1. Matero

    Bluetooth coins from the field in Finland

    I just read a news from the magazine. Not very far from where my parents had summer cottage for over 40 years, some metal 'hunter' discovered treasure from ca. 900 AD Treasure had over 100 silver coins, and 12 of them where mint by viking king Harald Bluetooth. Yes, the gadget communication is...
  2. JensM

    Tabs, pads and/or alternative means of datapower in the field. (Crosspost from Mu43)

    Trying my luck with this one here as well as on the Mu43 forum, where the tread has gone unanswered. I am not very tech savy and I really dont know which questions to ask, but I do have a general idea about what I would like such a set-up to do. "Pondering stuff as I am somewhat inclined to...
  3. From near to the far horizon

    From near to the far horizon