutes. Just wanted to throw that out there in case there is an issue that needs looked into. My location is Ohio USA, in...
  22. Kevin

    Feedback Whoops, you didn't see that... (errant debug message shown)

    For anybody who was online tonight 2023-01-11 and saw some strange debug type info' at the top of threads..... whoops, you didn't see that. :D Was some debug dump info' in a template I forgot about when updating one of our bespoke add-ons. Was only viewable for a few minutes but enough...
  23. JensM

    Feedback Possibility for a Lighting forum?

    Having shuffled a bit back and forth, searching, reading and with a blinding flash of the obvious, I would like to suggest a forum in the "other gear" segment in regards of lighting, for your consideration. Covering all sort of "non-natural" lighting stuff: On camera speed-lights, off camera...
  24. Mr_Flibble

    Feedback Post editor bug?

    For the last couple of months I've noticed this on Cameraderie (and Photrio as well). When I'm writing a post in the textbox of the post editor on the forums and I press the backspace key, the line feeds / carriage returns above the line I'm typing are removed. Particularly after using some...
  25. Cederic

    Feedback thread tags

    I think I've worked out why I only infrequently look at this site. Its design makes it hard work to read. For instance, I wanted to check what people are chatting about in the m43 part of the forum. I can't not read the opening tag. It dominates the reading order of the page, and its...
  26. MountainMan79

    Feedback Megapixel Limit?

    Is there a limit on the image size in regards to megapixels or dimensions on this site? I’m trying to upload a relatively normal sized file (11mb before auto resizing), but the forum won’t even accept it. It doesn’t even attempt to load a 45MP photo. It’s unfortunate, as I’m debating a camera...
  27. Kevin

    Announcement Maintenance - Saturday, 2022-07-30 @ about 9PM Eastern

    The site will be unavailable tonight, Saturday 2022-07-30, for about 20-30 minutes starting around 9pm Eastern. There are no changes that will be implemented, just updating a few software items. 💻 - Kevin
  28. Irene McC

    Feedback Site behaving differently (and not for the better)

    The first thing I noticed earlier today is that in my reply window the text editor has all options greyed out: (Bold, italics, add a link, emojies etc - nothing doing). Even if I use CTRL + B or CTRL + I, those don't work either. The other change is that I am currently unable to drag and drop...
  29. MountainMan79

    Feedback Site lag?

    Anyone else experiencing some speed or lag issues? The last couple days whenever I click on a thread I normally frequent, it takes me to the top of the newest page and then about 5-10 seconds later pops me down to the last item I’ve seen, where this used to happen seamlessly before. I’ve also...
  30. mike3996

    Feedback On Featured Photographs...

    We're gaining in members and we've been having discussions about discoverability of photographs, among other topics. We have tangented the topic of featured images section on our front page already. I would like to voice out a, well it may not be a concern but let's call it that, for a lack of a...
  31. G

    Feedback Viewing photos

    Can anyone help a newbie pleaae? If I go to What's New, and select New Media, it always tells me I have no unviewed media, nothing shows up although looking at the individual forums obviously there have been new items. How can I see what photos have been posted on the whole of cameraderie since...
  32. Darmok N Jalad

    Feedback Change the reaction setup?

    Maybe this is a lazy man's question, but it's also a bit practical. As we all know, when reacting to a post, anything other than "Like" is under a hover menu, which I often struggle to maneuver properly (especially on a mobile device), leading to the menu disappearing and/or me misfiring. Is it...
  33. DeeJayK

    Feedback Disconnect on unread content

    This is a very minor annoyance, but I've noticed a few times in the last week or two that there seems to be a disconnect between the number of unread items reflected next to the "Whats' new" header and the actual unread content. I arrived at this page by clicking the "What's new" header. If I...
  34. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Feedback A main topic for adapted lenses, please?

    Can we, please, have a main topic on Adapted lenses so that all brands\mounts can cave a source of information and to share images of\samples adapted lenses. Fragmentation of threads per lens for each brand can make it very time consuming to find the information one would like to find or add to...
  35. Kevin

    Announcement New Cameraderie Vendor Affiliate: KEH 📸

    We may not have any ads at the moment here at Cameraderie but we do have several vendor affiliate codes. Our newest one is KEH Camera! 👍 KEH is the original reseller of professional, collectible, and everyday gear for camera lovers everywhere. We’re camera people— photographers and...
  36. John King

    Feedback Thread alerts vanishing

    I'm finding that my watched threads 'unwatch' themselves when 1) a new page starts, and 2) if I fail to visit it for about 24 hours! Sometimes this just seems to happen completely arbitrarily ... It's weird. Anyone else having this sort of problem?
  37. theoldsmithy

    Feedback Slow image loading?

    In the last week or so, images have been taking longer and longer to load. Quite often my browser gives up and just shows a blank rectangle where the image should go. I don't know if this is just because I mostly look at the site on a tablet running Android 8, but all the browsers I've tried are...
  38. John King

    Feedback Reading material

    May I recommend this thread be moved to the "Resources" sub-forum and be made into a sticky? Or perhaps a new sub-forum in Resources or Introductions titled "Reference Materials"?
  39. Rambazamba73

    Feedback Serious Compacts

    Hi, Is there a separate forum department for "serious compacts"? If not I would suggest that we create such a undergroup in the forum under Photography Gear. Compacts = pockable, take everywhere (but no mobiles!) It can be widely defined. Doesn`t need to be fixed lens cameras only. A MFT...
  40. D

    Help Need help with Buy & Sell

    I'm probably doing something wrong - I wanted to post two separate FS ads, and it seemed like posting the second one caused the first one to disappear. I went through the process twice, same result. Is there a rule that says only one ad at a time? I read the B&S Rules but I missed it if there is.
  41. ektar

    Feedback Buy & Sell Format?

    I feel guilty asking a(nother) practical question, as I've scarcely gotten my feet wet participating here, but... Is there a way for users to change the appearance of the Buy/Sell section? Having it come up as blocks with the unrelated images at the top as compared to the way the rest of the...
  42. wt21

    Feedback Can we get a control added?

    @Kevin - at the bottom of thread pages is a control that lets you jump to any page or last page, but this control isn’t at the top (iOS safari). Is it possible to get that at the top? Sometimes I want to see the latest for a multi page thread that I’ve not yet visited, and it’s a pain to scroll...
  43. ektar

    Feedback Scrolling "thumb?"

    Okay, I may be nuts, but this isn't a symptom: How's come there isn't a scroll bar or "thumb" at the right side of (apparently) most pages? For instance, there was one on the section page with all the "announcements..." threads in a list, but if I go to any individual thread there is not. The...
  44. Brownie

    Feedback Is there a way to change the view of the buy and sell forum?

    Can the user change the layout of the buy/sell forum to a more traditional listing style? I've looked around, can't find anything.
  45. mike3996

    GAS Give us "GAS" as a thread prefix?

    Would be cool. Please? It can apply globally under any forum. And give it an irritating bright color 😎
  46. Walter Palmer

    Feedback Rated feedback suggestion

    Here's an idea. Instead of just "Like" or "Winner", the forum should have something akin to Lightroom's Star Rating System. This would give the shooter actual feedback on the image or set.
  47. Bobby T

    Feedback IOS 15 and the new Safari

    Because I like to live on the edge. Of course I updated my phone’s OS while in a hotel on vacation. Reporting to say I’ve been running IOS15 with the redone Safari browser. And it’s working very well on the forum.
  48. Matero

    Feedback Proposals for thread re-organisation

    Hi, just a proposal: should One color: yellow to be moved from Other genres to Colour?
  49. Kevin

    Feedback Spam Cleanup - 2021 July 21

    Looks like a spammer made their way through the registration process and created several accounts that were used for spamming members 'private conversation' inboxes. It's been some time since we got hit. Thanks to everybody who reported the spam in the inboxes. We, of course, don't monitor...